POSITRACTION: Good people do good works without recognition



36 Parents That Took Care Of Poor Strangers And Changed Their Lives Forever
Justinas Keturka and Rokas Laurinavičius
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Random acts of kindness can restore anyone’s faith in humanity. Makes sense, doesn’t it? ‘Cause when you think about it, the easiest thing to do when nobody is expecting anything from you is to continue minding your own business. And we people really like easy. However, every once in a while, someone breaks the status quo, offering help to a person who needs it the most.

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When i was 9 years old, my primary school, my teacher and class, planned a “bring your own food” lunch. This meant that you were supposed to bring snacks, soda drinks, or even your own recipes. I didn’t explain it properly to my mom, so she said “take this half empty bag of chips”, which is completely unnaceptable to take anywhere, for obvious reasons. I brought to my class with a “One Punch Man face” of complete lack of understanding of how ridiculous i looked, and how humillianting and poor my family made me look like. My mom didn’t try to make me look bad, nor she is a bad person, she just thought i was going somewhere with my friends and might have thought i wanted to eat something. I showed half a bag of chips to my teacher, she freaked out and told me to leave the room because if i had no food i couldn’t participate. (Where the f#%k am i supposed to go now). I was the only one to leave the room and sat near a big wall outside of the building facing towards the school’s gate, still inside the school perimeters. Then this random woman (probably a visitor to the school or something) came in the school, talked with me and i told her what happened. She just got up, said “I’l be right back”, came back and gave me a plastic bag full, with at least 5 different chip brands (Lays,Cheetos,Ruffles, Doritos and Pringles). I had no idea what was happening, i didn’t know her, and i was a total NPC just saying yes and following her around. She took me back to my class AND PRETENDED TO BE MY AUNT WHO LEFT WORK TO HELP ME, SHE LIED TO MY TEACHER. To this day, i wonder who that lady was! That is the weirdest most beautiful moment of my life.

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I was really touched when I read all 36 of these stories.

I picked the one I thought was the most moving one to share with you here.

Have you heard that old Irish adage about “good works only count if done in secret”. Funny, I learned that from my maternal English Protestant grandmother who wanted to teach me about my maternal grandfather’s “heathen Irish culture that has a few good points”. 

These 36 good works go along way saving “faith in humanity”.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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