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MLINKEDIN: Alma Mater Economics and Finance Society


Manhattan College Economics and Finance Society
Greater New York City Area

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MLINKEDIN: Another mystery LinkedIn Jasper


LinkedIn 2017 03 19 13 21 24

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[JR: Didn’t get any guess from the least one. This one? Or am I just wasting my time and electrons?]  

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MLINKEDIN: Mystery member in DC


Screenshot 2017 03 05 12 53 02

[JR: Each week I get leads like this but no real way to id them. Let’s put all you readers to work. You’ve heard of “Find Waldo”. Here’s “Find a Jasper”? See what happens when there is not enough news to report.]

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MLINKEDIN: Alma Mater has a mentoring program


Nadia Peters
Assistant Director of Employer Relations at Manhattan College

Looking for a productive way to spend your time?

Jaspers and Jasper Friends, we need YOU to volunteer for the 2016-2017 Mentor Program.We are asking professionals with backgrounds in Public Relations, Sports Management & Medicine, Finance, Marketing/Media/Communication, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Translators and Non-Profit to join this year’s upcoming program to help meet our students’ interests.

Please visit for more information and sign up details.

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MLINKEDIN: Manhattan College Economics and Finance Society


Manhattan College Economics and Finance Society

    Caroline Magalhães
    Finance & Economics Senior at Manhattan College

    Peggy Sobolewski
    GBAM Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


The Economics and Finance Society offers extracurricular material such as guest speakers, trips, workshops, and media-sharing which will enhance members’ knowledge of the financial sector and the economy, while providing networking opportunities for those seeking to enter these fields.

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MLINKEDIN: Mancini, Edward (MCattendee) Sales Engineer


Mancini, Edward (MCattendee)
Sales Engineer- Currently looking for a new career opportunity
Greater New York City Area


Product, sales, and marketing professional with a proven track record of success in the sale of specialized products. Frequently selected by executive management to open new territories and rapidly develop sales pipelines through the use of innovative sales and marketing programs designed to achieve maximum market exposure.

• Outstanding record of improving profitability and productivity while positively impacting bottom line.
performance. Recognized for significant achievement in market and opportunity identification,
effective analysis, and successful product introduction.

• Driven to achieve goals and overcome obstacles, confident, highly energized, effective, and
persuasive communicator with strong interpersonal and management skills.

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(JR: It’s Christmas. Anyone, who’s ever been “out”, knows the feeling. Reach out to help him get “in”.)

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