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COMMENT: Brown, Jim (MC1958) imagines rooftop gardens


Jim commented on ENDNOTE:
Yet physicians in the US are still busily manning the ambulances at the
bottom of the cliff instead of building fences at the top

2019-Jun-15 Flashback Friday: …

Go for it John. Won’t hurt. Shame the Devil. Imagine if all the roofs in NYC grew vegetables . It might give a healthy meal for thousands and the air quality would be much better. I wonder how this project at MC is doing? Jim Brown ‘58

[JR: I remember the single family homes in the Bronx by Alma Mater where everyone had some sort of “victory garden” in the back or on the side.  If all the “liberal” “save the earth” type were serious, there’d be “victory gardens” and solar power roofs everywhere.  I particularly like the photos of the aftermath of their “demonstrations” when it looks like a human pig sty.  And look at LA and SanFran to see what “liberalism” looks like. Argh!]

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COMMENT: Brown, James J. (MC1958) on D-Day


Jim commented on JEMAIL: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) on D-Day

Good Afternoon All,
On this special day, June 6, 2019, when we celebrate and remember the Allied Landing at …

Many of us old timers who as children remember the war, have sent the younger members of out families the names of their relatives and ages who served at that time. Since most have passed away, it brings the message home and creates a dialogue.

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Brown, James J. (MC1958)

[JR: Sadly, old soldiers never die, they just fade away.  And, all too soon everyone forgets the lessons of history.  Thanks for your comment. ]

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COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) doesn’t understand why I blame the Gooferment


Hi John …

Thanks for replying to my question about the FAA and Boeing. In your reply, you mention “crashing on debt.” It seems like we did that in 2008, thanks directly to, in oversimplified shorthand, “Wall Street.” Then, rather than allow more businesses to fail as a direct result of their reckless [ I would personally say treasonous, based on the resuts ] behavior, the government made the choice to save them by propping up the short-term economy (successfully, but I know you see a long-term problem), to place some restrictions on investment banks to help them behave like banks and not reckless investors – but not to hold them or any of their principals at fault for very nearly destroying the American (and world) economy. Since then, those banks, together with the side of the government generally viewed as more “financially responsible” would like to strip away more and more of the flimsy-enough rules in place to protect consumer-citizens from rapacious businesses. I guess that, particularly in light of your “endless cycle” explanation, I don’t understand why you feel like the government needs to be blamed or at least shamed (“gooferment”) more than the businesses.

Thanks, once more.


Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

[JR: I blame Gooferment, more than “business” for several reasons.  <<I think a more technically correct word would be “corporations” rather than businesses.>>  The “Limited Liability” of a “corporation” is a creation of the Gooferment.  We are indoctrinated in Gooferment Skrules and the Media propaganda that the politicians and bureaucrats are, as Tom Woods sarcastically describes, “wonderful wise people who selflessly serve the public as our overlords to keep us safe and secure”.  They really are just flawed fellow humans with their own agendas (i.e., reward their friends; punish their enemies; and feather their own nests). Structurally the Gooferment is incapable of regulating corporations due to “regulatory capture”.  So corporations are like mere mindless robots or wind-up toys that relentlessly pursue their objective of profit making. Any control of them has to be done by the Gooferment via the politicians and bureaucrats.  So for example, too big to fail banks should have merely had an “excess capital tax” (i.e., any balance sheet larger than 1T$ is taxed at 90% aka “too big to fail” is to big to exist. Kill the “department of agriculture” and its Crony Capitalists sycophants.  Make the FDA an advisory body, open the courts to people who are damaged by drugs, and reform the drug patent system, THEN watch the price of drugs fall quickly. The invisible hand of a truly free market is a much better disciplinarian than any Gooferment agency.  Just ask folks with Enron on their resume.  “Creative destruction” put corporations on notice that they are one bad decision away from “death”. Gooferment “bailouts” should never happen. The root of all evil is not women or the love of money; the true root of ALL evil in the world are Gooferment and their claim to a monopoly on force. Argh!]

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COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) probes for my opinion on Boeing & FAA; no surprise here


Hi F John …

Thanks for replying to my question: “Which ‘we’ is going to separate business from the state?” I am shocked – shocked! – to hear you suggest that “We the sheeple” might be getting wise. Will wonders never cease?

[JR: I think that as “We, The Sheeple” get poorer in real wealth, they are going to ask: “Why?” unpleasantly!]

