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ENDNOTE: Why open this for a public vote and then ignore the results?


Catholics blast Chirlane McCray over city statue snub
By Sara Dorn August 17, 2019 | 9:29pm

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The faithful raised holy hell this week after The Post reported the first lady’s “She Built NYC” program for statues honoring exceptional women rejected the public’s choice of iconic sister Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Cabrini, the first American saint, devoted her life to helping the needy in the late 1800s but got passed over despite receiving 219 votes, more than any other nominee.

Councilman Justin Brannan fired off an angry letter to McCray’s office on Monday this week, saying, “Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, who received more nominations from New Yorkers than any other woman during the process, has been completely ignored.”

“My simple question is this: why open this for a public vote and then ignore the results?” the councilman asked.

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No religious discrimination here.

“Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Go home, you looky-loos.” Officer Barbrady’s Catch Phrase South Park


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ENDNOTE: Shooters Do Not Know Right from Wrong


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The post by Charles Burris mentions several hypotheses about the conditions under which men fail to receive good moral training:

“Most, according to psychologist Peter Langman, an expert on school shooters, came from homes that also experienced infidelity, substance abuse, criminal behavior, domestic violence and child abuse.”

This hypothesis is on the right track. Instead of focusing on motives, the focus is on where moral training comes from, even though moral training is not mentioned. Hypotheses like these should explicitly bring in moral training as the key. We cannot escape acknowledging this. We can’t avoid talking about values that are correct and right.

To avoid raising monsters, we have to define right and wrong properly and we have to impart it to children. It has to be done starting from an early age. It starts with parents. We should not obscure the process of teaching right from wrong, and also teaching virtuous behavior, by fancy words that academics use like “socialization”. Some thoughts, some behaviors and some actions are definitely wrong and some are right. We should not obscure the clear cases by focusing on the difficult and ambiguous cases.

The hypothesis of Peter Langman is really that a bad family life fails to deliver proper moral training to children. It delivers improper training in its place.

The hypothesis can be broadened. We are having more shooters because the moral training has gone downhill, and it has gone downhill because the training provided in the family, the schools, the churches, the camps, the media, the books, the movies, the government, etc. has gone downhill.

Why has this happened? What remedies do we have?

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Sadly sounds about right.

The American society has drifted from self-discipline to “whatever makes me feel good”.

There may well be no coming back.

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ENDNOTE: Priests accused of sex abuse … …


Priests accused of sex abuse turned to under-the-radar group

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DRYDEN, Mich. (AP) — The visiting priests arrived discreetly, day and night.

Stripped of their collars and cassocks, they went unnoticed in this tiny Midwestern town as they were escorted into a dingy warehouse across from an elementary school playground. Neighbors had no idea some of the dressed-down clergymen dining at local restaurants might have been accused sexual predators.

They had been brought to town by a small, nonprofit group called Opus Bono Sacerdotii. For nearly two decades, the group has operated out of a series of unmarked buildings in rural Michigan, providing money, shelter, transport, legal help and other support to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse across the country.

Again and again, Opus Bono has served as a rapid-response team for the accused.

When a serial pedophile was sent to jail for abusing dozens of minors, Opus Bono was there for him, with regular visits and commissary cash.

When a priest admitted sexually assaulting boys under 14, Opus Bono raised funds for his defense.

When another priest was criminally charged with abusing a teen, Opus Bono later made him a legal adviser.

And while powerful clerics have publicly pledged to hold the church accountable for the crimes of its clergy and help survivors heal, some of them arranged meetings, offered blessings or quietly sent checks to this organization that provided support to alleged abusers, The Associated Press has found.

Though Catholic leaders deny the church has any official relationship with the group, Opus Bono successfully forged networks reaching all the way to the Vatican.

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I doubt that this group is NOT receiving “under the table” support from the Church hierarchy.

If it can be proved, it’s a totally destroys the formal “Catholic Church”.

Right now, it’s more likely than not.

Add that to the Church hierarchy’s support of “socialism”, CINO politicians, all sorts of non-religious causes and it’s no wonder that it’s in decline.

One of the arguments on the Church’s infallibility in matters of faith and morals is that God would not permit His Church to err.  Maybe it’s not “God’s Church” after all.  We all should be embarrassed by it.

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ENDNOTE: Commies Tried To Kill JPII?


