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Comment by the Collector In Chief

ENDNOTE: The hubris of some people to speak for the entire “manhattan college” community …


Frank Marsicano @27bruce

Oct 2
Replying to@RudyGiuliani

Rudy, the Manhattan College community is embarrassed by you.

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The hubris of some people to speak for the entire “manhattan college” community … … 


… … Sorry, but I am not sure what the “manhattan college community” is?

Nor, am I sure that one person can truly represent it — whatever it is.

One can express scorn for Rudy in many many dimensions, 

BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt),

“Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

I’m sure that I heard that may times in my Christian Brothers’ classrooms.

So, I’m not going to agree to “stone” Rudy.

I’m not so sure he’s the exemplar of what Jasper should be.  But, since I haven’t been in his moccasins, nor can I apply for the “exemplar” status, all I can do is urge some humility in our public pronouncements.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: ‘Absolute theological bankruptcy’ and a partial posterity


‘Absolute theological bankruptcy’: Union Theological Seminary students confess climate sins to plants
by Jon Brown | September 18, 2019 02:40 PM

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German pastor and anti-Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer was among the school’s more famous alumni, who left after escaping the Third Reich to teach there briefly in 1939. Appalled by the liberalism of its students, Bonhoeffer wrote they “are completely clueless with respect to what dogmatics is really about. They are not familiar with even the most basic questions. They become intoxicated with liberal and humanistic phrases, are amused at the fundamentalists, and yet basically are not even up to their level.”

Bonhoeffer remembered that students “openly [laughed]” at a lecture on sin and forgiveness, and accused the seminary of having “forgotten what Christian theology in its very essence stands for.” Disillusioned, he decided to return to Germany to resist the Nazi regime, where he was executed at the Flossenbürg concentration camp in 1945 for his role in the July 20 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

*** end quote ***

Over and above the crazy meme of “human caused climate change” that has “infected” a significant portion of the world’s population, I found an interesting factoid in the reportage.

As an aside to that “interesting factoid”, a lot of politicians and bureaucrats are getting rich propagating this nonsense.  Namely Al Gore!

My fellow alum and high school chum Trynosky, Stephen [MC1968] took a shot at this recently on Facebook:

FOXNEWS.COM reported:
Al Gore rips Trump for lacking urgency on climate change: He’s the ‘face of global climate denial’
Former Vice President Al Gore blasted President Trump for not taking climate change seriously, calling him the “face of global climate denial.”

Stephen K. Trynosky Replied:
I’d like to comment on this but I can’t. You see, I drowned 12 years ago when the rising seas swept over NY and NJ.

Nailed it.

Back to the main observation about the factoid: the Dietrich Bonhoeffer connection.

I like the quote I captured of his.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Of course, I don’t believe the “manmade climate change” meme, but apply the quote to finances and abortion.

Today’s society is “immoral” imho because we are leaving some of our posterity terrible debt and we have allowed the killing of the rest of it.

So sad!


Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: ‘Soft Prostitution’?


Why Are So Many Top-Tier College Girls Turning To ‘Soft Prostitution’?
by Tyler Durden
Sat, 09/21/2019 – 17:45

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Are you a rich guy who wants to bang debt-laden college girls with all your extra money?

Are you a struggling college girl facing decades of six-figure debt so you can follow your unsinkable dreams?

Great news; thanks to the internet, your bases are covered! As we’ve previously reported (here and here), ‘soft prostitution’ may have been going on for a long time – but its normalization is relatively new – and undoubtedly linked to the $1.5 trillion+ student debt problem.

*** end quote ***

I don’t understand what is so “soft” about it.

If women want to be taken seriously, prostitution is not the way to do it.

So sad!

I guess the Liberal Left feminism has accomplished its objectivetive.


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ENDNOTE: Yet another fake claim of racism?


Former NFL Player Accused of Vandalizing His Own Business with ‘MAGA’ and Racist Slurs
Edawn Coughman — The Associated Press

*** begin quote ***

A former NFL player has been arrested in Georgia for vandalizing his own business with racist slurs and the phrase “MAGA,” to make it appear as if Trump supporters and racists attacked him.

*** end quote ***

So sad.

Because of the damage these false claims do to our national spirit, there should be some severe penalties.

Wonder what drives people to invent these?

Could it be that there is less “racism” and “prejudice” than the main stream media, “celebrities”, politicians, and bureaucrats would like us to believe?

It’s like when the KKK musters a “mob” of ten or twenty fat old men and we’re supposed to be “shocked”!


Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: Umana, John  [MC1965] asks what happened to checks and balances in our Government?



Umana, John  [MC1965]
Sep 5
What happened to checks and balances in our Government?

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As a fat old white guy injineer speaking ex cathedra from my belly button at the editorial desk in the Jasper Jottings’ newsroom, “We, The Sheeple” allow the Gooferment to escape its Constitutional “chains” and transform from “servant to master” (Note 1) by many of the Amendments to the Constitution and the countless non-Amendment authorized violations to the Constitution like the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”. (Note 2)

“We” lost the war for the American heart and soul when “we” allowed the Gooferment at all levels to take over “education”.  As Rush Limbaugh says “the minds full of mush” have been lost forever. They have been converted, like a cult, to worship Mother Earth and to look to Father State for “solutions”.  There’s no hope for them, but the first step back to “checks and balances” is cut the Gooferment back to its Constitutional bounds.  The entails zeroing out a bunch of unConstitutional departments and agencies — DOEd, DOE, HEW, BATF, DEA, FDA, etc. etc. etc. And then onto, the things that “just happened” — “no fly” list, “civil asset forfeiture”, gun laws, IRS abuses, Marijuana & drug prohibition, “free speech zones”, Congressional corruption, farm subsidies, “welfare / warfare” state policies, the existence of the“deep state”, etc. etc. etc.

