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MNEWS: Nailing a half-court short by Sienna versus Jaspers


Woman’s $500 half-court shot ends with surprise marriage proposal


Talk about a lucky shot.

After nailing a half-court short during halftime at a Siena College vs. Manhattan College men’s basketball game in New York City on Thursday, Erin Tobin received two awesome prizes.

Since the show was part of a Dunkin’ Donuts promotion, the lucky shooter took home a $500 gift card to the popular franchise.

Even better than a few months of complimentary coffee?

Tobin’s boyfriend, Steve Duckett, who was hiding inside the Dunkin’ Donuts mascot costume on the sidelines, proposed immediately after she sunk the phenomenal shot.

[JR: Imagine if she said “no”! Mozel tov to the happy couple.]  

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MNEWS: Alma Mater Upgrades to 4K Television Studio


Manhattan College Upgrades to 4K Television Studio with Blackmagic Design

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Manhattan College is a private liberal arts college located in Riverdale, NY, a neighborhood in the northwest portion of the Bronx. In 2008, the college formed a new communication department, and as part of that initiative they began building a new, professional television studio for students in the broadcasting/telecommunications program. Their plan was to build the studio in high definition; however, due to the 2008 financial crisis, the decision was made at the last minute to make the studio SD instead of HD. 

*** and ***

It took several years, but after putting in several proposals the department received the funds necessary to upgrade the studio to HD. While researching new equipment, Michael realized that Blackmagic Design’s line of studio products would allow them to leapfrog over HD and upgrade the studio to 4K for roughly the same price. 

*** and ***

“I believe we were the first college in the area to upgrade our studio environment to 4K,” added Michael. “I found one facility in NYC that’s ever offered a 4K studio and it’s not a school. Other colleges have started to use 4K cinema cameras in the field but as far as a studio goes I think we are ahead of the curve. It’s an environment that has really benefitted us, and something that other colleges and professionals can certainly achieve as well.”

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[JR: That’s a smart use of money and provides the future Jaspers with “real world” experience. Wonder if the engineering school is watching? That’s what we should hear about in “fund raising”. Like an Alma Mater Go Fund Me page?]

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MNEWS: Alma Mater Assistant Head of Security gets heat


Manhattan College Assistant Head of Security Gets Heat About Student Behavior Off Campus

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The photo above should tell the whole story as Manhattan College Assistant Head of Security Peter DeCaro listens to complaints about off campus antics and drinking by residents living around the college at last weeks 50th Precinct Community Council meeting. One after another local residents spoke of loitering, loud noise, public urination, public drinking, underage drinking, and other mischief or pranks that the college students partake in off campus. 

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MNEWS: Noisy Manhattan College students?


Bar frequented by Manhattan students to close earlier
Posted September 1, 2016 
Local residents complained that this bar, popular among Manhattan College students, was making too much noise.
By Anthony Capote

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Faced with a slew of noise complaints and the risk of losing its liquor license, Riverdale City Grill has pledged to begin closing its doors a couple of hours earlier – at 2 a.m. 

The bar at 3541 Riverdale Ave. has drawn criticism from local residents over the past year about the number of people, typically Manhattan College students, who pour in on a weekly basis. 

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I think Alma Mater was there long before the neighbors. 


Of course, maybe today’s Jaspers are louder?

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MNEWS: Student ME makes contribution


Just the facts: Interns track town data  
by Julie Lane

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Ms. Oliveri, 21, is a Manhattan College mechanical engineering student who, after visiting a relative in Greenport, learned of the opportunity to work here for the summer.

While her future likely lies in automotive engineering, she hopes the information she compiled on irrigation will prove useful to the town as it contemplates ways to conserve water. She came to the East Coast for college after growing up in Las Vegas.

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MNEWS: ME major Antoneta Rukaj cited


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7. Manhattan College mechanical engineering major Antoneta Rukaj

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, by Jack Canfield — “I really like this one; it includes 64 principles meant to help you achieve your goals.”

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MNEWS: MC ME has a Seaworthy fashion startup


Westerly man’s Seaworthy fashion startup inspired by Ralph Lauren
Christine Corrigan , The Westerly SunAugust 7, 2016 12:05AM

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WESTERLY — Nattily dressed in a bright “oriental salmon” blazer, crisp white shirt, khakis, and loafers, Ryan Quattromani represents a fashion style reminiscent of Ralph Lauren. 

*** and ***

As a junior at Manhattan College majoring in mechanical engineering, Quattromani said he plans to go into manufacturing in the fashion industry.

“It’s about getting into jewelry, getting into clothes, home collections — those things require engineers,” he said. “And even buttons for sport coats — that’s injection molding plastic.”

Being in college in New York affords Quattromani the opportunity to keep up with fashion trends in the city, especially Lauren’s work.

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[JR: Clearly, being entrepreneurial is the way for their generation to succeed. Bona fortuna!]  

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