MFACEBOOK: Report on sister of Bocker, Gerard “Jerry” [MC1980 RIP]


Ralph Rj Joseph
49 mins ·  
A Show of Support for Recovery and Healing

Dear Friends & Family,

As you know a friend of mine (from Manhattan College radio days) didn’t make it out of his home when a Cessna’s engine failed and the plane crashed into Jerry’s home in Lagrangeville, NY on August 17th. His daughter, Sarah, was able to flee, but does suffer emotionally as a result of this traumatic event. Sarah’s sister, Hannah, escaped the home with critical burns throughout her body and remains in Westchester Medical Center. Pray for the family. If you care to write a note or send a card, Jerry’s cousin has given me Hannah’s address at Westchester. The address is:
Hannah Bocker, 80 Woods Road, PO Box 299, Valhalla, NY 10595

Thank you, Facebook community for your thoughts and the power to touch someone in need.
Have a wonderful day.

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Bocker, Gerard “Jerry” [MC1980 RIP]

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