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JFACEBOOK: Christina Marie [MC????] to wed


2019 09Sep 15 marie

Christina Marie [MC????]

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JFACEBOOK: Calagna, Mike [MC????] to wed


2019 09Sep 12 calagna 2008

Calagna, Mike [MC????]

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JFACEBOOK: McNulty, Joseph [MC1979] remembers Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]


2019 09Sep 12 Sal

McNulty, Joseph [MC1978]

Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]

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Jim commented on JFACEBOOK: McNulty, Joseph [MC1978] remembers Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]


McNulty, Joseph [MC1978]

Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]

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We should always remember fellow Jaspers killed in the 9/11 attack. I would suggest that we also show their yearbook photo above their names.

Jim Brown ‘58

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george ello commented on JFACEBOOK: McNulty, Joseph [MC1978] remembers Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]


Joe is the class of 1978. It seems transcribed below to 1987. Sal, Joe and I are 1978. Regardless, I knw Sal well and remember him very often. He was a great guy, a pilot, and honest as the day is long.
Always helpful.

Thanks for these jottings. Much appreciated


[JR: Thanks, fixed it.]

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Ello, George [MC1978]

Gitto, Sal [MC1978 RIP]

McNulty, Joseph [MC1978]

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JFACEBOOK: Quinlan, Liam (MC1985) Studies in Rome


FrLiam Quinlan
July 25 at 5:37 PM ·  
Studies in Rome

Here’s a bit more info. My bishop is sending me to finish the degree in Canon Law. He’s given me 2 years to do the work for a Juris Canonici Doctor–A Doctor of Canon Law. I got J.C.L./ Licentiate [“Masters”] 15 years ago from Catholic University in Wasthington D.C. The idea is that I get the Doctorate and then return to the Diocese of Bridgeport as Judicial Vicar/Officialis [the chief Judge/Canonical Officer] of the Diocese. The bishop assures me that I’m not too old to do it, and I’ve got to believe him. I fly out tomorrow to Milan, and then go to a place called Verbania, to a school to work on my very rusty Italian, then in September I head to Rome and matriculate and start classes at the Angelicum [the Dominican University in Rome] in the beginning of October. Below is an explanation, contact info, etc. If you’d like to try your hand at old-fashioned snail mail, now is your chance.

Itinerary of Fr Liam Quinlan in Italy 
On Friday, 26 July, I fly to Milan, and then continue on to Lago Maggiore to a town called Verbania, where I will spend six weeks studying Italian from 27 July-8 Sept
My mailing address is:
Don Liam Quinlan
Il Chiostro
via Fratelli Cervi, 14
Intra VB 28921

This is who will teach me
While I stay here

On Sept 9 I’ll take a train south to Rome to move into the residence for American priests studying in Rome, the Casa Santa Maria.
You can see information about the Casa here:…/about-casa-santa-maria/

Don Liam Quinlan
Casa Santa Maria
via dell’Umiltà, 30
ROMA 00187

God willing, I’ll be back to visit my parents at Christmas.

I will pray for you in the holy places in Rome especially. Please keep me in your prayers.

​Fr William M. Quinlan (Fr Liam Quinlan)
Vicar for Canonical Affairs Related to Clergy
Diocesan Promoter of Justice

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Quinlan, Liam (MC1985)

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JFACEBOOK: Higgins, Ashley [MC2007] returns to campus


2019 07Jul 01 Higgins

Higgins, Ashley [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Ashley is a member of the Class of 2007.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Higgins, Ashley [MC2007]

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JFACEBOOK: Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993) shares a chapter



I am near the end of the rough draft! The support has been great! Please stop by my page if you can- and here is one of the happier chapters to give feedback on!

Sports was always an escape for me. I grew up a Philadelphia sports fan and saw few championships. I also attended a lot of Baltimore Orioles’ games. Like music and writing, I could leave myself for a few hours and enjoy all the action and strategy of sports. I attended most home Manhattan College basketball games and even a few road games. After an impressive season in March 1992, the Jaspers were headed to nearby Rutgers in Northern New Jersey in the first round of the NIT tournament. The school offered tickets and a bus ride for people interested. I jumped right on it.

The bus ride off to New Jersey was loud and full of energy! Larry was in full force, leading all the cheers and festivities. I swear I thought he was going to have a heart attack the way he was screaming and carrying on. We were all getting pumped up for the tournament, and getting ready to enter enemy territory.

All of us were seated together on bleachers on the left side of the arena. The Rutgers fans were very calm and collective, while we were as vocal as can be. The game was pretty close with Rutgers maintaining a lead most of the game.

Rutgers controlled most of the second half, leading the Jaspers by eight points with just four minutes left to play. Manhattan started to come back and had the ball trailing by a point with the clock running out. One of my classmates threw a layup right before the double zeros hit.It was like watching a movie as the ball circled around the rim a few times, before finding a home in the net! A true sports miracle!

After it happened, the home fans froze and were dead quiet in shock. On the other hand,we caused quite a ruckus! We were all hugging each other and screaming. Then, we all somehow got on the court! We were pointing the finger at the shocked people left in the stands chanting, “We are MC!”

The bus ride back to campus was a party! We all headed to The Terminal to watch the highlights on the evening news. We all toasted each other and chanted the whole night! In my many years watching sports, I never saw a miracle happen up and close like that in person.

Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993)

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JFACEBOOK: Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993) announce a new project


Bob Stei
April 13 at 3:31 PM ·
*** So, time to let you all know the project I’ve been working on and am truly excited about! Since 1993, I wanted to do something about my stories from my time at Manhattan College. I’m aware that everybody has stories, but those who were there know that my adventures were far from normal! So, as I continue to get advice from authors and speak to publishers, look for news on an upcoming collection of stories that will not only interest you, but will hit every emotion possible!

Take a trip back to 1990 and join the stories of a naïve, innocent, Morrissey obsessed, outspoken, stubborn, liberal, Jewish Baltimore native who seeks adventure, romance and fame at a very Irish Catholic college in New York! If being different wasn’t hard enough, a few very controversial articles in the school paper and a “take no prisoners” college radio show give him more than enough excitement, adventure and heartache than he could imagine!

You’ll be in the middle of his roommate and dorm issues, battles with campus groups, love gone wrong and much more. Expect to laugh, cry, gasp, smile and want more!

A few answers to questions people have asked:

1- Do you have a title?

The pending title is “Manhattan Bronx; Riverdale.”

2- Are the stories real or made up?

These are actual real events based “loosely” on my time there. Some details have been altered.

3- What if I’m involved in a story and don’t want to be in the book?

Outside famous people, I have changed every name completely except mine. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

4- What made you decide to publish your story?

I feel like I’ve become the “keeper of the stories” for a lot of people. This was an amazing, crazy time. Looking back is fascinating.

5- What is the timeline?

1990-1993. The birth of grunge!

6- I have a great story or memory you should include- can I remind you?

Sure, d/m me or email me at

7- Is there a website or social media page?

Manhattan Bronx Riverdale is active on Face book. I will most likely do the same for Twitter soon.

8- Will the stories be sad, happy, funny or painful?


I’m nearing the end of a first rough draft and excited to where this is going! Please reach out with any questions, and if you know a publisher who wants to grab this before somebody else does, reach out!! Spread the word, go on the pages- and wait for news!

Back to work- Love you all!

Bob Stei***

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Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993)

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