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POSITRACTION: Smartphone app can now diagnose anemia


Engineer Creates Smartphone App That Screens for Anemia By Taking Pictures of Your Fingernails
By Good News Network-Dec 4, 2018

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A newly-developed smartphone app can now diagnose anemia without even having to take a blood sample

Anemia is a condition that develops when a person’s blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin. It affects two billion people worldwide and if it is left untreated, it can lead to fatigue, paleness, and cardiac distress.

But now instead of a blood test, biomedical engineers have created an app that can use smartphone photos of someone’s fingernails taken to accurately measure how much haemoglobin is in their blood.

“All other ‘point-of-care’ anemia detection tools require external equipment, and represent trade-offs between invasiveness, cost, and accuracy,” said principal investigator Doctor Wilbur Lam, associate professor of paediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine. “This is a standalone app whose accuracy is on par with currently available point-of-care tests without the need to draw blood.”

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Wow.  This would have been a great help to my now deceased wife who was afflicted with an unknown blood disease that required haemoglobin monitoring.

Hope this fellow has other breakthroughs.

A stunning achievement.

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POSITRACTION: A “sea of people” responded to the Vietnam vet’s viral obituary


This Veteran Died Alone, But Hundreds Attended His Funeral
Culture and TrendsThis Veteran Died Alone, But Hundreds Attended His Funeral

A “sea of people” responded to the Vietnam vet’s viral obituary

By: Linnea Crowther

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When U.S. Army veteran Stanley C. Stoltz died recently, a heartbreakingly short obituary was published by Good Shepherd Funeral Home, which handled his arrangements.

“The Public is invited to the Cemetery to honor a Vietnam Veteran with no known family,” it read. “Interment will be in Omaha National Cemetery on Tuesday, November 27, at 2pm.”

That obituary was published last Wednesday. Within a few days, it had been shared to social media accounts across the Omaha area and had begun making its way to neighboring states. On Saturday, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted it to his 1.94 million followers, tagging Nebraska’s senators and governor as well as Omaha’s mayor.

This man deserves someone to show up for his funeral, the shares said. Try to make it if you can.

Today, despite freezing temperatures in Omaha, people showed up indeed — more than 400 of them. Local Army veteran Nick Batter, who attended the service, told Legacy he saw “a sea of people” in Omaha National Cemetery, many of them fellow veterans representing every branch of the military, from entry-level soldiers to brass. Police and firefighters showed up, too. The new cemetery, established in 2016, was all but overwhelmed by the turnout, with cars backing up traffic and parking along the side of the road and in nearby cornfields.

So big was the turnout that the service was delayed about 20 minutes, but when it began, it included all the military honors due to a veteran like Stoltz. Local veterans organizations made sure an honor guard was in attendance to provide a gun salute to Stoltz, and Taps was performed. That mournful trumpet tune is one that service members salute when it plays, and Batter said, “It seemed like every person there was saluting.”

Stoltz, a Private First Class, was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War and later lived in Iowa and Nebraska, working for an International Harvester dealer for a time. He had family, but he appeared to have lost touch with his siblings in the years after his military service. Yet after the brief obituary was published in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, the internet worked its magic and at least one of his brothers was found, who attended the funeral and provided biographical information to be included in Stoltz’s funeral service.

Batter found meaning in the service. The attendees were largely strangers to each other, but as they came together to honor a veteran, they found common ground.

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A great story.  Sad, but it could have been worse except for the effort of the good people of Omaha.

I hope that the love of the American people for their military could be transmitted to the politicians and bureaucrats.

Wonder how we can replicate this “early warning” system for other vets who are alone and need our help BEFORE they die alone?

Vets before “immigrants”.

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POSITRACTION: ‘Breaking the cycle of homelessness’ by Christian-based nonprofit


Community of Tiny Homes Breaks Cycle of Addiction and Homelessness for Single Moms
By Good News Network-Nov 11, 2018

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Homeless single moms are breaking the cycle of addiction and reuniting with their children thanks to a community of tiny homes and the services provided here.

Acres of Hope allows the women to live in one of ten cottages for up to two years, accessing the aid that helps them finish their education, clear criminal records, get higher paying jobs, find permanent housing—and, most importantly, address the root causes of their addiction, so they can achieve personal success.

