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MFOUND: “The Curious Case of Manhattan College” from 2011


The Curious Case of Manhattan College
The school’s Catholic identity is nowhere to be found, according to the US government.
July 13, 2011 Catherine Harmon

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Over on the CWR homepage, you’ll find Anne Hendershott’s article from our July issue, “Conveniently Catholic.” In it, she relates the recent controversies surrounding Manhattan College – an institution recently forced to argue for its Catholic identity in the face of the federal government’s insistence that the college had long since abandoned that identity:  

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[JR: Another oldie from that new search engine. FWIW.]  

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MFOUND: Facebook pages get abandoned without a strategy


[JR: Who’s last entry was in 2014.]  

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MFOUND: Jaspers as student teachers

P.S. 81 Robert J. Christen
Grades K-5

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PS 81’s test scores indicate roughly half the students meet or exceed state academic standardsa very respectable showing especially compared to other Bronx schools. Still, city Education Department evaluations of the school cite slightly below-average student progress compared to similar schools.

Many teachers have years of experience but at the time of our visit more than half a dozen were new, including several Manhattan College graduates who had worked as student teachers at PS 81. A young teacher said she feels like a fully contributing member of the staff. “We get heard just as equally,” she said.

Principal Anna Kirrane was assistant principal at PS 81 for nine years before taking over in October 2012. She arrives at 6:30 am each day to be available to anyone with concerns, and takes the time to greet parents who drop by. Kirrane attended boarding school in Ireland as a girl, and is of Irish heritage. She urges all parents to “share your rich heritage with your child.”

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MFOUND: Something going on June 17th?


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-Girardi’s pregame charity t-shirt saluted the American Lung Association’s Lung Force Initiative, and their scheduled charity event June 17 at Manhattan College: “The initiative is there to raise awareness about the dangers of lung cancer and to raise funds to help get people get treatment and find a cure. It’s proven that if lung cancer is diagnosed early, treatments are more effective and the survival rate is five times higher.”

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[JR: No idea what this is?]

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MFOUND: $90.2 million of Manhattan College Project revenue bonds


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Treasury Auctions Set for the Week of May 29$216.7 million of unlimited tax refinancing bonds. Piper Jaffray. Build NYC Resource Corporation, N.Y., $90.2 million of Manhattan College Project revenue bonds. Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Clark County, Nev., $148 million of Airport …

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Build NYC Resource Corporation, N.Y., $90.2 million of Manhattan College Project revenue bonds. Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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[JR: Interesting? What “revenue”?]  

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MFOUND: Grambone, Daniella [MC????] place 3/85; well done



Thom Gencarelli 5 hrs · Manhattan College Communication student #2 presenting her research poster at the Eastern Communication Association Conference in snowy, sleety, rainy Boston! You go, Daniella Grambone!


Andddd… It was just announced that Daniella won the third place award for poster! Out of 85 students! Somebody tell her!

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Grambone, Daniella [MC????]

[JR: And it’s always great to see a nice Irish girl winning while representing Alma Mater! (all in good fun, of course.) Love to see future Jasper do well.]  

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MFOUND: No. 13 Jaspers vs. No. 4 Billikens


Manhattan College 1 hr · 

What’s a Jasper, you ask? According to FOX Sports’ college basketball team nickname bracket — we’re a 13 seed in the Strange & Quirky region! You have until Sunday at 3 p.m. to vote and keep us alive against the Billikens. GO JASPERS!

No. 13 Jaspers vs. No. 4 Billikens
Manhattan’s Jaspers honor one of the school’s most prominent figures — Brother Jasper of Mary, F.S.C. Brother Jasper was pretty much the Nick Saban of the 19th century Manhattan extracurricular scene. He founded the school’s first band and glee club, coached the baseball team and became the school’s first athletic director.

[JR: Very important since we are again the underdog to a much larger school!]  

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