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MNEWS: Alma Mater’s mechanical engineers win


FROM THE Manhattan College Alumni PUBLIC GROUP

2017 04Apr 29 Univ Challenge

Sheryl Chung shared Manhattan College’s photo. 14 hrs

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Congratulations to our amazing team of senior mechanical engineers who won the grand prize of $10,000 at last night’s 7×24 Exchange Metro Chapter University Challenge, hosted at the Credit Suisse building in midtown! Nicole Oliveri, Maggie Brownson, Matthew O’Meara and Patrick O’Sullivan, led by advisor and professor Dr. Naraghi, utilized an evaporative cooling system in conjunction with a geothermal dehumidifier to help reduce energy consumption in data centers.

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MNEWS: Alma Mater #19 for “easy commute” to NYC?

2017-Apr-25 Names Best Online Colleges Near New York City

April 24, 2017
Displayed with permission from PR Newswire

GREENVILLE, S.C., April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — New York City is one of the highest populated cities on the East Coast of the United States. It’s a magnet for big business and is home to the head offices of a large number of corporations in a variety of industries. When the general public thinks of New York, the image of skyscrapers – particularly the Empire State Building and Trump Tower, Wall Street, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, traffic jams, taxis, and heavy pedestrian traffic.

Amidst all this is where you can find some of the top rated schools in the country. Anne Velusa, a research editor at has put together a ranking, “The Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near New York City” ( which encompasses a radius of 100 miles in order to find the best schools with an easy commute for those living in NYC and the surrounding area. There is a full disclosure of methodology included before the ranking.

The entire college ranking in descending order is as follows:

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19. Manhattan College – Riverdale, New York

18. Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut

17. Marist College – Poughkeepsie, New York

{Extraneous Deleted}

13. State University of New York at New Paltz – New Paltz, New York

12. Temple University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

{Extraneous Deleted}

8. Muhlenberg College – Allentown, Pennsylvania

{Extraneous Deleted}

2. University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

{Extraneous Deleted}

Anne P. Velusa, Research Editor


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easy commute for those living in NYC and the surrounding area.”

They have a different definition of “EASY commute” than I do — QU, New Platz, Philly?

Well at least, Alma Mater made the list. But #19 seriously?


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MNEWS: Alma Mater hosts an award to an impressive couple


A decade of charity earns Teaneck couple highest Christian Brothers honor
Megan Burrow , Staff Writer, @MegBurrow 10:32 a.m. ET April 8, 2017

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Computer and science labs, dormitories, a library and a 500-foot well have all been built with the money Rich and Judy McKay have raised for the poor and working class students at St. Mary’s Child Rescue Center & Secondary School in Central Kenya.

The Teaneck couple is being honored Saturday for their work, which raised more than $2 million throughout the past decade for a school in Nyeri, Kenya, which is about a 2½-hour drive north from Nairobi and a more than six-hour drive west to Lake Victoria, where educators aim to break the cycle of poverty through education.

“They came at a time when we didn’t have the financial resources to sustain our programs,” said Brother Peter Kombe, the principal of the school, which is run by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. “Their generosity and hard work has helped us ensure we continue to give opportunities to so many young men who would otherwise not have a chance in life.”

In recognition of their work in support of the school, the couple is receiving affiliation from the Brothers of the Christian Schools — the highest honor the Roman Catholic order bestows — at a ceremony at Manhattan College in the Bronx.

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MNEWS: Alma Mater joins Coalition to Improve College Access


Peace and Justice in ACCU’s Spring Newsletter
March 31, 2017
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities News

ACCU recently released the spring edition of Update, our quarterly newsletter. Read Update in full here. Peace and Justice highlights include:

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Catholic Institutions Join Coalition to Improve College Access: Manhattan College, College of the Holy Cross, and St. Michael’s College have joined the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, a group of more than 90 public and private colleges and universities formed to improve the college application process for all students, provide substantial support to lower-resourced and underrepresented students, offer responsible financial aid support, and demonstrate a commitment to student graduation.

