JNEWS: Brown, Tiffany [MC2003] Attorney at Law Offices of LCV


Congratulate Tiffany for starting a new position as Attorney at Law Offices of Lori Clark Viviano


Brown, Tiffany [MC2003] 
Attorney at Law Offices of Lori Clark Viviano
Greater San Diego Area

Handle all types of Family Law Cases from custody to high asset division. Regularly work with special masters, business appraisers, and custody evaluators. Handle multi-million dollar cases. Prepare and answer discovery, including special interrogatories, form interrogatories, production of documents, subpoenas, and depositions. Responsible for drafting all motions, including Request for Order, Ex Partes, Restraining Orders, Points and Authorities, Mandatory Settlement Conference Briefs, and Motions to Strike. Handle all Mandatory Settlement Conferences and draft all Marital Settlement Agreements and Judgments. Argue all family law trials. Do all of my trial preparation. Numerous Court Appearances/Arguments including: Status Conferences, Ex Partes, Restraining Orders, Orders to Show Cause, & Trial. Advise clients and coordinate with opposing counsel daily.

Act as second chair for criminal department. Prepare trial binders, and preliminary motions. Have second chaired on murder cases, gang allegation cases, domestic violence cases, and drug allegation cases, to include direct and cross-examination. Have assisted on cases through the Office of Appointed Counsel.

Specialties: Family Law, divorce, custody, litigation, restraining orders, support and modifications.

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