JEMAIL: June 2019 President’s notes courtesy of Jasper Louis Lamatina


In a rare burst of “original journalistic reporting”, I went to Alma Mater’s Day to the Races at Monmouth Park.

By way of full disclosure, I really went because my young and beautiful fiancé, Ms. Anna Marie Henno, love to bet the nags.  While she really prefers the trotters, she was happy to sample the more cultured and refined atmosphere of the flats. (Ever seen old Jaspers gambling?)  Luckily, she only lost ten bucks. (For a small consulting fee, I’m sure she’d share her “winning strategy”. I’ll give you a hint “OPM”.)  I OTOH lost my shirt. 

In any event, it was funny to see alumni older than me. Like Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964) and Joyce, Andrew (MC1964).

While I was there, Jasper Louis Lamatina shares  the June 2019 President’s notes and thought that the Jasper Jottings community would appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping Alma Mater running.

Hence, here they are:

For those injineers who need pictures:



Any way, I will start a GO FUND ME page for my next attempt at on site journalism.


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