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POSITRACTION: The struggle for life is ennobling for all (imho)


Tiffany Senter (pictured) of Shasta Lake City, California is only 25, but she’s been at deaths door twice.

  • Tiffany was born with cystic fibrosis and has had to have two lung transplants.
  • Shocking photos reveal her two pairs of black, disease-riddled lungs (inset).
  • Her body rejected the first pair of donor lungs that Tiffany received at 17 after four years.
  • Now, her Tiffany’s body is rejecting the third set of lungs.
  • She will not be eligible for a rare, third, double lung transplant, but that hasn’t stopped the resilient young woman from teaching herself to do makeup – including her signature Marilyn Monroe look (right) – which she plans to make a business of or from being un-endingly grateful for the two donors who have extended her life by over seven years.

PUBLISHED: 17:20 EST, 15 February 2019 | UPDATED: 23:33 EST, 15 February 2019

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Tiffany Senter is just 25, but she has already had three sets of lungs. 

She was born with cystic fibrosis, a chronic genetic disease that causes sticky fluid to build up in several organs, including the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. 

But it is most devastating to the lungs, which the disease effectively drowns in this malfunctioning mucus.

By age 16, Tiffany was dying. 

A lung transplant at 17 saved her life, but four years later her body rejected the new organs.   

Tiffany got yet another shot at life, receiving a second pair of donor lungs at 23. 

For now, Tiffany is breathing easier at last, but she still has to spend much of her time at the hospital, as cystic fibrosis has ravaged her other organs, too, and leaves her vulnerable to infections that could prove deadly.  

But Tiffany keeps her spirits up, with a little help from her idol, Marilyn Monroe, fixing her hair and make up to match the late starlet’s exactly – all from her hospital bed. 

Even more than her Marilyn, Tiffany looks up to the two organ donors whose lungs have kept her alive this long, and simply hold onto hope that these lungs will keep working as doctors say they won’t be able to give her another pair. 

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When the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk allows the killing of babies in and out of the womb, I see stories like this of a young woman who struggles to survive.

I pray she can do make up on a gazillion people in the time she has been allocated.

I wish that politicians and bureaucrats would take their “strange ideas” about life and abortion back to whatever Devil created hell hole they originated from,

I wish this young woman, and all that struggle for life, “bona fortuna”.  My prayers go with them.

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POSITRACTION: Volleyball Team Devastated by Fire


10 Best Stories When Kindness and Heroics Went Viral in 2018
By Good News Network-Jan 1, 201

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5. Volleyball Team Devastated by Fire Shows Up Without Equipment, But Opponents Have New Uniforms, Supplies and Gift Cards Waiting

After the small town of Paradise, California, was nearly wiped out by wildfires, the local high school girl’s volleyball team was still determined to play their semifinal championship match—despite having no uniforms or equipment after evacuating with only the clothes on their back.

But the opposing team from Forest Lake Christian High School in Auburn was waiting with a big surprise.

Within 24 hours, they had collected donations of $16,000 and when the girls from Paradise Adventist Academy showed up, they were greeted with new custom uniforms, knee pads, and socks—and a whole lot of love.

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Here’s one that shot an arrow into the heart of a grumpy fat old white guy injineer.  24 hours?  To pull that all together in that amount of time is impressive.  To do it at all, humbles me.

From time to time, I see GOFUNDMEs for folks who have hit a hard time, and while I’m not Bezos wealthy, I do let the moth out of the old wallet for some exercise. 

(Ever heard that old Irish adage about “good works only count if done in secret”. Funny, I learned that from my maternal English Protestant grandmother who wanted to teach me about my maternal grandfather’s “heathen Irish culture that has a few good points”. ROFL!)

I tell you this not to pat myself on the back.  I’m sure I could do more.  And others do so much with so little. But to hopefully re-inspire others.  See I view stories like this, not as disclosing a “secret” and losing credit in Heaven for them, as much as sharing inspiration that the world is a nicer place than the news would lead us to believe.


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POSITRACTION: African American Catholics kept their faith alive


McNamara’s Blog Celebrates Black History Month
February 1, 2019 by Pat McNamara

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In 1854, James Healy became the first Black priest ordained in the United States, but racism forced him to keep his background a secret. He served as Bishop of Portland, Maine, from 1875 to 1900. Although November is officially Black Catholic History Month, I didn’t return to Patheos until its end. So McNamara’s Blog will highlight the African American Catholic experience during Black History Month of 2019. As I’ve shared here before, this is a topic which has interested me for a long time.

Growing up in 1980’s Queens, I assumed Catholics were either Irish, Italian, German, or Polish. Any African Americans I did know belonged to Protestant churches. Furthermore, I never saw a Black person in a Catholic church. Not until my senior year at Cathedral Prep Seminary did I have any classmates of African descent.

*** and ***

But the story of a people is more than just numbers. African American Catholics kept their faith alive in the face of discrimination and racism, and passed it on to the next generation. They showed other Catholics that it’s a Church for all people. This month at McNamara’s Blog, then, lay women and men, bishops, priests, and religious from the Black community are all featured here. Their stories, better than any statistic, bring alive the true meaning of the word Catholic: “universal.”

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I found this interesting.  I’ve never seen that many “Black Catholics” either.