I’ve also been meaning to ask your opinion of the situation with Boeing and the FAA. Who would you say is at fault there? The FAA for allowing the business to do the part of the job the that the agency really should have? Or the business for then taking the shortest and most deadly path to the $$$?

[JR: I’d blame this on “regulatory capture”.  Crony Capitalists payoff the politicians and bureaucrats; they in turn a blind eye to the Crony Capitalists’ failures.  Eventually the politicians and bureaucrats go to work for the Crony Capitalists and the circle continues. It’s the same at the FDA & Big Pharma, the FED & Wall Street, USDA & Big Ag, DOE & Big Energy, DOEd & Big Education, and on and one and on.  The solution is to reduce the Gooferment size and influence.  When “we” crash on the rocks of debt, then “we” may get a smaller Gooferment?]

Thx. again.


Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

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COMMENT: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) on debt problems


Regarding Rob Kuhn’s note on “The Golden Dollar,” my nieces recently alerted me to a PA politicians who’s successfully scamming votes from younger people (and their parents?) by supporting an amnesty/forgiveness of student loans. Since I now have a very sexy-sounding Home Assistant sitting by my computer and doting upon my every utterance, I asked, “How much money is currently owed in the US for student loans?” I had a vague idea of the ballpark answer, but it was still a bit of a system shock to hear “her” dulcet tones inform me that there is currently 1.5 TRILLION dollars worth of unpaid student loans.

While my nieces and other innocent younger voters may be thrilled by the magical promise of making all that horrible debt disappear at the snap of some voting fingers, I think the obliteration of that amount of money might be more than a mosquito bite on our economy and taxpayers if it happens.


Michael J. McFadden
Peace Studies, 1973

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[JR: There is no doubt in my mind that the “national debt” —  the current 121T+ national debt, the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with, the “mal investment” (a term from the Austrian “school” of economic theory), as well as the “personal debt” that people have taken on — will NEVER be repaid.  While a Gooferment “default” on these debts is unlikely, since it would probably lead to an even GREATER depression than ’29 and may start WW3, I personally believe that the Fed — The Federal Reserve Bank is a misnomer. IT ain’t “federal”. It reserves nothing. And, it ain’t a “bank”. It is a private cartel of the elite banks run for their benefit and that of the entrenched politicians. — will “monetize the debt” by just inflating the currency Zimbabwe-stye.  Even more concerning that some eye-watering inflation rate that will make 21% mortgages look like a bargain, “We, The Sheeple” and their children have been “educated” (i.e., TRAINED like a lab rat) not to save.  The artificially low interest rate, near zero for a decade, has, in addition to ruining “savers”, the poor, and the old fixed income people, has created a generation of “Spend-thrifts”.  They are well adapted for the German Weimar Republic conditions where people would spend any money they received as soon as they got it because in a few hours it was worthless.  So sad.  I’m saving in “hard money” so as to leave my heirs something of value.  It’s a sad end to the “American Experiment”.]

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“Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt.” –Herbert Hoover]

COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) wants to know who “we” is?


Rob Kuhn
2:24 AM (18 hours ago)
to Fjohn68

Which “we” is going to separate business from the state?

[JR: It’ll be “We, The Sheeple” when they don’t get their promised “benefits” because the Gooferment can no longer print money.  Eventually, all fiat currencies fall to zero. Some faster than others (i.e., Zimbabwe, Venezuela) and some slower (i.e., the Roman empire; the Ottoman empire).  At some point, the world will stop accepting “dollars” for products.  That’s what got Saddam and Gaddafi killed — they wanted to be paid in gold for their oil.  You haven’t heard much about the “golden dinar” because they realized that was a good way to bring down the wrath of the USA by messing with their monopoly on “dollars”.  But like all Ponzi schemes and games of musical chairs, they end when the music stops. And “the rubes” are getting wise to the scam.  One ugly chicken is coming home to roost!  IMHO]

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Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

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COMMENT: Brown, Jim [MC1958] urges patience


Jim Brown ‘58 commented on JFACEBOOK: Lodato, Ray (MC1984) has solution for Covington Catholic HS

I hope no one takes this the wrong way, and I apologize in advance …

We should all be proud of the Catholic students. How well they kept their cool when under attack. They should be a lesson to others who rush to judgement and look to dish Catholics students who only wanted to visit Capital

[JR: True.  As with all inet “stories”, time seem to clear away “the fog of war”.  Like Fake News, we need to let the “truth” come out.]

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