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JFOUND: Nylen, Lucia Quesada [MC2016] swims “personal best” @ Northeast-10 Conf Championships


Lucia Quesada Nylen
Class of 2016
Manhattan College

100 Y Free
2019 Northeast-10 Conference Championships
Feb 10, 2019



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Nylen, Lucia Quesada [MC2016]

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JFOUND: McGowan, Maeve [MC2016] swims “personal best” @ Northeast-10 Conf Championships


McGowan, Maeve [MC2016]
Mansfield, MA

100 Y Free

2019 Northeast-10 Conference Championships
Feb 10, 2019



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JFOUND: Small, Jackie [MC2004] Licensed Professional Counselor Fairfield CT


Small, Jackie [MC2004]
Licensed Professional Counselor

Becoming a parent is a major transition in one’s life. Like all major life changes, the arrival of a baby can be stressful. For some mothers and fathers this normal stress reaction can turn into anxiety and depression, but it doesn’t have to. With the right guidance and preparation, postpartum anxiety and depression can be prevented. Over the past 15 years I’ve developed strategies that are practical and immediately usable. The skills I teach to expecting and new parents target the patterns that allow depression and anxiety to take over. These strategies can be taught to anyone looking to learn how to prevent and overcome anxiety.

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JFOUND: Mellas, Stella P. [MC1997] A board certified orthodontist


Mellas Orthodontics, PA
[JR: Basking Ridge, NJ]

Stella Mellas, DDS

A board certified orthodontist, Dr. Stella P. Mellas works with children, teenagers, and adults in a high-tech, modern office that’s dedicated to helping patients have fun and feel at home.

“We want patients and parents to feel comfortable here, and know they’ll receive exceptional orthodontic care and individualized attention,” she says.

Dr. Mellas earned her BS at Manhattan College and DDS degree from SUNY at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. She earned her orthodontics certificate and master’s degree in dental science at the University of Connecticut.

A past president of the Tri County Dental Society, she serves on staff at Morristown Medical Center and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Mellas is a member of the American Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association, Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists, and American Association of Orthodontists.

“I want the best for my children…and treat my patients with that same level of care,” she says.

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Mellas, Stella P. [MC????]

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Dear John,

               I believe that Stella is a member of the class of 1997.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Mellas, Stella P. [MC1997]

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JFOUND: Keller, Dave [MC1978] Principal @ St. Augustine Catholic HS


Mr. Dave Keller: Principal

  • BA in Economics, Manhattan College
  • MBA, University of Arizona
  • Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, Pima Community College
  • MA in Educational  Administration, University of Notre Dame

St. Augustine Catholic high School is a college-preparatory high school. Our mission is rooted in Catholic values. We endeavor to develop the unique and valuable qualities our students possess.

We are on the site of the former Diocesan seminary at the southeast corner of Camino Seco and 22nd Street. The campus is convenient to all of Tucson and surrounding communities, including Vail, Rita Ranch, Sahuarita, and Davis-Monthan AFB.

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Keller, Dave [MC1978]

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JFOUND: @_susanmegan [MC2012] Tips for a Busy Post-Graduate


Work in a Workout: Tips for a Busy Post-Graduate

After I graduated from Manhattan College in 2012, I found that the best way to handle all the changes that come after graduation, was to focus on my health and fitness. As I cheerleader, I have always been active, but now that I was no longer part of a team and back home and not working out, it challenged me to find a way incorporate fitness back into my life.

I signed up at the local YMCA and began going to the gym a few days a week. It was productive, but the routine was predictable and I was not used to working out by myself. For years, I worked out with teammates and small groups and found this worked best for me. Around the time, I found myself in this rut, I ran into one of my friends from high school who was on the same cheerleading team as me. Although we lost touch in college, our interest in fitness was an easy way to pick back up our friendship. She shared her same struggle of not being motivated at the gym and we decided to look for group classes that could keep us motivated.

Zumba classes have always been a favorite of ours! It is an hour that we are just able to dance and have fun without even thinking that we were working out. My friend recently became a certified Zumba instructor, so it was a great opportunity for me to support her as well. I recommend Zumba to anyone looking to change up their routine while having a lot of fun.

I started doing yoga about two years ago after an injury, and it is one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. I go to yoga twice a week at a yoga studio and the YMCA and take Vinyasa classes. This is a beginner level class but you will see progress as you continue to go to class. Not only is this my time to unwind from the day, it has increased my flexibility and taught me techniques to calm down after a long day. Everyone can benefit from yoga, especially anyone with any back injuries.

If you are really looking for a challenge, I recommend KettleBell Kickboxing! You can search for a Certified Trainer in your area through a quick Google search. I found a gym in my hometown called Trinity Training. The staff is great and I felt very comfortable trying this class! This high intensity class is usually an hour and includes 1 minute intervals of various workouts incorporating kettle bells. You will feel the workout immediately after the class. I was sore as soon as I got home, but it was definitely worth it!

Even with all these workouts, nutrition is key in keeping up with this healthy lifestyle! Tone It Up has great nutrition plans and workouts that are easy to follow. They also have a Tone It Up Community,where you can meet girls in your area who have an interest in health and fitness.

I’m so glad that I have incorporated these classes into my regular workout because it has motivated me to keep up with this healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way to make new friends who share the same interests, which is sometimes hard to do after college. These classes are easy to find, and have great discount rates for students. Some gyms even offer free classes for first time customers.

Tweet me @_susanmegan if you try any of these classes or find any new ones you would like to share or leave a comment below!

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@_susanmegan [MC2012]

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JFOUND: Kaelber, Henry V. [MC1981] tax and accounting practice


Henry V. Kaelber, CPA, CFP®
Accounting, Tax Preparation and Business Consulting Services

After graduating from Manhattan College in January of 1981, Henry began his career as a tax associate at a CPA firm on Madison Avenue in New York City. Henry worked closely with the managing partner at that firm, someone from his home town, and focused on state tax compliance by finishing up completed federal returns handed over to him. He knew then that, of all the types of accounting careers there were, taxation held a special interest. Yet, he also noticed that many of the firm’s clients worked on Wall Street and were compensated well.

After a year, Henry then left to work for a Wall Street proxy solicitation firm as their Assistant Controller. He also began to moonlight as a tax preparer to his friends, family and former college acquaintances. After a few years, Henry moved on to work at a handful of brokerage companies learning sales, operations and brokerage accounting. Then, in the summer of 1987, Henry got an opportunity to work as a bond trading accountant with a major New York investment bank. After several internal promotions, Henry rose to be an investment banker overseeing more than a dozen investment funds in the firm’s asset management division. During all this time, Henry maintained his modest tax practice. While at the investment bank, his colleagues would always ask, “why do you keep doing tax work?” And Henry would always reply, “because, this is what I plan to do after Wall Street and into retirement!”

In 1996, Henry relocated his family to Central Virginia and two years later he was offered an opportunity to become the CFO and a Director of the University of Virginia Investment Management Company – the entity responsible for managing the University of Virginia’s endowment. In 2003, Henry left UVIMCO, began to focus on expanding the tax and accounting practice he started in the early 1980’s.

Henry is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Virginia and his firm is licensed as well. He earned the Certified Financial Planner® and the Chartered Global Management Accountant designations and has passed Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst examination.

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Kaelber, Henry V. [MC1981]