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Interesting way to start the week

POSITRACTION: “And who is my neighbor?”


Teens Shoveling Snow For Cash Save Stranger’s Life
by McKinley Corbley – Jan 10, 2017

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These four teens were just looking to shovel some driveways in exchange for pocket money – but while they were going door to door, they found something much more important.

Coby, Rebecca, Marcello, and Jerry were for shoveling snow throughout their neighborhood in LaSalle, Colorado. When they knocked on one door in particular, however, they heard shouts for help.
An old man had apparently fallen to the ground in pain a few days previously and was unable to get up.

“You could clearly see he was in pain,” Zach Hill of the LaSalle Fire Department told NBC. “This gentleman had been there for, we’re not sure how long, and we don’t know how long he would’ve been there had they not knocked on the door so they had a huge part in getting him help.”

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I’m lucky. I have two “stalkers” — a fiancé and an niece-in-law — who keep track of me.

What about all the “old folks” who aren’t so lucky?

It would seem that good Christians would at least look out for the neighbors?

“And who is my neighbor?”

The parable of the Good Samaritan.

Funny how things just seem to come back around.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Slackliner pro saves a skier


Home Heroes Tightrope Walker Scales Ski Wire to Rescue Dangling Man
by McKinley Corbley – Jan 6, 20170

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What could have been a horrifying ski accident turned into a larger than life rescue thanks to a tightrope artist jumping into action.

An unidentified skier was riding a lift chair up a mountain at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado when he attempted to disembark the unit and got his backpack stuck on the rigging. Instead of skiing away from the lift, he went around the bullwheel and was sent back down the mountain. But after the lift operator turned off the machine, disaster struck.

Due to his struggling, the backpack straps slipped up to the man’s neck, cutting off his air supply until he fell unconscious.

Luckily, 28-year-old Mickey Wilson, a part-time ski instructor and professional slackliner, was riding in the chair behind him.

Mickey and the other nearby skiers attempted to make a human tower to reach the man, whom he described as a “friend of a friend”. When they kept toppling off of each other, however, Mickey had “a eureka moment”.

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What a great thing to save another human being.

The fact that it was done in such an unusual maker is really “neat” and essential to the rescue.

I guess we should always be alert to help out fellow human beings!

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POSITRACTION: Uber Driver Saves Teen


Uber Driver Saves Teen From Sex Trafficking Ring
by McKinley Corbley – Dec 30, 20160

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What started out as a normal Uber driving shift for Keith Avila turned into an incredible rescue of a 16-year-old girl from a child sex trafficking ring.

Keith was working on Monday night in Sacramento, California when he picked up two women and a young girl. While driving them to a Holiday Inn, he started hearing the adults openly instruct the teen on how to interact with “John” at the hotel. Their instructions reportedly included telling her to “pat him down for weapons while hugging him” and “get the donation from him” before anything happened.

Keith, being the smart man that he is, dropped the women off, drove around the corner, and called the cops.

Police officers arrived at the scene in minutes, arresting the two pimps – Destiny Pettway and Maria Westley – and the man that they were meeting. The teen was apparently a runaway who was then rescued and taken into temporary housing while law enforcement located her family.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”— attributed to Edmund Burke 

In this case, he’s a “good man” who could have turned a blind eye and deaf ear.

Now I hope these ne’er-do-wells get the proverbial book thrown at them.

If he doesn’t get a reward, I hope the Universe let’s him win the Lotto.

Uber should be proud to have such a driver. 

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POSITRACTION: A Customer passes along “God’s money”


Pregnant Waitress in Dire Straits Sees Christmas Miracle With $900 Tip
by McKinley Corbley – Dec 24, 2016

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After falling on hard times with a baby on the way and her fiancé out of work because of a knee injury, Sarah Clark was struggling to make ends meet.

That is, until one of her regular customers tipped the waitress $900 during one of her shifts at Pita Jungle in Phoenix, Arizona.

Although the woman left before Sarah was able to thank her, the customer’s gift came with a note reading: “This is God’s money. He gave it to us so we could give it to you. God bless.”

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Guess that’s “laying up treasure in Heaven”.

Have you heard that old Irish adage about “good works only count if done in secret”.

(Funny, I learned that from my maternal English Protestant grandmother who wanted to teach me about my maternal grandfather’s “heathen Irish culture that has a few good points”. ROFL!)

Seriously, it was a mitzvah.

My little secret donations probably will never rise to that level and I sure hope they don’t get ANY publicity. I can’t afford to lose the “credit” as I try to sneak in a side door at the Pearly Gates.

