JNEWS: Regan, Bobby [MC1975 RIP] remembered on 9/11



Lt. Bobby Regan

When Lt. Bobby Regan pulled an unconscious man out of a raging apartment fire on Clinton Street a couple of months before 9/11, he should have gotten a medal. But when Regan wrote up the report, he shared all the credit with his team. “The chief told him to rewrite the report so they could give him his award, but he never did it,” said John Sorrentino. “He was so unselfish and unassuming you could be deceived into thinking he wasn’t that skilled,” Tony Carbone said. Lt. Pat Abatangelo said he never knew Bobby had a civil engineering degree from Manhattan College. “A lot of us just don’t want the corporate world,” Abatangelo explained. “He was a great guy. We had eight officers with very distinct personalities here, yet we all meshed. We did whatever we had to do to run the ship smoothly, and had fun doing it.”

Bobby was a great family man too. His widow Donna said, “On 9/11, when he didn’t call home, I immediately knew he was missing. He always called home.” He talked about his daughter Caitlin (16 at the time) with great pride all the time. He and his son Brendan (12 at the time) shared a great love for New York sports and were rarely apart.

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Regan, Bobby [MC1975 RIP]

[JR: As I think about all alum we lost and all the people lost, I’m enraged by our collective response. And the Saudi’s got away with their participation. So sad! ]

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