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COMMENT: Brown, Jim [MC1958] urges patience


Jim Brown ‘58 commented on JFACEBOOK: Lodato, Ray (MC1984) has solution for Covington Catholic HS

I hope no one takes this the wrong way, and I apologize in advance …

We should all be proud of the Catholic students. How well they kept their cool when under attack. They should be a lesson to others who rush to judgement and look to dish Catholics students who only wanted to visit Capital

[JR: True.  As with all inet “stories”, time seem to clear away “the fog of war”.  Like Fake News, we need to let the “truth” come out.]

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COMMENT: Birdsong, Tiffany [MC2006] says “TY”


Tiffany Foy Birdsong commented on JFOUND: Birdsong, Tiffany [MC2006] psychology prof @ William & Mary

2019-Jan-03 Passion and personality …

Thank you so much for sharing this article. I am a very proud member of the
Manhattan College class of 2006! Sincerely, Tiffany Foy Birdsong

[JR: Pleased to report it.]

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COMMENT: Reinke, F. John (MC1968) quotes old Ben


How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, his precepts! O! ’tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments.  — Benjamin Franklin

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COMMENT: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) characterizes the election rhetoric

2018-Nov-19 0323

RE: ENDNOTE “We, The Sheeple” keep electing either side of the same coin

Interesting that they’d characterize THIS election as being “the most important of our lifetime.”

I’d have thought they’d reserved that spot for the 2016 election. I guess they’re not that upset about Trump after all, eh?

Michael J. McFadden
Peace Studies, 1973

[JR: Sorry I missed this but your comment was NOT ONLY overlooked, but it was flagged as spam.  Laff!  I guess those liberals have a lot of juice.]

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COMMENT: O’Connor, Bob (MC1953) affirms the report

2018-Oct-06 1818

RE: JOBIT Minervini, Joseph Louis [MC1953 RIP] 2018-Sep-30

John –

Joe Minervini was MEMBER OF THE GREAT CLASS OF 1953!

O’Connor, Bob (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks and sorry for the delay acknowledging your comment.]

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COMMENT: Twomey, John J. (MC1969) thinks I’d “Do the Right Thing”

2018-Nov-04 1518

POSITRACTION: Man “did the honest thing”; challenge of what would you do

John, since you attended Good Shepherd, Manhattan Prep and Manhattan College, you learned to “Do the Right Thing”. You would have returned the money. The Good Brothers taught us well.

Twomey, John J. (MC1969)

[JR: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but one’s never sure what one will do. That’s why I hope my temptations are all very small in line with my modest abilities. Laugh! ]

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COMMENT: Kenneth Hamilton appreciate the prayers for Hamilton, Kevin [MC2016 RIP]

2018-Nov-16 1137 

RE: JOBIT Hamilton, Kevin [MC2016 RIP] 2018-Sep-28

Hi – thought I’d commented on this earlier – very appreciative of the support of the Manhattan College community. I’m Kevin’s Dad – my wife Nancy is MCO ’85, and my brother, Kevin’s Uncle Christopher Hamilton, is MCO ’87.Kevin was a cherished son indeed, and we are grateful for your prayers for him and for us. (Deacon) Kenneth Hamilton

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2018-Oct-18 1008

Thank you for your post regarding the death of our beloved son. I just stumbled across it this evening, and we are very touched. Kevin’s Mom Nancy (Grogan) Hamilton is a Jasper, class of 1985, as is his Uncle Christopher Hamilton, class of 1987. We are grateful for the prayers of all, and ask continued prayers both for us and for Kevin.


Deacon Kenneth & Nancy Hamilton

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[JR: Thanks for your kind reply.  A technical glitch caused me to miss it. Sorry for your loss.]

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