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JEMAIL: Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957) relays an email in


Dear Friends of Addis Hope (I hope),

Once again, I must resort to mass mailing to ask your assistance. This does not include those of you who have already been donor partners. Here in Addis Ababa there are recurring problems with electricity and the internet. My good friend Jim Casey has graciously agreed to do the mailing.

For those of you not familiar with my background, I first came to Ethiopia 49 years ago. During that time,  I have taught in two FSC and one Daughters of Charity school. For 26 years I was also an administrator in the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS). While in Ethiopia I am currently a member of an FSC community consisting of 3 Ethiopian Brothers and 3 missionaries (2 Americans, 1 Irishman). We recently added to that community 3 Vietnamese DeLaSalle Sisters who fully participate in all our community activities (in a very lively and entertaining way).

17 years ago my LaSallian colleague, Ruth Girmay founded what I later named Addis Hope School. I became Chairman of the Board and Chief Fund Raiser (not my favorite sport). During those years we graduated thousands of illiterate children of street families from a two year kindergarten program. They went on to graduate from government schools, many at the top of their class. As an example, one of them, Esubalu, is today a television personality who has provided for his family so that they no longer are street beggars.      

Last year our Addis Hope School, which was rented from local authorities, was demolished to make room for government offices. Since lawyers said this action was illegal, Ruth has been going to court to seek a replacement structure, which the authorities promised in writing and which I doubt will ever happen.

Years ago two shops in a new mall were purchased so as to provide local income to the school. Ruth, who previously taught art at the Cathedral School took courses in leather production. One of those shops is now a workshop for making Ethiopian leather goods (Ethiopia has the largest domestic animal population in Africa). The other will be a sales room.  She even obtained a difficult to obtain export license. Eventually, single parent street mothers will be hired for the program and their children will be sponsored in government schools. Knowledgeable people tell us that this type program is supported by the government and can succeed. The DENA district is also able to provide limited funding.

 Both Ruth and I have been committed to assisting the poor and marginalized. If you also believe in our mission, kindly write a check to Brothers of the Christian Schools and put in the memo section “Addis Hope.” Mail to: Brother Timothy Froehlich 444A Route 35 South Eatontown, NJ 07724-2200

Live Jesus in Our Hearts,  
Bro. Greg Flynn (aka Jack)

Jim Casey (for Bro. Greg Flynn aka Jack)

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JEMAIL: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) shares an update about Lauren


Good Afternoon All,

Mike McEneney has shared the good news that Granddaughter, Lauren Johnson ’05, came through successful surgery and is home recovering. She is still experiencing some pain and discomfort, she is optomistic that she will no longer suffer from the symptoms that she suffered from for so long. Lauren and her Family thank you for your many prayers and kind thoughts. Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you Mike for the update. Thank you all. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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JEMAIL: Father James Lloyd, an MC Reality Retreat speaker birthday


Hello All,

Mike McEneney shared the following Paulist Post on Father James Lloyd as the Paulists celebrated Fatger Lloyd’s Birthday. 

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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          For many years Fatber Lloyd Celebrated Mass here at St. Barnabas on weekends.


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shared Paulist Fathers’s post.
Yesterday at 7:43pm ·

Paulist Fathers
Yesterday at 1:41pm ·

A very happy birthday to Paulist Fr. James Lloyd, who turns 97 years old today!

Fr. Lloyd is the oldest-living Paulist Father. On May 1, he will celebrate the 70th anniversary of his ordination as a priest (a first in the history of our community).

Fr. Lloyd lives at the Paulist Motherhouse on West 59th Street, just blocks from where he grew up on Manhattan’s West Side. His parents, Morris and Helen, were players on the vaudeville circuit.

In the early years of his priesthood, Fr. Lloyd was a missionary in South Africa.

He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University’s NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

For 20 years, he worked at Iona College as a professor and director of the college’s graduate division of pastoral counseling. He continues to hear confessions and provide pro bono counseling services.

From 1958 to 1973, Fr. Lloyd hosted “Inquiry,” a Sunday morning television program on NBC New York that featured interviews with authors, public officials and celebrities, including Mother Teresa, Jackie Gleason, William F. Buckley and Florence Henderson.