Instead of being shuffled from program to program without any real change, this Christian-based nonprofit in Auburn, California, aims for life-changing transformation. The staff and volunteers invest heavily in their lives by providing encouragement, practical life-skills training, job skills, mentoring and spiritual direction.

“We give them the opportunity to breathe and exit survival-mode,” says Executive Director Lisa Risdal. “Our graduates have become strong independent women who are also loving and nurturing mothers.”

“‘Breaking the cycle of homelessness’ aren’t just words at Acres of Hope—it’s really happening.”

Plenty of women in the last ten years who have ‘graduated’ can testify to its effectiveness.

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Why can’t “we” encourage this in more places?

Podcast host Jason Stapleton proposed that a for profit entity run military style barracks.

It’s a problem that the Gooferment created and stands in the way of “civil society” solutions.

After all if the problem is solved without Gooferment, then what will all the politicians and bureaucrats do?

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POSITRACTION: Hiker Was About to Die in a Snowstorm … … …


Hiker Was About to Die in a Snowstorm When She Was Saved by a Total Stranger Following Her Intuition
By McKinley Corbley-Nov 11, 2018

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Nancy couldn’t shake the feeling that Katharina was in danger, so she called rescue services and told them about the missing hiker. Since she knew that Groene had planned on hiking 15 miles every day, she calculated how far along the trail the German hiker would likely be based on the weather and how much she was carrying.

Sgt. John Adams of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit said, “She told us she would probably be north of Mica Lake but south of the Suiattle River—which ended up being right on.”

Sure enough, Groene had slowed to a pace of 7 miles per day trying to reach a ranger’s station 30 miles away. She was soaking wet and showing signs of hypothermia and frostbite. She was running out of food and the tarp that had kept her tent dry had blown away in the wind. Her cell phone had lost service by the time she woke up in whiteout conditions.

She was prepared for the worst—but then suddenly, a rescue helicopter spotted her red jacket based on Nancy’s precise calculations. Katharina was saved.

She was invited to stay with Nancy at her home, where the two have become ‘Wild’ friends—and even though she didn’t complete the trail, she got to check off that box: Faith in humanity restored!

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How many of us would keep the care of another in mind after a casual conversation?

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POSITRACTION: Man Holding Baby for a Stranger


Photo of Man Holding Baby for a Stranger While She Does Paperwork is Melting Hearts Across the Internet
By McKinley Corbley-Nov 5, 2018

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This older man is being praised across the internet for his heartwarming display of kindness towards a mother who had her hands full last week.

Natasha Crittenden Wilson snapped a photo of the senior adoringly cradling a sleeping boy while his mother filled out paperwork in the waiting room of a doctor’s office in Florence, Alabama.

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This is an example of the everyday kindness that we can share with our fellow humans everyday.

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POSITRACTION: Man “did the honest thing”; challenge of what would you do


ASSOCIATED PRESS — November 2, 2018

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RUNNEMEDE — Police say a New Jersey man “did the honest thing” when he called police about a bag containing $10,000 in cash he found lying on the street.

Rob Phy, 48, says he was driving home when he spotted the bag in the street. reports the Runnemede resident got out of his car and kicked the bag, expecting trash.

Instead he discovered wads of cash. Phy says he took a picture, then moved it to the side and called police.

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Wow, honest IS the best policy but one has to wonder what “you’d do”.

I hope that I could be that good.

What would you do?

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POSITRACTION: One Test for All 307 Bacterial Infections


Breakthrough Tech Can Test for All 307 Bacterial Infections Known to Man – Amazing Advance From Only 19
By Good News Network-Oct 23, 2018

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In a world first, scientists have just developed a groundbreaking new platform that can test for every single kind of human pathogenic bacteria known to man.

According to the recently-published study, researchers developed the platform so that it can simultaneously screen for the bacteria strains, as well as markers for virulence and antibiotic resistance.

The exciting new tool, which is being called the “BacCapSeq” platform, was developed by researchers from the Center for Infection and Immunity (CII) in the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

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What hath God wroth.

Amazing that humanity is getting another tool.

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