JOBIT: Flynn, William J. [MC1960 RIP] 2019-Sep-09


RE: William J. Flynn ’60 BA, RIP, September 9, 2019

Good Morning All,

Kathleen and Jim Smith have shared the sad news of the death of Jim’s Classmate and Friend, Bill Flynn, of Portland, Oregon. Martha, Bill’s Wife, was just in touch with Kathleen and Jim. Bill, a proud Jasper and Friend of Manhattan, was called home on Septempber 9, 2019 after two weeks in Hospital. Bill, ” woke up one day with what he thought was the Flu, chills, fever and sore joints. Two days later he was too weak to get up and the Emergency Medical Team was called in to take him to the Hospital. Bill had developed a Staph Infection in his blood stream. The infection was cleared up but there was a lot of Bacteria on his Mitral Valve and heart failure was the cause of death.”

One of Martha’s saddest tasks has been getting in touch with all of Bill’s Friends and reaching out to Bill’s New York group. Martha asks that if you know any of Bill’s Friends, please let them know of Bill’s passing. Jim and Kathleen were the closest that Martha was in touch with.

Please pray for Bill and the repose of his soul. Please keep Martha in your prayers as she deals with the sadness and loss of her husband and as Martha has said, the large Bill-shaped empty space in her life. Thank you Kathleen. Thank you Martha for taking the trouble during this difficult time to let us know of Bill’s passing. Thank you all. God Bless.

Phil Colon ‘ 62


Flynn, William J. [MC1960 RIP]

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