To see some of the “Inquiry” episodes, visit this YouTube playlist: playlist…

Photo by our media ministry Busted Halo: Bg1nkaRlEP_/

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Good Afternoon All,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you an email from Ed McEneney that I received today regarding one of our Favorite Speakers at our Reality Retreat, Father James Lloyd, Paulist Fathers. Ed has recalled Father Lloyd’s Opening remarks. Many of us were at the Retreat when Father spoke and I am sure very well remember him.

Mike McEneney also shared some wonderful comments which include a great picture of Father Lloyd which I will try to forward after this. We give thanks for the many wonderful Speakers with whom we have been Blessed and for the many wonderful men who have joined us over the past 26 (almost 27) years. We have been truly Blessed. St. John Baptist de la Salle, Pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. Thank you Ed. Thank you all. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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From Ed McEneney

Fr. Lloyd spoke to us when he was 91.  Jim Kennedy brought him to our attention and we are forever thankful.

This past week Father Lloyd celebrated his 97 Birthday and he is still going strong.

Here is a copy of his opening remarks to the Manhattan College Businessmen’s Reality Retreat.


McEneney Edward J. (MC1959) 

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                                            ” Speak, Lord, for Your Servant is Listening “

I think that before I begin, I should, with conscience thumping, alert you to two points. First, I have been deeply influenced by a kind of foe of yours — the Christian Brothers of Ireland, the ICBs. I am a Power memorial graduate, I have a degree from Iona. I was  Department head of a graduate school at Iona for 20 years  where I rooted for the Gaels to whomp the Jaspers  in basketball and I am the first priest  associate Brother of that Congregation.

Secondly, I am half Jewish, my father, a Russian Jew named Morris Rosenbloom, an actor who changed his name to Lloyd for business—I was baptized such and have been passing as goy for  91 years. My mother, also in the theatre. irrevocably and noisily Irish and Catholic raised me in the notion that God is important.— I have, then, a yiddisher kop and an Irish  heart. And I am mightily impressed with the spirit and intent of your group and your choice of theme for this year. Listening. A neglected art but a huge –even gigantic—stepping stone to a life with God. I shall try, (at Joe Quinn’s suggestion) D.V., to present a personal testimony reflecting what listening to God has meant to me.

I was born and reared on Manhattan’s West side, just north of Hell’s Kitchen, San Juan Hill district—where the street, sixty-first,  (properly pronounced  “ sixty foist”) was our playground and the Church was our Watch tower. I was a typical dirty necked New Yawk kid. The Street was the stadium for our games of stickball and roller hockey and Central Park, our vacation venue with occasional trips to faraway places like Coney Island and Brighton Beach. Our family had one radio and the ownership of a car, only a fantasy.

When I was an undergraduate at CCNY, I joined the ROTC with intention to seek a commission as a 2nd Looie in the Reserve. But in 1941,   a particularly terrible war broke out (and aren’t they all terrible) when everything turned topsy turvy. I had been battling (in my high school years) a powerful unremitting pull toward the priesthood.  I kept saying no to this voice—what would my Jewish father say, he whose forebears suffered so deeply  at the hand of Christians, he who painfully and reluctantly agreed to my baptism and my Catholic upbringing with Rosaries and Holy Water and prayers to Jesus, he who believed that his immortality depended only on his having grandchildren bearing his name. My sister would marry and his name would die with me (in fact my sister married an Irishman whose children look like they just came from County Cork). Besides, I liked girls. Marriage looked most attractive to me. But that Voice! It was more powerful and beautiful than anything I had ever heard.

My draft Board was willing to give me space to try out a vocation with the mutual understanding that if it didn’t work I am immediately in uniform. So I listened deeply and prayerfully to the Voice and made the decision to go with it. When I told my father, he became almost insane. I was no longer his son. He who loved me and I him. Still, somehow, I listened to the Voice and was ordained with this burden on my soul. He refused to come to my ordination. I was shipped out to Africa immediately afterwards and was away on the missions for 7 years.

On my return somehow I was commissioned to run a TV show on WNBC, 30 Rocke for 15 years. To my father, this was a kind of show biz  and our friendship improved remarkably when I had him and my mother on the show for several Christmases. Their old song and dance act! Soon he was carrying my photo around to show the cigar smoking guys who hung out around the Palace theater —the picture of his son the priest.  Not his son , the doctor, which he really wanted but somehow this was now a point of pride for him.

We got so close he stood by me in one of my more terrified moments as a priest.

