JNEWS: Premo, Paul [MC1964] remembers Mario Savio



Column about Mario Savio brought back memories

I am writing in regards to Susan Mines’ How It Is column in the Lifestyles section (“A hero to those who remember, a gray-haired math professor to those who don’t,” Sept. 10) about Mario Savio.

In the fall of 1960, I enrolled in chemical engineering at Manhattan College, located in a lovely setting in northwestern Bronx, an area known as Fieldston. Most of the students commuted daily from New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

We freshmen out-of-towners boarded in a dormitory that had engineers on third floor and science guys (no women then) on second floor.

I noticed that many late afternoons before heading to dinner, there was an enclave in the dorm’s second floor entry area where the science guys were collaborating on solving assigned calculus problems. One science student, a tall guy, was explaining the logic and the approach. He could do the problems and explain them. That was Mario Savio.

He didn’t stay at Manhattan for long; why, I have no idea.

I took a job with Chevron in the Bay Area in 1965. That’s when I saw Mario on TV, rallying University of California at Berkeley students.

It truly is a small world.

— Paul Premo, Mill Valley

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Premo, Paul [MC????]

# – # – # – # – # 2019-Sep-16 @ 09:44

Dear John,

I believe that Paul is a member of the Class of 1964.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Premo, Paul [MC1964]

# – # – # – # – # 2019-Sep-23 @ 14:43

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