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JFACEBOOK: Lamatina, Lou [MC1979] mother-in-law passes



Lou Lamatina in Eastchester, New York. 22 hrs · Jeanine Lamatina’s mom passed away today at Greenwich Hospital. She was 87. Burial will be at Pinelawn National Cemetary in Long Island on Tuesday at 11:30 am. There will not be a viewing. The family will welcome guests at Pas-Tinas in Hartsdale, New York at 6 pm on Tuesday.

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Lamatina, Lou [MC1979] 

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JFACEBOOK: Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993) led a “studious life” after graduation



Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993) 

*** begin quote ***

Summer of 1993: I’m 23 and Manhattan College let me live for free in a Bronx apartment since I worked for the school. I was a recent grad and spent that summer partying 24-7. My apartment had no air conditioning, yet I made it work. I actually used a bunch of fans and slept next to an open window on the balcony!! Flashback last night: 2007- I almost died not having air!!! It is fixed today!!! 23 year old Stei may shake his head, but I am a free man!!!

*** end quote ***

[JR: “True confessions”? Laugh!]  

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JFACEBOOK: The Greenleaf from the late 70’s


2013 01JAN 05 Greenleaf

Manhattan College Alumni
This week’s Way-back Wednesday photo is The Greenleaf from the late 70’s. Cheers to the good ol’ days and to 2013!
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Pete Krupp Least we forget Broadway a/k/a Joe’s Pizza. Some great times were had there before and after the Greenleaf, Pinewood or Terminal. I didn’t distinguish between locals or student establishments. A cold adult beverage was a cold adult beverage no matter the source. 72 – 76.
January 2 at 1:54pm via mobile · Like · 6

Richard Enright Brings back memories. I was known to have tipped a couple of tall cool ones there.
January 2 at 2:13pm · Like · 1

Anthony Pignataro What was the name of the bar just a little way up from Overlook? 1980-84 timeframe… Drawing a blank on that one
January 2 at 2:28pm · Like · 1

William S. Kehrer The Class of ’63 spent many a Friday night there.
January 2 at 2:30pm · Like · 1

Angela Lynch Guerriero The Leprechaun was up from Overlook.
January 2 at 2:33pm via mobile · Like · 4

FJohn Reinke For this injineer, the Greenleaf was a required rest stop after Theoology with Father Bruce. With my head filled with “dannny lew” and the ways to know God, Teilhard de Cardin saying science leads us to God, and being called a blundering barbarian from down the hill to tortue the Arts Department, I needed to wash away my sins. Argh! Times were so much simpler then. I didn’t patronize the Leaf when I was in High School, they checked proof; whereas the Terminal was content to over charge us for the ‘water of life’. Argh! So much simpler.
January 2 at 3:07pm · Like · 4

Joseph Morris very cool. I guess this later became Characters
January 2 at 3:22pm · Like · 1

Joseph Morris The Terminal, Characters are now long gone of course
January 2 at 3:25pm · Like

Ed Maher Anthony, Downey’s was the name of the bar up the hill from Overlook…’70 – ’74. One of the owner’s sons (I think his name was Mike) was a Jasper…class of ’76 I believe.
January 2 at 3:30pm · Like · 2

Gerry Whelan In the name of the Greenleaf, the Pinewood and the Holy Spirit…places of worship!
January 2 at 4:02pm · Like · 1

Peter Muszynski I remember when they were the only bar you could get Coors, because of the difficulty in delivering. We would be packed in like sardines to get a beer that wasn’t really that good.
January 2 at 4:18pm via mobile · Like · 1

John Meyers It didn’t look much different than this in 1985!
January 2 at 4:26pm · Like · 1

Meg Garvey Seman OMG! Many a fun time there and at the Terminal!,
January 2 at 4:55pm · Like · 1

Phil Nannery Love it !!
January 2 at 4:57pm · Like · 1

Rich DeVito We spent many nights there breakng up fights.
January 2 at 5:00pm · Like

