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Comment by the Collector In Chief

ENDNOTE: Why some don’t donate?


The Volokh Conspiracy
Why I don’t donate to my alma mater, Yale Law School
By David Bernstein November 1 at 10:06 AM 

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I graduated from Yale Law School in 1991, and the 25th reunion was held recently. As you might expect, I was solicited to contribute to the law school.

I was ready to give at least a modest gift, but then I started thinking about how unlike literally every other “elite” law school, Yale Law School has never in my lifetime hired a conservative public law (constitutional law, administrative law and so forth) scholar. (Robert Bork was hired as an antitrust scholar, and only wrote about constitutional law later.) This was true even during the Dean Guido Calabresi era, when the law school hired several free-market-oriented law and economics private law scholars.

*** and ***

Not that I personally expect a job at Yale, but I can’t see why I should support, even via a nominal donation, an institution that wouldn’t hire someone like me who was otherwise qualified for the job.

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Could it be that “schools” have wandered too far from their alums?

Not everyone is in complete disagreement with the way that “catholic education” has strayed from core principles. As is evidenced by awards to CINO politicians or having speakers that are abhorrent with their views.

It’s sad. But it is a marketplace of ideas, and many alums just are not “buying”.

There’s a principle in business networking that goes something like — “first help; then seek to be helped”. Perhaps “schools” need to go back to that principle.


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ENDNOTE: The unique role that the Catholic Church in America in the destruction of the USA


Catholics, Cash, Corruption, and Collapse
By Christopher Manion
November 9, 2016

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All this is so well known that I can turn only to one dimension that is escaped wider notice.

Catholics, Cash, And Corruption

That dimension is the unique role that the Catholic Church in America has played in fulfilling Obama’s destructive dream.

Perhaps unwittingly, certainly witlessly, America’s Catholic bishops have paved the way for this destruction.
Long ago, Obama’s first grant for “community organizing” came from the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago. Ever since the Catholic bishops of the United States have cheered on this strategy of infiltration and inundation. They embraced the welfare state of FDR and LBJ and gave it their invaluable and coveted imprimatur.  In return, they were rewarded with untold billions of taxpayer funding for their nonprofits, what had once been truly independent Catholic charities, schools, and hospitals.

In fact, these once-honorable institutions have become just another gaggle of NGO’s – non-government organizations competing for federal money.

And they earn every penny, in subservience and silence.

Confronted with a secular culture of corruption and collapse, both financial and moral, our bishops chose not to combat it with the hard truths of the Gospel. Instead, they chose to endow it with what was once the priceless seal of approval of the Church.  As leading bishops now admit, they were repeatedly silent about the moral issues they were consecrated to protect. Meanwhile, the political factions whose agenda targeted those moral principles kept the bishops silent with their filthy lucre.

“What?? All of them??” you ask. Well, no: there were, and are some noble exceptions. But their opposition, if they could manage it at all, didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Like us, they were ignored.

So Obama has succeeded in his campaign to eviscerate our liberty. But that victory could not have come to pass without the acquiescence, and often the support, of America’s Catholic Bishops. Witness the pirouetting Joe Biden and Tim Kaine, pro-abortion “Catholic” ornaments on the corrupt and rotting Democrat tree, who flaunt their faux faith in the face of a stunning silence on the part of Catholic prelates.
Well, haven’t Catholics noticed this? Yes, many have, usually in small doses. And they have acted. Thirty million Americans now call themselves “ex-Catholics.” They constitute the second-largest religious denomination in America. Millions of them left out of disgust, to be sure. But millions more left because they had been disdained and abandoned.

*** and ***

[This is the first of a series on the role of the Catholic Church in the decline and fall of the Republic].

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This has been a point I have made in the past. The “King” (i.e., the Gooferment) has bribed the Church and overlooked the pedophila which has “neutered” the Church leadership.

So sad.

“Ex-Catholics” are the “second-largest religious denomination in America”!


So the “Secular Progressives” have destroyed the Catholic and Christian Churches. And as such have destroyed the American Republic.

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams 

So sad our downfall.

I think it began with the “free public schools” competing with Catholic Schools. And it all was lost form there.

