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MFOUND: Alma Mater is on Instagram


Manhattan College

Official Instagram account of Manhattan College. Be sure to tag your photos with #ManhattanCollege.

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MFOUND: A connection to Alma Mater

Beluzo gets her golden ticket to Hollywood
Reminder Publications-11 hours ago
He gave me a chance with my friend Kristen Flanagan as a duo, we played all through high school every weekend Thursday, Friday and Saturday.” Following her graduation from East Longmeadow High School, Beluzo attended Manhattan College for one year. She quickly realized that she simply wasn’t happy there.

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MFOUND: November 9, 1940 Alma Mater football tix


2018 03Mar 22 1930 40 Marquette v Drake Detroit Manhattan College Football

1930-40 Marquette v Drake Detroit Manhattan College Football Full Ticket Lot (3)
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MFOUND: Alma Mater overrun by Islamic proselytizing?


Manhattan College: Catholic school overrun by Islamic proselytizing, says Muslim student
FEBRUARY 18, 2018

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I am a Muslim Albanian college student and I attend Manhattan College in Riverdale NY. I am shocked to say that I have only recently stumbled upon your web-page and YouTube videos. I have criticized Jihad and Radical Islam since as long as I can remember and continue to do so despite being ridiculed. My family is from Montenegro and was not religious prior to coming to the United States in 80’s, and continues to be the same. Nobody prays or even goes to the Mosque. Manhattan College is a Lasallian Catholic institution who’s tuition can hit up to 60K a year. Every hallway, every classroom, every announcement, every email; contains an extreme amount of Islamic advertising whether it be a club, or a prayer meeting or even an event.(The walls of every hallway are covered with flyers) I am outraged that my professors are all brainwashed by a left wing ideology which I have said long before I found out about you, is in an alliance with Islam. The only thing that tells you you’re at a catholic school is our chapel. Being educated by these leftists makes school practically worthless, and it is become extremely hard for me to choose a path in academia where I would feel that I am not wasting time, and one that would benefit me.

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[JR:  This is disconcerting; if true?]

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Tom Rooney commented on MFOUND: Alma Mater overrun by Islamic proselytizing?

2018-Feb-19 https://creepingsharia. catholic-college-overrun-by- islam/ Manhattan College: Catholic …

I’d like to see more context on this.

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MFOUND: A drop out does music


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Bobby: “No, I had no vision. This was about chicks and beer. [Laughs] I can give you a long-winded, lying answer if you’d like. [Laughs] I’ll tell you’ll a funny story: I was in a school called Manhattan College. My father worked very hard to get in there. He put me through preparatory high school and the whole thing. I finally got into this great college, it was a Catholic college in New York City. In my second year, actually, it was my third year, I told my father I’m leaving the school because the band got a deal. He looked at me right in the face and goes ‘Is this about girls and free beer?’ I go ‘No.’ And 25 years later, I met a sports icon in New York, a guy named Mike Piazza, he was a catcher for the New York Mets. I did a bunch of benefits for him and he said ‘Whatever you need, let me know.’ My father and I are big Mets fans and I said, ‘I need your booth, your private seats for my father’s 75th birthday.’ He gave me 15 tickets and filled the place with booze and hamburger sliders. My father looked at me and said ‘I knew this OVERKILL thing would really work out someday.’ I said ‘Dad, I got a confession: When I left college, it was about girls and free beer.’ It’s a true story. He knew, of course. He was my father. He wasn’t an idiot. [Laughs] It was kind of cool to see that story actually come around from when he asked me and when I finally admitted it to be true after three decades.”

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MFOUND: Craigslist Alma MaterLamp, Stein and Book


Manhattan College Lamp, Stein, and Book (Manhattan College Then and Now)

$25 for all

Please call Lew at (516) 724-0851

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MFOUND: Jasper Graduation report from 1951


Jasper Graduation Seating Woes
JUNE 15, 1951 ~ LIZCODD1895

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Dear Bernard

Tuesday we went up to Eddie’s graduation. It was supposedto be started at 3.30 P.M. We got up there before 3. Oclock & there was hardly a seat left. It was held in the open. We went down the centre aisle and saw a seat here & there. When we were half way down, Aunt Catherine saw two seats & she said we might as well take these, we won’t all get together anyhow.

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[JR: Funny!]

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