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Interesting way to start the week

POSITRACTION: Plant food on top of trash? Maybe yes; maybe no.


Student Proves We Can Grow Millions of Pounds of Food By Planting it on Top of Trash
By McKinley Corbley – May 10, 2018

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This student’s plan to tackle food insecurity may sound unappetizing, but it’s actually pretty ingenious.

Joy Youwakim, an economics student at the University of Texas, has proven that we can safely grow produce on top of inactive landfills.

Using a 200-foot patch of land in a closed landfill southeast of Austin, Youwakim worked with her fellow students to grow 20 pounds of various crops, such as radishes, eggplant, bell peppers, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. All of the produce was then tested and declared safe by the Food Safety Net Services.

If Youwakim expanded her efforts to include all 390 acres of the landfill, she would be able to grow enough food for over 8,000 families. There were more than 6,000 inactive landfills in 2012, which roughly amounts to over 2 million acres of unused land. If implemented nationwide, Youwakim’s experiment could spell the end for food insecurity.

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I’m not sure that I buy into “food insecurity”.  And, I’m not sure that every landfill can be as safe based on one 200 foot patch.

That being said, it seems a waste not to allow the experimentation to continue.

Large scale testing and using the output for animal feed should give is more confidence in the safety.

If it all works out, then this student has really shown up the “experts”.

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POSITRACTION: “Man With the Golden Arm” donated blood nearly every week for 60 years


He donated blood every week for 60 years and saved the lives of 2.4 million babies
POSTED 6:30 PM, MAY 11, 2018, BY CNN WIRE

  • James Harrison, known as the “Man With the Golden Arm,” has donated blood nearly every week for 60 years.

By Doug Criss, CNN

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Most people, when they retire, get a gold watch. James Harrison deserves so much more than that.

Harrison, known as the “Man With the Golden Arm,” has donated blood nearly every week for 60 years. After all those donations, the 81-year-old Australian man “retired” Friday. The occasion marked the end of a monumental chapter.

According to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, he has helped saved the lives of more than 2.4 million Australian babies.

First, a note about antibodies
Harrison’s blood has unique, disease-fighting antibodies that have been used to develop an injection called Anti-D, which helps fight against rhesus disease.

This disease is a condition where a pregnant woman’s blood actually starts attacking her unborn baby’s blood cells. In the worst cases, it can result in brain damage, or death, for the babies.

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An amazing contribution to humanity.

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POSITRACTION: Japanese bus drivers using an unusual tactic


Japanese Bus Drivers Strike by Continuing to Run and Refusing to Take Anyone’s Money
By Good News Network – May 2, 2018

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Japanese bus drivers are using an unusual community-based strike tactic to demand better job security from their employers.

The drivers working for the Ryobi Group in Okayama declared a labor strike after a rival bus company opened up overlapping bus routes that charge cheaper fare.

When Ryobi would not comply with their demands for better job security, the drivers decided to take an experimental angle with their strike: they would continue to drive their usual routes, except they would not be accepting anyone’s fare money.

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Well, I’m not sure that striking for “job security” is a good strategy, but I like the tactic of not alienating the riding public.

If I was a bus driver, and I’m not, nor do I play one on TV — Jackie Gleason had that role locked up forever — I’d be worried about self-driving busses.  Clear to me, that’s the technology threat to their “job security”.  If they don’t improve their “human capital”, then they are the equivalent of “buggy whip makers”.  If they don’t reduce the total cost of ridership, then the rationale to robotize will be accentuated. 

A “No win” situation for the bus drivers.  Wonder if they see it?

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POSITRACTION: “The roo’s life was important’


Teens Mount Rescue Operation For Helpless Kangaroo Stuck in Neck-Deep Mud
By Good News Network – Apr 25, 2018

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After returning to the quarry, Nick tied the rope around his waist and crawled through the mud towards the kangaroo. Once he had the animal in his arms, Jack helped to pull them both back to solid land.

“The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it,” Nick told TODAY. “We think he went searching for water there and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck.

“It’s a pretty patriotic thing to do and we’re proud of what we did. If we saw something like that again, we’ll do it all over again,” he added.

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All life is important.

Good for these young men!

An object lesson for the rest of us?

Can’t make a moral argument to those who can’t see it.

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POSITRACTION: A good man changes two lives


How a Mission to Recover a Stolen Wallet Changed the Lives of a Man and Homeless Teen
By McKinley Corbley – Apr 9, 2018

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Most people may not concern themselves with a stranger’s stolen wallet – especially if the wallet in question was thrown into the ocean. But Jimmy Gilleece was determined to help his distressed customer; and his mission to find the wallet ended up changing his life.

Gilleece, who owns a bar in Wrightsville, North Carolina, was approached last month by a female customer who was frantic over her lost wallet. Not only did the wallet contain her ID and cards, but it also contained her wedding ring.

Gilleece started his search for the lost treasure by watching hours and hours of security footage in the bar. After reviewing several different cameras around the bar, he finally saw the wallet sitting on a bench outside. The camera also showed a hooded stranger pocketing the wallet.

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Hard not to read this story and NOT be moved.

He went far out of his way to help his fellow man and wound up “saving” one and possibly more people.

Have to find that bar and buy a drink there.

Good karma to pass it along.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Alzheimer’s maybe treatable?


Alzheimer’s Gene is Neutralized in Human Brain Cells for the First Time
By McKinley Corbley – Apr 10, 2018

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Scientists have just made a revolutionary breakthrough in the battle against Alzheimer’s.

Instead of experimenting on mice with dicey results, this team of researchers went straight to testing human brain cells – and their studies have been proven successful.

Scientists at the Gladstones Institute in California managed to identify the gene that caused Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, but they also managed to neutralize the gene so that it did not lead to Alzheimer’s development.

The dangerous cell in question is called the apoE4 gene. Having one copy of the gene reportedly doubles a person’s chances of developing brain damage. Having two copies increases the risk by 12-fold.

This is because the gene produces a certain kind of mutated protein that damages human brain cells. By using stem cells to correct the gene, scientists were able to halt production of the deadly protein, eliminate all signs of Alzheimer’s disease, and improve cell survival and function.

Now that the treatment has been proven successful in human cells, the researchers plan on applying the same treatment to human patients in the near future.

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Now this is great news.

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POSITRACTION: What shapes us? All the personal “stuff”!


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Today, I am reminded that my elementary school years have almost completely shaped who I am today. A bunch of kids who couldn’t have realized the effect of their words and actions destroyed my sense of self worth so completely that it took me years to even begin to get some of it back. And today I look back and realize that despite the fact that I still have scars, I can barely remember how I got them. MMT

#18126 (0) – Oct 7, 2014 by Maggie – Miscellaneous

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Here’s a site that helps me remember that my life is pretty good. 

Everyone has their own set of troubles that make them who they are.

Have to be charitable to all our fellow travelers on the “road of life”.

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