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JFOUND: Maffia, Gennaro Jerry [MC1972] Sustainable Energy Systems meeting



The Basics of Sustainable Energy Systems
September 09, 2019
Pharma Development and Business

CfPA-The Center for Professional Advancement, Online Live
November 20, 2019 at 1:00–2:30 p.m. (ET)

Gennaro (Jerry) Maffia; Consultant in chemical and bio-based processes

After twenty years as a process engineer and manager in the petrochemical industry, mostly with Atlantic Richfield, Inc., Gennaro (Jerry) Maffia joined Widener University in the fall of 1992 as Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering. In 2010, Prof. Maffia retired from Widener as Emeritus Professor joined his alma mater, Manhattan College, as Professor of Chemical Engineering. He served as Interim Department Chair at Manhattan from 2014 to 2016. In the fall of 2016, Prof. Maffia received grants for Process Intensification and Sustainability from the Department of Energy.

Prof. Maffia has broad research interests in environmental, energy, and biotechnology areas. One specific research topic is the development of technologies based on the water retention properties of unraveled bovine hide collagen (USP 6,660,829, USP 8,329,091). At Dartmouth College in the 1980s, Prof. Maffia founded the Collagen Research Group which has involved more than 300 students, industrial and government researchers, and faculty colleagues over the years at Widener University, Drexel University, and Manhattan College. Having spent essentially half of his career in industry, he has the knowledge on how engineers work in industry as well as academia. Additionally, he believes strongly in project-based learning with an emphasis on case studies. This represents a dramatic shift in pedagogy over the past few decades, as the assessment of students is now inclusive of team and project work as they will experience upon graduation. ABET (the accrediting board) is cognizant of this paradigm shift as evidenced by the required Program Outcomes, initially called a-k and now 1-7. These outcomes now consist of many items, global perspective, societal impact, teamwork, presentation skills, life-long learning and the like.

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Maffia, Gennaro Jerry [MC????]

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Dear John,

               I believe that Jerry is a member of the Class of 1972.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Maffia, Gennaro Jerry [MC1972]

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JFOUND: Radford, Harry Vincent [MC1901 RIP] founder of Alpha Sigma Beta in 1906



February 2005
A Legend in His Own Mind
The short life and mysterious death of Adirondack writer Harry V. Radford
by Christine Jerome

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Harry Vincent Radford was born in Manhattan in 1880 and was quite young when his parents separated. An only child, he lived in a comfortable brownstone with his doting mother and spent idyllic summers with her in the Adirondacks. He fell in love with the outdoors and dreamed of becoming an explorer like his hero Sir Henry Stanley, whose African exploits fired his imagination. Young Harry was a staunch Catholic educated by the Christian Brothers at De La Salle Institute and then at Manhattan College, where he edited the student news paper, belonged to the glee and mandolin clubs, and grad uated with a master’s of science in 1901. Affluent enough to indulge his curiosity about the Continent, he spent several postgrad months in Italy but asserted that the Adirondacks was just as beautiful. In 1906 he returned to his alma ma ter to earn an advanced degree in civil engineering with a thesis titled “The Artificial Preservation of Timber,” which described timber rot, borers and the creosoting pro cess. That year he founded, with six undergraduates, the fraternity Alpha Sigma Beta, which survives to this day.

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Radford, Harry Vincent [MC???? RIP]

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Dear John,

              The article states that he was a member of the class of 1901.

                 May He Continue To Rest In Peace


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Radford, Harry Vincent [MC1901 RIP]

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JLINKEDIN: Caputo, Len [MC1988] Asset Info Dir @ NYPA



Caputo, Len [MC1988]
Director – Asset Information at New York Power Authority (NYPA)
White Plains, New York 


Director – Asset Information with NYPA’s Operational Performance Group, where I manage numerous proactive projects relating to Asset Management and Operational Performance.

During my years with NYPA, I have worked in Information Technology, before moving to Operations. Currently, I lead asset information projects for Operations both generation and transmission.

Responsible for the Enterprise Asset Management System for NYPA (Maximo), I participate in the New York Maximo Users Group, Maximo Utility Working Group (management team), Institute of Asset Management(serving as branch chair). I am a graduate of Manhattan College (BS and MBA). Member of Delta Mu Delta – National Honor Society, School of Business

Active participant in Toast Masters International receiving my DTM in 2014, a NYPA mentor, Co-chair of the NATF Asset Management group and completed the Executive Education Program at Columbia Business School in 2016. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, PMP and CMRP.

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