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ENDNOTE: Lori Loughlin’s daughter in YACS (yet another cheating scandal)


EXCLUSIVE: ‘We have to film it again -with Olivia as the winner.’ Lori Loughlin’s daughter is caught in ANOTHER cheating scandal after claims a TV game show was rigged in her favor and the winning teen stripped of $5K prize

  • Lifestyle vlogger Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, daughter of Lori Loughlin, took on fellow influencer Marissa Rachel and singer Rydel Lynch in a 2016 episode of Tap That Awesome App 
  • Marissa Rachel was declared the winner in front of a live audience
  • But studio execs mysteriously stepped in and ordered producers to re-shoot
  • When the trivia contest resumed Rydel and a ‘visibly upset’ Marissa were allegedly under orders not to buzz in with the correct answers,  
  • Giannulli took home first prize, a $5,000 donation to a charity of her choice
  • When executives re-shot the final questions they asked Rachel to repeat an incorrect answer while cutting out the questions she answered correctly 
  • ‘What happened just didn’t seem right to me,’ Rachel told
  •  The puzzling episode emerged just days after Jade’s parents, Full House star Loughlin and the designer Mossimo Giannulli, were accused of paying $500,000 to get her and her sister Isabella into USC


PUBLISHED: 11:43 EDT, 15 March 2019 | UPDATED: 16:13 EDT, 15 March 2019

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[JR: Anyone see a pattern here? “One man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in any other department. Life is one indivisible whole” ― Mahatma Gandhi]

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ENDNOTE: Don’t give your bishop a dime


Don’t give your bishop a dime of charity
By Marc Thiessen March 6, 2019 | 6:52pm | Updated

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On Ash Wednesday, the holy season of Lent began — and so did the annual fundraising drives by many of the nation’s Catholic bishops. Don’t give them a dime.

Last fall, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops was supposed to vote on a resolution to create a special commission to investigate bishops who cover up sexual abuse. At the last minute, Pope Francis barred the bishops from holding the vote.

But it isn’t clear the resolution would have passed. The bishops did vote on a nonbinding resolution that would have urged the pope “to release all the documentation that can be released consistent with canon and civil law ­regarding the misconduct of Archbishop [Theodore] McCarrick.” As they debated the wording, the ­National Catholic Register reports, “they could not even agree on the inclusion of the word ‘soon.’ ”

Even the watered-down resolution was rejected 137-83, with three bishops abstaining. Want to know how your bishop voted? You can’t. When I asked the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for the roll call, a spokesman replied, “Sorry, the votes are anonymous, so we don’t know who voted for what.” That’s their idea of transparency.

The situation in Rome is no better. This year, Francis reportedly informed Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley that he would not authorize a full-fledged probe into the McCarrick coverup.

*** and ***

When your pastor hands you an envelope, hand it back empty — or better yet, send your bishop a letter explaining that he will get no financial support until the conspiracy of silence is ended and corrupt bishops are held accountable.

I offer this advice with a heavy heart, because I am, and will always remain, a faithful Catholic. I will never leave the church for one simple reason: I will not let Judas separate me from Jesus. But let’s be clear: There are Judases in the ranks of today’s successors of the apostles. They covered up or ignored sexual misconduct and moved around predator priests — and continue to do so. They made secret payouts to victims while requiring them to sign confidentiality agreements. They were told about McCarrick’s serial abuses and did nothing — in many cases because McCarrick helped them rise to powerful positions.

The church isn’t a democracy, nor should it be. It exists to spread the views of its founder, not its followers. But that doesn’t mean that the laity must tolerate the bishops who have overlooked, ignored or covered up abuse. We must demand every bishop who did so be held to account and removed from office. Clearly the outcry of the victims is not enough. We have to vote with our pocketbooks.

*** end quote ***

Sadly, I have to agree.

The laity mist hold the leadership accountable.

These scandals and the cover ups have cost the organization Church any moral authority.

I doubt it can be saved.

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ENDNOTE: Time to end the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”


Triggered by a drug raid near my shore bungalow.

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IMHO, time to end the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and put the effort into treatment like Portugal has.  Otherwise, it’s hopeless problem.  

They can’t keep drugs out of prisons; so how insane to expect to be able to keep it out of the general population. 

At least if addicts could buy their drugs at WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, and other pharmacies, then the drugs would be cheap and clean. And, addicts could get into treatment easier and cheaper than today.