I  had baptized the adult daughter of  an orthodox rabbi who reported me to Cardinal spellman as an overzealous priest and who wished to confront me in the Rectory with his two sons who were also Rabbis. My fellow priests wished me good luck but no one offered to help. But my Jewish father who had fixed and  ugly ideas about Catholics, stood outside the office door and told me he was there if I needed  him. Paternal love triumphed over generations of inbred bias and distortion. What was love anyway? The Voice was right!  I listened, paid a price but received rewards beyond my richest flight of imagination.

My second item of testimony involved my appointment instructing persons who were interested in becoming Catholics. Armed with a degree in Thomistic philosophy from Catholic University, I believed that life functioned like a syllogism. Major premise, minor premise, conclusion. My logic I knew was inexorable. No reasonable person could deny what the Church is teaching. Look! see how clear it is. It Is so beautifully logical! I was stubbornly and unflinchingly sure that I knew what was right!

Yet good and sincere people refused to accept the Truth! Why? One reason was that I wasn’t listening with what certain professionals call the “ The Third Ear”. I didn’t hear a profound dimension of the “other.” I wasn’t listening deeply to the subtle hints of the Voice.. But the Voice came through to me—You are more than mind and intellect. You are feelings and temperament and genetics and socially influenced and historically situated and mystery and soul! The Voice told me: First get rid of the brambles and the cobwebs, the psychological and sociological conditionings. And then get logical and then they can see! How do I do that? I am a hack of a priest. But, This Voice. What was it? The Holy Spirit? My unconscious mind? What? But I trusted and moved on.

So, I got myself a Doctorate in Psychology from NYU and a state license to practice psychotherapy—and learned that we are moved more by feeling than by reason. Even Dr. Fraud (not a misspelling) some of whose ideas I thought were inane taught me that “things are rarely only what they seem.”

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JEMAIL: O’Sullivan, Neil T. (MC1989) recruits Young, William P. (MC1989)


Good Morning John,

Please include Billy Young on the list.   His information is below.

Neil O’S

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From: Young, William P.  
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2018 8:35 PM
To: Neil T O’Sullivan 
Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] FW: JASPER JOTTINGS Week 11 – 2018 Mar 18

This email address is fine.

Engineering degree in 1989, MBA in 1993.

William P. Young
Manager – Fuel Procurement, Supply and Trading
PSEG Energy Resources & Trade, LLC

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Young, William P. [MC1989]

O’Sullivan, Neil T. (MC1990)

[JR: The self-service address is ]

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JEMAIL: Horan, Bill [MC1978] reports on McHugh, Kevin [MC1978] honored


My classmate, Kevin McHugh, ’78, has been a passionate supporter of Augie’s Quest, an organization dedicated to raising funds and finding a cure for ALS. Kevin, received the 2018 Augie’s Quest Leadership Award for his efforts.

Horan, Bill [MC1978]

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From press release:

Congratulations to The Atlantic Club’s, Kevin McHugh on being awarded the 2018 Augie’s Quest Leadership Award. We are so grateful for all you do for us!

Thanks to IHRSA and hundreds of other sponsors and supporters, Augie’s Quest announced a check total of $6,068,273 at Friday nights 13th annual BASH. The bash was a Hacienda celebration of all fundraising programs our fitness partners hosted over the last year including the Team Quest4ALS campaign, Orangetheory Fitness’ #iburnforals campaign, and dozens of others. Highlights from the evening includes Atlantic Club’s, Kevin McHugh receiving the Augie’s Quest Leadership Award, Orangetheory announcing a $4 million total for their recent three week fundraising effort, and a heartwarming speech by Lynne Nieto with Augie and grandchildren nearby.

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Horan, Bill [MC1978]

McHugh, Kevin [MC1978]

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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) shares a update on DeGennaro, Kate Nadel [MC2007] and baby


RE: Kate (Nadel) DeGennaro ’07 and Baby Makes 3 Update

Good Afternoon All,

Mike McEneney shared a FaceBook post. Kate and Baby Cameron were in our prayers. Kate had had a difficult delivery with complications, Baby  Cameron was Neo-Natal ICU as a precaution. Well, Kate & Baby Cameron are home and doing well. Kate thanks you all for your prayers. A Prayer of Thanks would not be remiss. Thank you. God Bless. Prayer Works.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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New Child

FaceBook Post  –  What a crazy adventure this week has been!! We welcomed our perfect little boy, Cameron Vincent DeGennaro, on 3/3/18 & he has truly stolen our hearts

A huge thank you to my amazing husband for your incredible support every single crazy step of the way. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had you by my side. I can already see that you are already an amazing Daddy and Cameron & I are so blessed to have you. How extra special that Cameron came into the world on 3/3, the same day we got engaged 3 years ago!

