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FrLiam Quinlan
July 25 at 5:37 PM ·  
Studies in Rome

Here’s a bit more info. My bishop is sending me to finish the degree in Canon Law. He’s given me 2 years to do the work for a Juris Canonici Doctor–A Doctor of Canon Law. I got J.C.L./ Licentiate [“Masters”] 15 years ago from Catholic University in Wasthington D.C. The idea is that I get the Doctorate and then return to the Diocese of Bridgeport as Judicial Vicar/Officialis [the chief Judge/Canonical Officer] of the Diocese. The bishop assures me that I’m not too old to do it, and I’ve got to believe him. I fly out tomorrow to Milan, and then go to a place called Verbania, to a school to work on my very rusty Italian, then in September I head to Rome and matriculate and start classes at the Angelicum [the Dominican University in Rome] in the beginning of October. Below is an explanation, contact info, etc. If you’d like to try your hand at old-fashioned snail mail, now is your chance.

Itinerary of Fr Liam Quinlan in Italy 
On Friday, 26 July, I fly to Milan, and then continue on to Lago Maggiore to a town called Verbania, where I will spend six weeks studying Italian from 27 July-8 Sept
My mailing address is:
Don Liam Quinlan
Il Chiostro
via Fratelli Cervi, 14
Intra VB 28921

This is who will teach me
While I stay here

On Sept 9 I’ll take a train south to Rome to move into the residence for American priests studying in Rome, the Casa Santa Maria.
You can see information about the Casa here:

Don Liam Quinlan
Casa Santa Maria
via dell’Umiltà, 30
ROMA 00187

God willing, I’ll be back to visit my parents at Christmas.

I will pray for you in the holy places in Rome especially. Please keep me in your prayers.

​Fr William M. Quinlan (Fr Liam Quinlan)
Vicar for Canonical Affairs Related to Clergy
Diocesan Promoter of Justice

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Quinlan, Liam (MC1985)

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