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POSITRACTION: “And who is my neighbor?”


Neighbors Harvest Grieving Farmer’s 100 Acres in One Day
by McKinley Corbley – Nov 22, 20160

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The Wollyung family was stricken by disaster when their 4-year-old granddaughter Ayla passed away after an accident with the farming machinery.

A longtime family friend Tara Henry heard about the tragedy and called the household, asking if they needed any assistance following the incident. Carmen Wollyung said that her husband Steve still had 112 acres of wheat that needed harvesting – but she didn’t know how they would finish it all while dealing with such grief.

Tara wasted no time in calling farmers from all over Indiana to aid the distressed family. Workers and neighbors showed up with every bit of machinery necessary to complete the job. Over 60 farmers took to the fields at 10AM and finished by 5PM, turning what would ordinarily have been a week-long endeavor into seven hours of work.

The neighbors that didn’t have any equipment to lend simply showed up with sandwiches and cookies for the team.

Steve told FOX59 he was totally shocked. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw everyone show up to help. All of the support and the number of people wanting to help is just overwhelming,” Steve said. “It was emotional to see everyone. Whatever we needed, they brought.”

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How many times does one get a chance to make a difference?

I often wonder if I was so “tone deaf”, that I was “blind” to the opportunity? For whatever reason, I can’t think of time I missed “the boat”. Guess when I cross the rainbow bridge, I’ll get an inventory.


  “And who is my neighbor?” 

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POSITRACTION: “Don’t worry about what you can’t control”



On this episode:

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  • Add These Conversations to Your Holiday To-Do List
  • How Long Will It Take the Economy to Respond to a New President?

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I don’t recommend this for Ric comments about Trump. (Although I liked them. Basically, it’s no big deal.)
I did for the email he reported from a 99 year old Customer about the secret to a long and happy life.
Essentially simple.
“Don’t worry about what you can’t control”
Ric compared that to another 50 year old Customer, who had just made a huge financial mistake based on what he thought the market would do when Trump was elected. To the tune of 100k$ in taxes, a huge amount in transaction fees, and 8% of his total portfolio!!!
This advice, and his other four points, are worth at east considering.
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Full Show

On this episode:

  • The #1 Election Question
  • Add These Conversations to Your Holiday To-Do List
  • How Long Will It Take the Economy to Respond to a New President?
The Washington Post, Washington Bestsellers Paperback Nonfiction/General. March 29, 2009.

This show was prerecorded and callers were prescreened.

POSITRACTION: Election Day 2016 firsts


Historic Firsts and Achievements of Election Day 2016
by McKinley Corbley – Nov 9, 20162

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For starters, 52-year-old Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto became the nation’s first Latina Senator after beating Representative Joe Heck. A granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant and a former Nevada attorney general, Catherine will replace Democratic minority leader Senator Harry Reid.

Meanwhile in California, State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris was elected as the state’s first freshman Senator in 24 years. Harris is the first black politician to represent California, the second black woman ever to join the Senate, and the first woman ever elected as California attorney general. The Democratic daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants will be replacing the retiring Democrat Barbara Boxer.

48 year-old Tammy Duckworth, a congresswoman from Illinois and the first disabled woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, won the race for US Senate. An Iraq War veteran, Duckworth served as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and suffered severe combat wounds, losing both of her legs.  She defeated incumbent Republican Senator Mark Kirk.

Ilhan Omar became the nation’s first Somali-American legislator after she won a House seat in Minnesota. The 34-year-old succeeded with 80% of the vote, making her an important representative of the largest Somali immigrant population in America.

Finally, Kate Brown was elected as the nation’s first openly LGBT governor in Oregon. Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey came out as gay in 2004, but he had already been elected – Brown, however, has made history as an outed bisexual woman.

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For all the yelling and whining about racist, bigoted, and a whole load of other epithets, it seems like the “Country” has moved along.


Will anyone in the media or politics admit this modest progress?

