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JLINKEDIN: Yanes, Katherine [MC1990] Administrator at GBI Consulting


Yanes, Katherine [MC1990]
Administrator at GBI Consulting
Stewartsville, New Jersey

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JLINKEDIN: Lavino, Timothy [MC2008] Corp VP NYLIFE Securities


Timothy Lavino, CFA
Corporate Vice President, Wealth Management – Product Positioning
NYLIFE Securities / Eagle Strategies LLC
Hoboken, New Jersey 

2017 08Aug 14 Lavino

Seasoned investment professional possessing an entrepreneurial spirit inside of a Fortune 100 company. Currently cultivating relationships with over 250 advisors primarily in the Mid-West region in an effort to mitigate the noise of macroeconomic events and financial markets and design portfolios that meet the long-term expectations of affluent clients. Timothy is a proven leader that has been selected from his peer group several times over the course of his young career to consult with senior leadership on strategy, lead training efforts internally and externally, and design work streams. Tim assisted in growing RIA business by over $4b in 5 short years which represented over a 200% growth rate. His diligence and untiring desire permitted him to complete the CFA curriculum in slightly over 18 months while also exceeding expectations in his primary job responsibilities.

Although his technical skills have enabled Tim to become the “go to guy” in each of his roles with Eagle Strategies, Tim is interested in opportunities to further broaden his experience in the investment industry through new challenges that allow him to think more strategically and create a plan of action in a corporate role. Research or product opportunities are preferred.

Tim has a strong desire to assist others in his professional and personal life. He has spent countless hours in training and responding to emergencies as a volunteer firefighter as well as completing service projects for his community. These experiences have made Tim a decisive leader who is able to make swift decisions in a responsible manner.

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Lavino, Timothy [MC2008]

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JLINKEDIN: Villata, Chris [MC2012] President at Hartsdale Security


Villata, Chris [MC2012]
President at Hartsdale Security, Inc.
Hartsdale, New York 


Chris began his career in the electrical industry as a mechanic for LV Electric Company, Inc. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Manhattan College; and immediately began working at LV Electric handling marketing, finances & field work. He possesses the necessary professional experience and passed the examination to become a licensed alarm installer in New York state. Chris decided to go out on his own and open his own alarm & home automation company in the Spring of 2017. The focus of Hartsdale Security, Inc. is to provide smart home solutions that will keep families connected & secure. Chris currently resides in Hartsdale, New York.

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JLINKEDIN: Jack, Niara [MC2017] Brand Ambassador at Red Bull


Jack, Niara [MC2017]
Brand Ambassador at Red Bull
New York, New York

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Strong presentation skills and public speaking ability. Superior organizational, time management, and self-motivation skills. Ability to work independently and in a team environment. Experience in many aspects of digital media, mobile applications and diverse technologies. Lead by example.

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JLINKEDIN: Thomas, Jayd [MC2017] seeking Admin or IT positions in Philly


Thomas, Jayd [MC2017]
Alumni at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York.
Looking for Administrative or IT positions in the Philadelphia area.
Darby, Pennsylvania 

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JLINKEDIN: Saxton, Christopher [MC2005] Teacher at NYC DoE


Saxton, Christopher [MC2005] 
Teacher at NYC Department of Education
Northvale, New Jersey 

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JLINKEDIN: Yu, Michelle [MC????] Sports Anchor/Reporter at SportsNet


Yu, Michelle [MC????] 
Sports Anchor/Reporter at SportsNet
New York SportsNet
New York  

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