Happy 1 week birthday Cameron!

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DeGennaro, Kate Nadel [MC2007

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JEMAIL: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) cites anti abortion action in NY


From: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
Date: Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 4:35 PM
Subject: Fwd: NYS Budget bill up for approval for April 1, 2018 includes late term Abortion expansion-ACT NOW

Good Afternoon All,

I am taking the liberty of sharing with you an email I received from Ed McEneney regarding a move by Governor Cuomo of NY to exband Abortion beyond the disgrace and abomination it already is and he has taken a move from the playbook of the United States Government by adding the Abortion Bill to a Proposed NYS Budget Bill up for a vote on April 1, 2018. I would respectfully ask you to read the email and Attachment and act or not according to your beliefs and values. Share it or not, your call. For those of you, as I am, not a resident of NYS, you may wish to keep an eye out for similar legislation in your own states whenever your budget bills come up for a vote.

By one count, since Roe v. Wade, 58 Million Babies have been killed in the United States since the Supreme Court played God in 1973. Goggle it if you wish to verify the number. It is a frightful number and it continues to grow.

Please consider a prayer for those precious Children whose lives were taken from them and the many women who continue to suffer the trauma of their decision to abort. There is no count on them but a story arises from time to time.

Thank you Ed. Thank you All. God Bless.

Phil Colon

—–Original Message—–
From: McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)  
Date: February 24, 2018 at 3:55:25 PM EST
To: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
Subject: NYS Budget bill up for approval for April 1, 2018 includes late term Abortion expansion-ACT NOW 


I would like to bring to your attention very important news for your information and action.

New York State Budget Bill S.7511 / A.9511 up for approval April 1, 2018. In Relation to Late-Term Abortion Expansion (Part B) in the “Women’s Agenda” Article VII of the Budget Bill needs your attention. This legislation is one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s non-fiscal “budget” bills that seeks to enact a multi-faceted new “women’s agenda,” similar to the “women’s equality act” put forth by the Executive in 2013. Part “B” of this legislation is a dangerous and unnecessary expansion of late-term abortion, and a leap into legalized infanticide. It should not be part of a budget bill and it should not become law. The Governor is using a NYS Budget legislation to expand late Term Abortions. I strongly urge you to oppose it.

In our current Public Health Law, there is a section that is called the “Baby Doe Law” (section 4164). Enacted in 1974, this law requires that whenever an abortion is performed after 20 weeks, a second doctor must be present whose responsibility is to take care of the child in case she is born alive. This should surely be uncontroversial – it is an element of basic humanity to provide care to a helpless vulnerable person. In fact, a related federal law, the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act was passed in 2002 by the House by a wide margin and the Senate by unanimous consent. Yet the Governor’s bill would repeal the Baby Doe Law. In other words, he would deny health care to a vulnerable helpless child, crying for her mother and struggling to survive. He would leave her fate in the hands of an abortionist, whose primary job is to kill her.

Respect Life is not an issue-driven response to the contempt for human life, but an answer that gives voice to Truth—to the deepest identity of each person—that you are loved into existence by a God whose image you reflect. It is through this lens we are asking all to step up and let your voices be heard to the legislature and protect life! NOW! Abortion expansion, has nothing to do with government finances, within the context of budget negotiations. While some of the “women’s agenda’ Article VII legislative proposals may have merit, they deserve to be voted on as individual policies/bills, as has been done in the past by the Senate on important women’s concerns such as human trafficking and pregnancy discrimination.

Please follow the attached communication which is also part of this week’s St. Patrick’s Church Bulletin on the web; you can easily copy the link and simply voice your opinion.  I urge you to oppose S.7511 unless Part B is completely stripped from the bill.

I also urge you to pass this along to your friends and family in Christ.


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[JR: Hard to imagine a more anti-survival action by a species than abortion; makes it universally immoral. What if the child aborted was destined to cure cancer, run a 3 minute mile, or bring about world peace?]

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