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POSITRACTION: A daytime refuge for homeless people

People Making a Difference
Difference Maker
A daytime refuge for homeless people: the duo behind the pioneering effort
In San Francisco, Laura Slattery and Tina Christopher open church doors to homeless people during the day. The women’s own lives have taken elaborate twists and turns.
By Patricia Leigh Brown, Contributor November 3, 2016 

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San Francisco — Tina Christopher’s day begins at 5:45 a.m. as she cleans the sidewalk in front of St. Boniface Catholic Church in the Tenderloin, the once-colorful vice district in San Francisco now better known as a province of the poor, the desperate, the addicted, and the down and out.

She picks up the food containers, the needles, the flattened bits of cardboard, and the wet shoes before making her daily announcement to an awaiting throng, some of them already asleep on the sidewalk. “All right my beautiful brothers and sisters!” Ms. Christopher says in her always-chipper voice. “Good morning! Time to get up! Wakey wakey!” Then she unlocks the church’s heavy iron gate.

Soon, St. Boniface’s 74 backmost pews will cradle some 150 homeless people seeking “sacred sleep,” the sound of snoring permeating the incense-filled room. Beneath the saints painted on the church’s glittering dome, they stretch out for nine hours of vital slumber, resting their heads on ad hoc sweatshirt and T-shirt pillows or sometimes their folded hands. For a brief moment, their faces, beatific and babylike in sleep, do not betray the nights of fearful wandering and the way concrete seeps into a person’s bones and stays there.

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It’s sad that this has to be a heroic effort.

Perhaps if we had stronger churches and more “Christians” this would be uncommon.



So sad. So glad that there are people like these.

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POSITRACTION: Tiny House Village


First Detroit Tiny House Village Lets Tenants Rent to Own
by McKinley Corbley – Oct 20, 2016

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There are already tiny house neighborhoods popping up around the United States to house the homeless – but this Detroit initiative will be the first where its residents can rent to own.

The nonprofit organization Cass Community Social Services is building 25 single-family homes from 250 to 400 square feet. Each $40,000 architectural design is unique to itself – no two finished products look the same.

Each building will be rented to a tenant for one third of their monthly income under a year-long lease. After three years of renewing leases, they have the ability to sign a four-year land contract under which they pay off those collected years. By the end of the total seven years paying rent, they will have essentially bought themselves a house to own.

*** and ***

Half of the tenants are expected to be homeless, with the other half comprising of seniors and college students – and since all the homeowners will be able to decide who moves into the neighborhood in the future, the community’s atmosphere is one of cooperation and support.

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I was all on board — not that that matters much — until “all the homeowners decide who moves in”. 

Sounds like “communism” but a better idea than living of the streets in poverty and tumult.

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POSITRACTION: Social media delivers a save


Tip Saves Olympic Swimmer From Skin Cancer
 by McKinley Corbley – Oct 21, 20160

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Skin cancer is one of the most common and treatable forms of cancer in the world – but if gone unchecked, it can still be life-threatening.

That’s why Olympic swimmer Mackenzie “Mack” Horton is grateful that he has a guardian angel out there watching over him.

During the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games, someone emailed the swim team doctor and said that the 20-year-old Australian athlete should get a mole on his chest looked at.

The anonymous spectator turned out to be correct in identifying the spot as cancerous.

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Great save by the social media.

Everyone should take any strange moles or their pictures to heart!

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POSITRACTION: Tom Woods listeners are amazing


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How about this: my listeners just paid to have a house built for a poor widow.

Likisana cares for her three grandchildren, all of whom are orphans, and one of whom is an epileptic.

After Gret Glyer, creator of the amazing DonorSee app, appeared on my show, he tweeted out a challenge to my listeners: build this woman a house.

Within days, it was done.

“The Tom Woods house is starting construction today!” Gret wrote four days ago.

With DonorSee, donors can evaluate specific projects, and then see the results of their donations in real time.

Gret’s goal is to fund one project in every country in the world before the end of the year.

Here are Likisana and her grandchildren thanking you generous folks:

I emailed it last week, but if you missed it, you MUST hear my conversation with Gret Glyer, who created this truly world-changing app:

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Now that’s charity in action.

Hope I can find more details or other coverage.

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