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ADMINISTRIVIA: Some family issue diverted my attention


Some family issues required my complete attention.  Hopefully those have quieted down and I can return to my normal attention span to all matters Jasper.

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Margaret Martin prayer request

Prayer request. The past week or so has been rough on our Mary. She was taken to the ER at Maimonides and eventually admitted last week for abdominal pain and spitting up blood. She had an endoscopy on Friday with no conclusive results for the source of the blood, but definite gastritis. Very frustrating. She was discharged on Sunday afternoon. She still suffers occasional severe pain. Met with the pediatrician today and have two separate gastroenterologist appointments next week. Fingers crossed we get some answers.

ADMINISTRIVIA: being silly


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JEMAIL: Bad news from reported Hamilton, Jay C. (MC1964) about the Men’s BBall game


Jay C. Hamilton added 2 new photos.
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At Maac BB championships in Albany. Seats front row. Jaspers lose. Bad

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Dear John,

I believe that Jay is a member of the Class of 1964.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Hamilton, Jay C. (MC1964)

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Browne, John Henry [MC1965 RIP] condolences


Browne, John Henry [MC1965 RIP] condolences

[JR: One of the sad (happy?) self-assumed duties I perform as the CIC is to “bury the dead”. I report the obits, share them with Jasper Colon’s pray group, and put a note in the obit’s guestbook if there is one. As a result, depending upon the guestbook site, I get an email when it’s going offline. Many times my note is the only entry; that makes me sad. On occasion, I get a reply from the family and, if appropriate, I share it. In this case, I copied all the notes to a page on the “back lot”. I did that because the number and quality of the memories was impressive. It demonstrates the impact that our fellow alum had. I could not let this pass without calling it to your attention and memorialize it as it goes “offline” shortly. Thanks to Google’s generous free sites, I can capture it. Requiescat In Pacem Jasper Browne.]

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“… …  and Peace on Earth to men of goodwill.”

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Always open to suggestions.

Need to grow the mailing list. Not sure how to do that, but it’s grow or die.

Happy Festivus.


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