But today, given the state of the “Catholic Church”, it’s hard to to tell the CINOs from the real ones.

Interesting that maybe the current anti-Catholic anti-Christian mood of the USA’s political society could lead to a “house cleaning” of the leadership and a rebirth of the soul?

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POSITRACTION: Yet another demonstration about how little humans “know”



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This week’s video is a perfect storm of weird and wonderful, all squashed into a very matter-of-fact science explainer. There’s a dose of odd science in the form of an almost mythical-sounding procedure. It has helped researchers identify a previously unknown structure of the human body, just when we thought we knew everything there was to know.

This discovery, in turn, holds hope for the improved treatment of a widespread disease and an often fatal medical event. As a weird bonus, it also explains a mystery of combat surgery. And did we mention that indispensable pinch of cinnamon?

In an effort to understand how white blood cells move from the bone marrow — where they’re made — to sites of infection and injury in the body, scientists decided to study the arteries and veins known to reside within the spongy interior of bones. The team, from the Institute for Experimental Immunology and Imaging at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, found more than they were bargaining for.

“Bones need a closed circulatory loop (CCL) to function properly,” said Dr. Anika Grüneboom from the University Hospital in Erlangen, the main author of the study. “This CCL delivers fresh blood via arteries into the bone and transports used blood out via veins. How exactly the CCL …  functions was not totally clear — until now.”

*** and ***

TCVs have also been found in the skull — where they connect directly to the surface of the brain. A team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University stained a kind of immune cell called a neutrophil, and watched it use TCVs to travel into the body.

Understanding how these immune cells travel through the TCV network could help treat stroke patients, and ease the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

*** end quote ***

Sure, we humans like to think we’re smart and know a lot of “stuff”, but every so often we learn a basic fact that demonstrates that we don’t know squat.

Now how these TCVs can be exploit for the benefit of humanity remains to be seen.

I wonder what else we don’t know.  Seems like pane four of the JoHari window is a lot bigger than we realize. 

We don’t know what we don’t know.  Never mind that also we don’t know how much of what we do know is wrong.


Let’s get going to correct this.  Starting with some humility and awe might be in order.

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POSITRACTION: A miracle with no rational explanation


Man Given Second Chance at Life After Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery or Explanation
By McKinley Corbley-Nov 12, 2018

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Wood, who attends Gravity Church, was flooded with messages of support and prayers from his fellow church goers and local acquaintances.

Then, the day before his surgery, doctors were stunned to find that the suspected tumor had vanished.

“We do tests and we have medical technology and we try to come up with some conclusion. We’re like detectives – [but] sometimes things happen that we can’t explain,” Dr. Richard Yee told KOVR.

*** end quote ***

A miracle — pure and simple.

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POSITRACTION: “You are perfect” pencils


When Teacher Asks Students to Share Supplies, Boy Offers Up Pencils With Sweet, Personal Messages
By Good News Network-Nov 8, 2018


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As it turns out, the boy’s mother had written personal, individual
messages of love and encouragement on every single pencil, saying things
like “You are perfect” and “I am proud of you” and “This will be a
great year.”

“This probably took his mom a few minutes to do yet it lit up his
whole day at school,” says Cox. “He wasn’t embarrassed that his mom
wrote on his pencils. Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self
worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates.”

Cox posted a photo of the pencils to Facebook where it was shared
thousands of times by adults praising the boy and his mother for their
compassion. Some have even taken it upon themselves to do something
similar for their own students – because, in Cox’s words, “imagine the
look on a child’s face when they are reminded that they are important,
talented, loved, knowledgeable and so much more … This is why I teach.”

*** end quote ***

Now I wonder how I can do something so simple, inexpensive, and life changing?

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POSITRACTION: Some didn’t know about his acts until long after his death


Hollywood’s own Schindler: How the founder of Universal Pictures put everything on the line to save 300 German Jews from the Holocaust

  • Carl Laemmle founded Hollywood studios Universal Pictures in 20th century
  • He saved more than 300 German Jews from Nazi persecution in the late 1930s
  • By sponsoring them – agreeing to cover them financially – Jews could get US visa
  • He began by helping Jews from his home town of Laupheim in Germany
  • Soon Laemmle was helping Jews from Stuttgart, Bavaria, Berlin and Frankfurt


PUBLISHED: 05:51 EST, 2 January 2019 | UPDATED: 09:17 EST, 2 January 2019

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Hollywood blockbuster Schindler’s List – about the German businessman who saved 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust – is often listed as one of the greatest films of all time and it won pretty much every accolade available upon its release 25 years ago.

The film was distributed by Universal Pictures, one of Hollywood’s ‘Big Six’ studios and one of the world’s most influential entertainment companies.

However, few people are aware that the founder of Universal, a man named Carl Laemmle, had a ‘Schindler’s List’ of his own, and saved more than 300 German Jews from Nazi persecution in the late 1930s.

*** end quote ***

Some of the noblest acts of charity are those done in secret.

I read the article and was particularly struck by his telegram to FDR asking for asylum for 800.  

A contrast between an evil FDR and the heroic movie mogul.

So sad, more could not have been done.

Reflecting on today’s “immigration” problem, it’s the welfare state’s inability to adapt.  Where are today’s “affidavit of support” requirements?

It’s human tragedy.

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