Cathleen Russell DiBenedetto Holy Cow!! The girls from Elizabeth Seton College used to go there after we drank at the Terminal first!
January 2 at 5:28pm · Like · 1

Jim ODea 5 drafts for a buck. Prairie fire shots (white tequila/tabasco) and you had to gargle it
January 2 at 5:38pm via mobile · Like · 1

Gordan Duffield Best corned beef and cabbage on the planet on St. Pats!! All the draft beer you can drink!! This from an Iona Gael!!
January 2 at 6:04pm · Like · 1

Gordan Duffield Talking 1966 thru 1969!!
January 2 at 6:06pm · Like · 1

Kathy O’Connell McGrath Lots of Memories……
January 2 at 6:47pm · Like · 1

Kathleen Sherlock great picture
January 2 at 7:35pm · Like · 1

Christine Campbell for those of us at the overlook dorm very convenient. an institution.
January 2 at 7:36pm · Like

Rosalie Lorenzo OMG! Tons of memories!
January 2 at 7:58pm via mobile · Like · 1

Joe Doc Dougherty Ah the Greenleaf! Remember old Tim Nancy Botjer Riordan
January 2 at 8:01pm · Like · 1

Jim Gallagher First beer as a freshman there, 1978.
January 2 at 8:16pm · Like · 2

Jim Gallagher Also loved to watch Monday night football there.
January 2 at 8:20pm · Like · 1

Martha Elena Miranda I think this was Characters when I was at Manhattan…?
January 2 at 8:29pm via mobile · Like · 3

John Cass I am probably still banned
January 2 at 8:48pm via mobile · Like · 3

Kathleen Leonardi What a great place – a lot of good memories (I THINK!!!)
January 2 at 9:04pm · Like · 1

Maria Norcia Santillanes Great memories for sure!
January 2 at 9:10pm · Like · 1

MaryAnn McCarra LOL! Any pictures of the Pinewood, the Terminal, or Dorney & Malone’s? Sidekicks? Doubledays?
January 2 at 9:18pm · Like · 2

Nancy Campion memories
January 2 at 9:36pm · Like · 1

Manhattan College Alumni MaryAnn, you’ll have to wait to see. Many more Way-back Wednesday photos to come!

And Jaspers, please feel free to send any photos from your time at Manhattan to the alumni office. We’d love to use your submissions for future postings. Email photos to
January 2 at 9:39pm · Like

Edward Tsyitee Maria, in the70’s, you weren’t old enough to go there
January 2 at 9:48pm · Like

Jean Burwell Scanlon brings a smile to my face…good times in the early 80s
January 2 at 10:18pm · Like · 1

Tom Blackburne Pinewood is now a Pizzeria. We had great times in all 3. Terminal stayed open latter that the other 2 in the early 70s. And then there was the 24/7 favorite – White Tower… it’s gone also. Drinking age in early 70s was 18.
January 2 at 10:22pm · Like

Kenneth Raleigh I spent a many a night in the GreenLeaf.always a good time
January 2 at 10:51pm · Like · 1

Maria Norcia Santillanes Edward, I graduated in ’80 …. but thank you for the compliment
January 2 at 11:07pm · Like

Frankie Flynn Ah the memories…..
January 2 at 11:19pm · Like · 1

Edward Tsyitee Ahh, you’re still just a kid
Thursday at 12:07am · Like · 1

Elizabeth Budington Perricelli I went there every weekend when it was Characters! Loved that bar!!!! Great memories!
Thursday at 12:20am via mobile · Like · 1

Pete Smith good lord a gohst from the past i remember crawling out of that hovel
Thursday at 6:15am · Like · 1

Eleanor Rush-Morgan what memories…
Thursday at 7:14am · Like · 1

Nancy McCarthy Dolan Riker Oh my, a blast from the past. Loved the music.
Thursday at 7:33am · Like · 1