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Historian: More Evidence Commies Tried To Kill JPII

Mehmet Ali Agca met repeatedly with Soviet intel handlers in the months ­before he made his unsuccessful attempt on Saint John Paul II’s life on May 13, 1981, notes George Weigel at First Things. “What we do not have is documentary evidence that all of this was done on the direct orders of [KGB boss] Yuri] Andropov or Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev or both.” But now intriguing new evidence is coming to light. It’s all “thanks to an achingly dull, three-volume history of the schedule of Leonid Brezhnev, published three years ago.” Trawling through it, Polish historian Andrzej Grajewski found that although “Brezhnev did not meet all that often with Andropov, the KGB spymaster . . . the tempo of their meetings increased dramatically in April and May 1981, as did the frequency of their phone conversations.” On the fateful day, moreover, Brezhnev cleared his schedule, as if (Grajewski writes) his “attention was not absorbed by acting, directing, managing — but perhaps waiting for something to happen.” Weigel archly concludes: “Inquiring minds wonder.”

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Now I like to think that I am up on all the Conspiracy Theories, but somehow I missed this one.

Upon reflection, it seem to have some some evidence to support it.

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ENDNOTE: There are no innocent bystanders in Hell … …


from a redit thread:

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Burns: Well, everybody knows, ‘war is Hell.’

Hunnicutt: Remember, you heard it hear last.

Hawkeye: War isn’t Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.

Father Mulcahy: How do you figure that, Hawkeye?

Hawkeye: Easy, Father. Tell me, who goes to Hell?

Father Mulcahy: Um, sinners, I believe.

Hawkeye: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell, but war is chock full of them – little kids, cripples, old ladies. In fact, except for a few of the brass, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander.

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Almost makes me cry!

Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: YA (Yet Another) Chick-fil-A “act of kindness” story


‘His act of kindness was beautiful’: Chick-fil-A manager helps a World War II veteran, 96, change his flat tire after the elderly customer came to the counter ‘shaking and almost in tears’

  • A 96-year-old World War II veteran arrived at a Maryland Chick-fil-A in distress after his car sustained a flat tire
  • A manager at the franchise suspended his duties behind the till to tend to the man’s vehicle
  • An image of the Chick-fil-A manager helping the elderly vet has now gone viral, with social media users heartened by the act of kindness 

PUBLISHED: 18:49 EDT, 12 July 2019 | UPDATED: 09:59 EDT, 13 July 2019

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If Chick-fil-A is such a terrible bigoted organization, as they are portrayed by the Big Media, the why do I keep reading such “act of kindness” stories about them?

Perhaps, they are not the “evil ones”?

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ENDNOTE: Gildea, Bill (MC1962) passed along an “Obit”


Gildea, Bill (MC1962)

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– Shared by an Emergency Room Nurse spending 12-hr shifts triaging increasing numbers of non-emergency millenials … – J


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn’t always fair, and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned, but overbearing, regulations were set in place.

Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate, teenagers suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job they had themselves failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer paracetamol, sun lotion or plaster to a pupil, but could not inform the parents when a pupil became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband, churches became businesses and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home, but the burglar could sue you for assault because you protected yourself and your own.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live after a woman failed to realise that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust, his wife, Discretion, his daughter, Responsibility and his son, Reason. He is survived by three stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else is to Blame, and I’m A Victim. Not many attended his funeral because so few realised he was gone.

If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

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It’s interesting that Gooferment Skrules feature large in this rant.

I heard on a podcast (1) recently that the Protestants wanted to get “their” religion into schools but keep the Catholic “religion” out.  So that’s how we wound up with the Prussian model Gooferment Skrules.  Now run the video tape forward a few decades, and how did that work out for them?  Everyone is “upset”, often “outraged”, about what is being “taught”.  (My gripe is the worship of “Father State” and “Mother Earth”.  Others have different gripes. BUT, and there is always a BIG butt, it’s typical Gooferment “one size fits all” and it ain’t your “size”!)

“It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it! You, and I, are not in the big club.” — George Carlin

I’d suggest that you listen to the podcast a few times to really “grok” the guy’s idea of “being your own representative”.

FWIW YMMV TANSTAAFL (“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” From Robert Heinlein’s classic)

(1) Murphy, Robert. “Ep. 42 Former Military Intelligence Sergeant Donnie Gebert Explains That a Direct Republic Is Now Possible.” Bob Murphy Show, 25 June 2019,