“Manhattan College”-ology

To whom it may concern:

May I point out a possible error, that will probably go unnoticed by 99.99% of the readers?

By way of background, I’m an alumni and run a weekly ezine for alumni of Manhattan College — the original Manhattan College (http://www.manhattan.edu). Most people don’t know there is a difference and confuse “us” with many other fine institutions. Naturally the original Manhattan College has all sorts of trademarks, copyrights, and legal stuff but, consistent with its Catholic traditions, they turn a blind eye to honest mistakes. And even some not so honest ones in my opinion.

I, on the other hand, have much less patience with the inaccuracies. I use mechanical searches with Google and such, and see instances of such confusion all the time. It adds to my workload without giving my readers a payoff in information. And since I like to report anything about my fellow alums to my fellow alums, I usually try to get a clarification.

I can’t always be sure unless the report is accurate. Our alumni database doesn’t always show “ours” and it’s known sometimes to be wrong. So some one may well be a Manhattan College (www.manhattan.edu) grad but I need help to determine that.

Don’t be too upset many people don’t have an advanced degree in “Manhattan College”-ology. There are several variations of “Manhattan College”:

· The original Manhattan College (http://www.manhattan.edu) of course.

· Borough of Manhattan Community College (http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/)

· Manhattan Christian College (http://www.mccks.edu/)

· Manhattan School of Music (http://www.msmnyc.edu/) which is often referred to as Manhattan Music College.

· Manhattan Area Technical College (http://www.matc.net/) in Manhattan, Kansas

Just to add to the fun:

· Kansas State University (http://www.k-state.edu) is comprised of “Colleges” and is in Manhattan Kansas.

Now for the names close enough to be confusing:

· Marymount Manhattan in Manhattan (http://www.mmm.edu/)

· Manhattanville (http://www.mville.edu/)

Anyway, believe it or not, there is more, but that’s more than enough for you to get the idea.

Now when someone says “manhattan college”, you be ready to say “which one?”!!!

‘Cause now you know that there is at least one nut out there on the internet scrutinizing everything about any “manhattan college”.

And I am interested if Ms. Abby is one of “ours”. Sounds to me like she may be a Marymount Manhattan, or maybe even Manhattan Music College/

Manhattan College Alumnus
Class of 1968

P.S. My “Manhattan College” is in the Bronx having moved to the “country” out of the “city” in the 1930’s. So how’s that for some additional confusion? ;-) But that’s covered in the PhD program of “Manhattan College”-ology.

2 responses to ““Manhattan College”-ology

  1. Don’t tell people that we are not in Manhattan. Graduating from a Colllege located in NYC holds the same prestige as London, Paris or Rome. Being a country college has no prestige. Thanks


  2. Have you ever noticed that many people like to celebrate famous anniversaries. The Titanic last week., the statue of liberty last year, Now we see that that Fenway Park is celebrating their 100th anniversary.
    At the same time all over the world all baseball stadiums will be celebrating Bro Jasper and the 130th anniversary of the 7th inning stretch. But I bet now one has even told them. This is big for us. I am sure that all the sports broadcasters and the NY media would jump on it. Perhaps if the alumni would attend a game in their home town, we would get the same results.

    What do you think? I know yu engineers never had any fun in school but I am sure you have come up for air by now


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