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[JR: Alma Mater continues a proud tradition of its mission.]  

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MNEWS: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) find old MSG history in news


Dear John,

             The Sunday, March 26th NY Daily News, at page 86
has an article END ZONE -When the Garden Cheered Again.

        It is about 1958 when Manhattan beat Jerry West & # 1
West Virginia, under Captain Jack Powers at the ‘old’ Garden.

         A great piece. I have it if you need it.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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[JR: NYDN is behind some kind of wall.]  

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MNEWS: Matt Centrowitz connection to Alma Mater


Matt Centrowitz’s Memoir Gets Behind The Scenes With Olympics, Oregon, Pre
Mar 24, 2017
Johanna Gretschel

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The Matthew Centrowitz of popular imagination is not only the first U.S. man to win the 1500m Olympic gold since 1908 but also a super-human badass who gives us the theatrics we want from a great American sports hero. He won an NCAA title while making a throat-slit gesture at the camera. He’s probably flirted with your girlfriend on Twitter. He even got a fan to tattoo a likeness of his face on the fan’s shoulder. (It was actually the fan’s idea, and Centro told him he didn’t have to do it. But he did anyway. Still.)

To understand the story of the man, we have to take a step back and examine the story of his father, who was the first Matt Centrowitz to earn All-American honors at the University of Oregon, make two Olympic teams, and set the American record for 5K (OK, he’s still the only Centrowitz to do that). The elder Centrowitz–who says that at home, he’s “Matt” and his son is “Matthew”–recently published a book that every self-respecting track fan should read called “Like Father, Like Son: My Story on Running, Coaching and Parenting.” (It’s worth noting that the younger Centrowitz has the quote “Like father like son” tattooed across his chest.)

The memoir, co-written by Nathan Williams and Chris Kwiatkowski, who is Centro Jr.’s former teammate at Oregon and Centro Sr.’s assistant coach at American University, begins and ends with a personal account of watching Matthew race the Rio Olympic Games 1500m final. In between, it details his own atypical journey through life and running. And it was always meant to be that way; he says in an interview that you can watch below that this book is three years in the making and has been an idea in his head for the past 10 years. He just lucked out that his son’s Olympic final gave him a nice conclusion.

So, who is the man that produced America’s top middle distance talent?

Centrowitz was born and raised in the Bronx to an Irish mother and Jewish father in the tumultuous 1960s. His dad gambled. His parents split up, and a junior high-aged Centrowitz turned to the streets, where he spent his days drinking and smoking instead of sitting behind a desk in school. Eventually, his mother moved her kids out to Queens, where Centrowitz discovered the sport that would change his life.

He attended two different high schools, Andrew Jackson High and Power Memorial High, and gained two different mentors, coach Milt Blatt and Brother John Beilen. They helped Centrowitz not only find his gift but also tap into his desire to compete. He would set the still-standing New York state high school mile record of 4:02.7, matriculate at Manhattan College under the tutelage of Frank Gagliano and Fred Dwyer, and transfer to the University of Oregon, where he gained a lifelong friend and mentor in Bill Dellinger and encountered Steve Prefontaine, who had by then graduated from college but was still a rock star-like presence in Tracktown, USA.

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 Donald Costello commented on MNEWS: Matt Centrowitz connection to Alma Mater


Have no idea what this has to do with Jasper Jottings!

“He would set the still-standing New York state high school mile record of 4:02.7, matriculate at Manhattan College under the tutelage of Frank Gagliano and Fred Dwyer, and transfer to the University of Oregon …”

[JR: I thought this was an interesting connection.]  

Costello, Donald (MC1954)

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Have no idea what this has to do with Jasper Jottings! 


MNEWS: Pipes & Drums on NBC at 8-830 on 3/17




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Jaspers: Tune in to NBC tomorrow for a very special St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Our very own Manhattan College Pipes & Drums band will be performing on The Today Show tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. — with Michael Patrick.

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