Kathy Tobin I had many a good time there!!
Thursday at 9:09am · Like · 1

Jim Romano Wow, Glen what about the Terminal and the Pinewood?
Thursday at 9:44am · Like · 1

Mary Rynne Is that the Greentree on Bainbridge
Thursday at 9:51am · Like

Frankie Flynn No Mary, 242nd St. & Bway. Manhattan College bar.
Thursday at 1:24pm · Like

Dan Carbone Oh yeah, the Big 3: The Pinewood, The Terminal and The Greenleaf.
Thursday at 1:30pm · Like

Bob Athanasidy OMG! Loved that place – held most of my classes there!
Thursday at 4:12pm · Like · 1

Joseph McNulty 5 beers for a $1.00 those were the days…
Thursday at 4:35pm · Like · 2

Emma Julia Ted asks: Is it still there?
Thursday at 5:57pm · Like

Dan Carbone The Big 3: The Greenleaf, The Terminal and The Pinewood.
23 hours ago · Like · 1

Thomas Emmett Flynn By our time, the mid-sixties, The Pinewood was the place to be! The Greanleaf and Terminal had sunk beneath raunchiness. And then there was The Broadway Deli next door to The Pinewood where I labored weekends making the best hero sandwiches in NYC.
21 hours ago · Like

Thomas Dwyer i wonder where our pinewood mugs are?
15 hours ago · Like

Dominick Lauria I remember drinking Coors at the Green Leaf in the 70’s when it was hard to get it on the East coast. It came in cans with two tabs on top.

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JFACEBOOK: Stagnaro, Melissa (MC1997) remembers graduation


2017 05May 18 Stagnaro

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JFACEBOOK: Glanville, David [MC2007] NYC real estate broker


FROM THE Manhattan College Alumni PUBLIC GROUP

David Glanville
> Today at 4:43pm
> NYC Real Estate Broker 

Are you looking to Buy, Sell or Rent in NYC? This Jasper is here for you. Hello, fellow Jaspers! I am a 21-year licensed real estate broker and I’m located in NYC. If you need any assistance in real estate or if I can be of any service to you or someone you know, just let me know. You can reach me at the following email address:

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Dear John,

               I believe that David is a member of the Class of 2007.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Glanville, David [MC2007]

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JFACEBOOK: Lamatina, Lou [MC1979] President Alumni Society effective 7/1/17



Lamatina Lou  MC1979

Lamatina, Lou [MC1979] 4 hrs · New York, NY · 

I’m thrilled to report that at today’s Manhattan College Alumni Society Board meeting, I was afforded the great privilege of being elected President. Although my term does not officially start until July 1, please take this as a call to arms for all Manhattan Jaspers alums to step up and contribute to the Society. Please message me if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to assist.

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JFACEBOOK: Francis, Paul [MC????] has a fight song



Paul Francis
Yesterday at 6:27am

Sung to the Air Garryowen.

In Riverdale upon the height
it’s there you’ll find the green and white
The Jaspers are the town’s delight
Their victories, they are storied

When on the court or in the field
No Jasper team shall ever yield
our pride is fierce, our hearts are steeled
On Jaspers, on to glory

For Brother Jasper we are named
a humble man of timeless fame
and in our hearts his lessons framed
will write our gallant story


Brave Jaspers, raise your voices high
to move the earth and shake the sky
for old Manhattan, do or die
On Jaspers, on to glory!

(Refrain:) repeat twice

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Paul Francis
Yesterday at 5:52am

and so it was necessary to write down a Manhattan Fight Song!

Onward Manhattan
Onward Boldly to the fight!
Jaspers forever proudly wear their green and white!
Onward Manhattanever fearless face the foe
With all Loyal Jaspers cheering….Go Manhattan!
Go Manhattan!

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Francis, Paul [MC????]

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Dear John,

          I do not find anything in my ‘stuff’ for Paul.
(What ever happened to “Manhattan Men”?)


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. “MM” was gone when I was there; women were on campus.]

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