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ENDNOTE: “We don’t like children anyhow”


“Destroy another fetus now, We don’t like children anyhow,”  song “The Future” by folk singer Leonard Cohen (1934 -2016)

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A folk song writer, a Jewish Zen Buddhist, whose work I loved, even though I didn’t recognize it as his, has died.

I think this one line is worth remembering him for.

It makes me so sad. And, sums up how “Secular Progressives” can fool us by their language.


Requiescat In Pacem

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ENDNOTE: Attorney General Lynch is a symptom of this particular national disgrace


Congress: Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments
Obama admin blocking congressional probe into cash payments to Iran
BY: Adam Kredo  October 28, 2016 11:22 am

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret efforts to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment to avoid incriminating herself over these payments, according to lawmakers and communications exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

*** end quote ***

I’m tired of the lawlessness in the “District of Corruption”.

I don’t have many venues to express my frustration.

I hope my fellow Jaspers are equally disgusted and take whatever action they can to bring back the American Experiment. 

Sadly, I don’t have much hope in the future.

The current 20T+ national debt and the guesstimated 230T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with will essential condemn everyone to troubling times.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: Will “Catholics” vote the way this theologian expects?


Theologian Michael Novak: For Catholics, Hillary Is Simply ‘Unvotable’
30 Oct 2016

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Novak said that he believes that one of the essential dividing lines between the two parties today revolves around the liberal indoctrination received in American higher education and the subsequent control over U.S. culture.

“The main issue in this election is the divide between those who are college educated and those who have not attended,” says Novak. “The former have a firm grip on the country. They control the TV stations, newspapers, radio, universities, all the great vehicles of culture.”

“Some argue that they have formed a new social class, under the hegemony and control of the Democratic Party. They have drunk from a secular teaching that draws its content from New York Times editorials,” he said.

Catholics “are regarded with suspicion” by the academic elites, Novak said, “because the new politically correct class looks down on all those who do not think as they do, accusing them of sexism and racism.”
“If ordinary people are still realistic and live with their feet on the ground, the elites—well represented by the Democrats—are outside the world,” he said.

“In short, they have control of culture, but not of the neighborhoods, not of the streets,” he said.

*** end quote ***

One can only guess.

Has the the “Secular Progressive” culture had a “corrosive” effect on Catholics?

I wonder.

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ENDNOTE: The “media” pushes the “Trump tape” and ignores WikiLeaks


Gingrich: 20 Media Executives Are Launching A “Coup D’Etat” Against Millions Of Trump Voters
Posted By Tim Hains On Date October 16, 2016

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In an interview with ‘This Week’ co-host Martha Raddatz, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich categorized Donald Trump’s ‘rigged election’ claims as a “coup d’etat” against fourteen million citizens who voted for Donald Trump in the Republican primary committed by “20 media executives.”

“This is about last Friday when the networks spent 23 minutes on the Trump tape,” he said. “And less than one minute — all three networks combined — less than one minute on the Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches that were being revealed on WikiLeaks.”

“I think it’s amazing that Trump is as close as he is right now, considering the one-sidedness of the news media barrage,” Gingrich said.

He also said: “I’m old enough to remember when Richard Nixon had the election stolen in 1960 and no serious historian doubts that Illinois and Texas were stolen. So to suggest that we have — that you don’t have theft in Philadelphia is to deny reality.”

*** end quote ***

Again, I like Mister Newt, despite his character flaws. There’s very few people out there that don’t have them.

In this case, I think he is spot on. The extremely liberal leftist media want to “elect” their choice of a hard left Crony Capitalist politician.

I don’t know how DJT can win with these forces aligned against him.

It’ll be a sad day for the USA if HRC wins. And for people of faith even worse. 


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ENDNOTE: 40% of all Catholics in a parish are not registered, or don’t vote?


from a “catholic vote” email

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Dear CV Friend,

We’re just hours from the first presidential debate. Over 100 million people are expected to watch.

We’re also approaching another deadline.

Many states require citizens to be registered as many as 30 days before an election. That means time is running out for many people to get registered. Or their votes won’t count.

Did you know that approximately 40% of all Catholics in a parish are not registered, or don’t vote? 

*** end quote ***

Stunning, if true!

Sounds like Jaspers need to get busy?

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