The hardest part will be to refocus “We, The Sheeple” from the “panem et circenses” of this Gooferment Skrule team beats that Gooferment Skrule team. That distracts “We, The Sheeple” from the real problems of the day!  Personally, I believe that the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment — direct election of Senators — is the best first step back to real “Federalism” and regaining control of the Leviathan State.  Of course, to do that “We, The Sheeple” has to convince the politicians and bureaucrats to vote against their own self-interest financially. 

On a microlevel, each of us can strike a blow against the drug war by jury nullification. Remember why Alcohol Prohibition was repealed? Jury nullification! (Note 3)  So each and every one of us, who gets on a jury, can end “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”!  Or, police searches!  Or any other “burr under our saddle” with Gooferment action.  How did Gandni convince the British to leave India?  Peaceful non-cooperation. (Note 4) Likewise if 350 million American refuse to cooperate with the Gooferment, what are they going to do about it.  My current example is the speed limit laws.  Most folks pay absolutely ZERO attention to them. It’s a waste of taxpayer money to post them.

So that’s what has happened to your “checks and balances” and how imho we can take our country back one jury at a time.

Remember the sources of my education! I’m just a fat old white guy retired injineer who’d now a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income with:

  • Law “degree” from watching Judge Judy; 
  • Medical “degree” from watching Doctor Phil; 
  • Building “degree” from watching “Holmes on Homes”; 
  • Investing “degree” from reading about Bernie Made-off; 
  • Finance “degree”from listening to Ric Edelman; 
  • sensitively managing Human Resources from watching Chef Ramsey; and 
  • creating loving / caring human relationships from studying the movie roles of Gunny Ronald Lee Ermey

Go Jaspers!

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Note 1: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” — attributed to George Washinton but unverifiable

Note 2: Why did alcohol prohibition require a Constitutional Amendment, but “drug prohibition” did not? 

Note 3: “Prosecutors could get a jury to convict any one on booze arrests; that’s why they had to get Al Capone on Tax Evasion.  So regardless of what the Gooferment, the politicians, or the bureaucrats say, American Juries can put an end to this nonsense all by themselves.  No victim; no crime.  Sorry.  A juror doesn’t have to explain or even talk; just vote “not guilty” and this house of cards will come tumbling down.” 

Note 4: “Yes. In the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.” — movie Gandhi (1983)

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ENDNOTE: Another sweep to identify who has guns right here in the USA!


685,104 viewsSep 6, 2019, 03:50pm
Exclusive: Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App
Thomas BrewsterForbes Staff
I cover crime, privacy and security in digital and physical forms.

*** begin quote ***

Own a rifle? Got a scope to go with it? The U.S. government might soon know who you are, where you live and how to reach you.

That’s because the government wants Apple and Google to hand over names, phone numbers and other identifying data of at least 10,000 users of a single gun scope app, Forbes has discovered. It’s an unprecedented move: Never before has a case been disclosed in which American investigators demanded personal data of users of a single app from Apple and Google. And never has an order been made public where the feds have asked the Silicon Valley giants for info on so many thousands of people in one go.

According to an application for a court order filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on September 5, investigators want information on users of Obsidian 4, a tool used to control rifle scopes made by night-vision specialist American Technologies Network Corp. The app allows gun owners to get a live stream, take video and calibrate their gun scope from an Android or iPhone device. According to the Google Play page for Obsidian 4, it has more than 10,000 downloads. Apple doesn’t provide download numbers, so it’s unclear how many iPhone owners could be swept up in this latest government data grab.

If the court approves the demand, and Apple and Google decide to hand over the information, it could include data on thousands of people who have nothing to do with the crimes being investigated, privacy activists warned. Edin Omanovic, lead on Privacy International’s State Surveillance program, said it would set a dangerous precedent and scoop up “huge amounts of innocent people’s personal data.”

“Such orders need to be based on suspicion and be particularized—this is neither,” Omanovic added.

*** end quote ***

Once again the Federal Gooferment seeks to sweep up a huge amount of data on innocent people in the quest to “outlaw guns”.

Yes, I know “no one is after your guns”.  Have you listened to ANY of the D’s running for President in 2020?

And, you know what happens after the citizenry AKA the militia is disarmed?  Genocide!

Can’t happen here?  Talk to the American Indians.


Μολὼν λαβέ

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ENDNOTE: How about a “war” we can all get behind?


The Deadliest Hunter of Humans on the Planet
In this introduction to his book “The Mosquito,” Timothy C. Winegard profiles the creature that has changed the course of war and empire, and survived every attempt to wipe it out.
Timothy C. Winegard
Updated 08.24.19 11:50AM ET / Published 08.24.19 5:25AM ET 

*** begin quote ***

The mosquito has killed more people than any other cause of death in human history. Statistical extrapolation situates mosquito-inflicted deaths approaching half of all humans that have ever lived. In plain numbers, the mosquito has dispatched an estimated 52 billion people from a total of 108 billion throughout our relatively brief 200,000-year existence.*

*** end quote ***

Since “our” MIC (Military Industrial Complex) loves war with its killing and breaking stuff, let’s target it at a good “enemy” to wipe out.

Imagine the dollars being spend on it rather that killing our fellow human beings?


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