We emptied the mental asylums and the politicians and bureaucrats promised to have local resources that never came.  Now we have crazy people roaming the streets and doing drugs.

We learned nothing from (alcohol) Prohibition and a lot of people died or went blind from tainted booze.  The drugs cut with rat poison are killing people. 

The medical establishment gets folks hook on opioids and when it cuts them off, the folks more to heroin or worse.  Argh!

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ENDNOTE: Gamma Theta Phi — never heard of it


Gamma Theta Phi
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Gamma Theta Phi (ΓΘΦ) was a fraternity founded in 1964, primarily at Catholic colleges. Unlike traditional fraternities, Gamma was organized by the student services departments at each school since several colleges did not want national fraternities coming on their campus. Since Gamma was, in essence, an outreach of student services, the colleges hoped to harness the positives of the fraternities (service, charitable projects & camaraderie), and avoid the negative stereotypes which plague many fraternities.

The project didn’t succeed. By 1967 all national work regarding Gamma had halted. Several of the local chapters continued at their respective colleges for a few years, but by 1997, all the chapters had dissolved.

Chapters existed at one time or another at the following schools:

Christian Brothers University – Memphis, Tennessee
College of Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fontbonne College – St. Louis, Missouri
La Salle University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lewis University – Romeoville, Illinois
Loyola University New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana
Manhattan College – New York, New York
Saint Louis University – St. Louis, Missouri
St. Mary’s College – Moraga, California
St. Mary’s University – Winona, Minnesota

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[JR: Another indication of the dying of the “Catholic identity”.  Was at the Prep from 60-63 and MC 64-69 and don’t remember hearing about it.  But then the ingineers never heard much from “up the hill”.  Did I miss something?]

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ENDNOTE: RIP the institutional “Catholic Church” in the USA?


The Observer 
Pope defrocks ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick over abuse claims
Ex-archbishop of Washington DC is most senior figure to be removed from priesthood in modern times
Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent @harrietsherwood
Sat 16 Feb 2019 06.18 ESTLast modified on Sat 16 Feb 2019 06.52 EST

*** begin quote ***

A former Roman Catholic archbishop and cardinal has been dismissed from the priesthood after the Vatican found him guilty of sexually abusing minors in a sign of an increasingly hardline stance taken by the church.

Theodore McCarrick, 88, one of the prominent figures in the church, was defrocked just days before an unprecedented global summit of bishops to discuss child sexual abuse is convened by the Vatican.

The Vatican’s move makes McCarrick the most senior figure to be removed from the priesthood in modern times. He will no longer be permitted to act as a cleric, and is forbidden to celebrate the sacraments except to grant absolution for sins to a person close to death. Only excommunication is a more severe punishment.

*** end quote ***

Is this the harbinger of the end of the institutional “Catholic Church” in the USA?

Stories abound about both the Vatican and local “Catholic Churches” with abuse and homosexuality.

I mourn the loss of the “Church” in civil society as a counter-balance to the Gooferment which wants to become the sheeple’s “god”.

Sorry but a lot of good people have been hurt by these “revelations”.

ENDNOTE: Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Collects All the Super Bowl LIII Revenue


Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Will Collect All the Super Bowl LIII Revenue—Even Though Taxpayers Own the Stadium
The costs of maintaining and upgrading the stadium would be taxpayer-funded in perpetuity.
Saturday, February 02, 2019
Laura Williams

*** begin quote ***
On Sunday, the eyes of the nation will fall on Atlanta’s brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, site of the 53rd Superbowl. As players and spectators pour into the city, they’ll be dazzled by a state-of-the-art retractable roof and an enormous, wrap-around digital screen. What will be less apparent to thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers is a different kind of innovation—a carefully concealed legal clause that will privatize future profits of the publicly-funded stadium.

*** end quote ***

Crony Capitalism at its best!

It’s the old shell game of “privatize profits — socialize costs or losses”.

When will the sheeple, aka Clovers,  aka Taxpayers, realize the scam?

There ought to be a law to prevent ANY “public – private partnerships” for any reason!

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ENDNOTE: When does a baby get those “inalienable rights”?


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D.) commented Wednesday about a controversial 40-week abortion bill and in so doing said the law allows an abortion to take place after the infant’s birth.

Source: Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives

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Isn’t this murder?

When does life begin?

And when does a baby get those “inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?


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