Actions like this point out imho just how charitable people are.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: All the Body Parts You Can Donate


INSPIRATIONAL: All the Body Parts You Can Donate

All the Body Parts You Can Donate to a Good Cause
Beth Skwarecki Tuesday 10:00am Filed to: BODY HACKS 

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Bone Marrow

Who needs it? People with leukemias and lymphomas, bone marrow diseases, and immune system disorders like SCID may need a bone marrow transplant. They can’t just use any bone marrow, either: the donor’s tissue type has to match the recipient’s. Most patients who need a transplant can’t find a family member whose tissue type is a close enough match to allow them to donate. That’s why registries are so important—maybe you are someone’s match.

Who can donate? Guidelines for who can donate bone marrow are similar to those for donating blood. In addition, you have to be a good tissue match for the person who needs bone marrow. People are most likely to match with someone else from their racial or ethnic background, so registries especially need people whose heritage is African, Latino, Native American, Asian, or mixed race. Most doctors will request a donor who is under 45 years old, since younger people’s cells make for more successful transplants.

How to donate: Sign up for the National Marrow Donor Program. As part of the registration process, you will swab your cheek and send the swab for testing. This is how they know what tissue type you are. Once you are on the registry, there’s about a 1 in 500 chance that you will end up being somebody’s marrow donor.

There are two ways you might be asked to donate. The older method is a surgery where you get a giant needle in your hip. It’s great for medical TV, but not very common anymore. These days it’s more likely that you will get five daily injections of a medication called filgrastim that causes your bone marrow to release stem cells into your blood. When you donate, a machine will spend several hours filtering those cells out of your blood. In the meantime you can watch movies and chat with friends. If you’ve been put off of donating bone marrow because you were afraid it was a huge, painful needle, don’t be.

*** end quote ***

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season?

Helping your fellow human being.

Will it hurt? Maybe. But imagine how it would be to be on the other side of it. Needing but not having a donor.

Wish I was under 45.

Maybe because Our Girl Frau Reinke passed away from an unknown blood disease makes this more impact with me. 

p.s., I’m a platelet and organ donor. (Platelet donations is a two hour process where, I swear, they remove them from your butt via a handy vein. I know it comes from one’s butt because that’s the only part of me that hurts. And, no, I am NOT supine on my wallet, funny people!)

Give life.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Kindness is its own reward


Former Nazi PoW Leaves His $500K Estate to Scottish Town That Showed Him Kindness
by McKinley Corbley – Dec 3, 2016

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Heinrich Steinmeyer was taken as a prisoner of war during his service as a Nazi soldier in WWII. His time as a PoW, however, provided him with friendships that would last until his death at age 90.

When he was 19, Heinrich was held at the camp in Cultybraggan, Comrie, Scotland and was stunned by the kindness he was shown despite his sordid military background. After the war ended, he frequently returned to Comrie to visit the people who befriended him.

When he died in 2013, he left his entire $488,000 estate to Scotland.

*** end quote ***

It doesn’t say what his “sordid military background” was, but I think the photo is of an SS uniform.

Hard to imagine what a 19 year old could do that was “sordid”. But as we see today, anything seems possible.

I’d say that the Scotts must have had a positive effect on him and he repaid them.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Saving lives is great; simple checklist is a God send


Simple Checklist Leads to 82% Drop in Mental Health Patient Suicides
by Good News Network – Dec 4, 2016

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A new study shows a sharp decline in suicides at Veterans Affairs inpatient mental health units from 2000 to 2015, thanks to the Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist.

The checklist, introduced into the VA in 2007 and used by more than 150 VA hospitals nationwide, guides staff in eliminating physical hazards at the mental health inpatient units which raise the risk of patient suicide or self-harm.

The researchers found a sustained reduction in inpatient suicides during the last seven years in the study period, with none occurring each of the last three years.

 The checklist focuses on architectural and other physical-environment changes. Earlier analyses had shown that most attempted or completed suicides on inpatient units were linked to these hazards–for example, a hook or other anchor point that could be using for hanging.

*** end quote ***

Someone did good work here. All the negative stories about the VA aside, they should get kudos for this idea.

Now how can we expand on that? 

Is every hospital using these type of checklists?

There is a great book “Checklist Manefesto” that I bought for all my subordinates at the time. 

Hope everyone can prevent suicides and other premature loss of lives. I do it by driving carefully and saying a prayer for the “anal sphincters” who drive suicidally.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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