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COMMENT: Smith, Frank [MC1970] wonders what might have been


If that particular pope had died, then perhaps all those pervert priests and criminal bishops might not have destroyed the lives of all those innocent children.

Frank Smith ’70 Arts

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[JR: One never knows what might have been.  We may only know what has happened and have to deal with reality.]

Smith, Frank [MC1970]

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COMMENT: Toner, Mike (MC1972) won’t go to CfA and spend his money


Dear f. John

As always, thanks for your fine and unceasing efforts as CIC!!

Regarding your Chick-fil-A endnote… Many of us can hold disparate thoughts in our heads at the same time. So, while I am sure that many if not most of Chick-fil-A’s are fine and altruistic people, who may well be inspired by the Christianity of the CfA ethos, the fact is that the CfA foundation, controlled by the founders, continues to contribute to anti-gay causes and organizations. I have no beef (pun intended) with the people who work at CfA restaurants but I do have a problem thinking that some of what I pay at a CfA restaurant would ultimately go to funding causes that I do not wish to help support.

Toner, Mike (MC1972)

[JR: Thanks for the praise ••• CfA has the “right” to do what they want as do ALL of us.  All I keep saying is that they aren’t as bad as the Left makes them out to be.  My argument with them is they seek to have the Gooferment get MORE involved in “moral issues”.  And, that’s just dumb.  By urging Gooferment “action”, that just encourages the politicians and bureaucrats to keep Americans divided and arguing instead of focusing on the problem of Gooferment.  I’d rather the Gooferment just do ONLY its Constitutionally mandated duties and NOTHING else.  It shouldn’t matter who’s in charge because it could NOT be used against anyone’s beliefs.  IMHO]

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COMMENT: Kenny, Bob (MC1968) on those who donate to anti-gay causes and support anti-gay marriage legislation


Re: YA (Yet Another) Chick-fil-A “act of kindness” story

I’m sure the story is touching. An act of kindness by one employee does not redeem Chick-fil-A for donating to anti-gay causes and supporting anti-gay marriage legislation. As a supposed libertarian you should oppose using the power of the state to enforce “Christian principles” by regulating who someone can love and marry. There are documented instances of Nazi soldiers protecting Jews during the Holocaust. Does that redeem Nazism?

Kenny, Bob (MC1968)

[JR: Bob, as a little L libertarian, I believe that there should be no Gooferment involvement in “marriage”.  The institution of marriage predates Gooferment.  “Marriage Licenses” are a result of racist laws to prevent Black and White marriages.  So, it’s NOT a matter of “using the power of the state” to enforce “Christian principles”; it IS a matter of “using the power of the state” to enforce “marriage” at all.  People should be forming LLCs if they want Gooferment recognition.  No one should be seeking to use the “power of the state” on UnConstitutional actions. Nothing “redeems” anything. But I don’t equate Chick-fil-a exercising their rights as the equivalent of “Nazism”. I think Chick-fil-a is wrong for focusing on the wrong target, but I’ll defend their right to be wrong.]

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COMMENT: Will “Visitation School” by Brown, Jim (MC1958)


Jim commented on ENDNOTE: Will “Visitation School” be a Gooferment Skrule?

2018-Dec-22,67659 Visitation remains empty while neighbors waitPosted December 16, …
Whatever happened?

Jim Brown’58

[JR: Gooferment Skrules!]

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COMMENT: Insull, Bob (MC1963) doesn’t remember means tests on the Works of Mercy


RE: ENDNOTE: Green’s are dumb; “we” fat old white guy injineers need to innovate more

Comment on this week’s Endnote: I don’t recall there being a means test attached to either the Beatitudes or the Works of Mercy.

Insull, Bob (MC1963)

[JR: “We” may be called by whatever meme we follow (i.e., Christianity; Buddhism; Humanitarianism; Compassion; Empathy) to PERSONALLY help others.  BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), using the Gooferment to steal from our fellow human to perform “charity” is just wrong.  Americans are extremely charitable despite what the Gooferment loots from them.  Imagine how much more “charity” would be done and how much more effective it would be if we didn’t have our wealth stolen for ineffective and inefficient Gooferment “programs”?]

[JR: Sorry for the delay.]

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COMMENT: Supporting comment on Ann Marie Flynn


Gino commented on MNEWS: Ann Marie Flynn wants her original teaching job

2019-May-19,68942 Former prof sues …

Dr. Flynn is a unique genius who was sadly mistreated by the administration. We all know department politics can be nasty, but a widely respected and revered, fully tenured professor should never be fired barring a crime or not showing up.

Dr. Flynn has had a profound impact on thousands of lives and has personally mentored anyone who wanted her help and wisdom. Her ideas, instincts, mentality, and worldview are amazing in so many ways. Some of the other professors there are frankly ignorant and embarrassing. Its high time to reinstate the great Dr. Flynn!

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[JR: I don’t know who Gino is but he supports her.]

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COMMENT: Costello, Donald (MC1954) wonders about the future for graduates


Donald Costello commented on JNEWS: Natale, Susan [MC????] first female principal ever at All Hallows HS

2019-Jun-18 All Hallows High School …

Is everyone certain that there in fact will be jobs for these new equipped graduates because I am not and we may be giving them false hope .

Costello, Donald (MC1954)

[JR: I think there will always be “opportunity” for humans to thrive.  Maybe the concept of a “job” is outmoded in the new entrepreneurial “gig” economy.  I advise the youngsters to get into their own business and have 10 part-time jobs.  It’s a jungle out there but we’re the APEX predator imho.]

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Success for your generation is: (1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt; (2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you; (3) a NON-OFFSHORABLE white collar job in order to save big bux; (4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber; (5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open; (6) a free time hobby that generates income; and (7) a large will-maintained network of people who can “help” you.

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