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Interesting way to start the week

POSITRACTION: Kansas City Community Kitchen really serves the homeless


This Soup Kitchen Is Disguised As A Restaurant So The Homeless Can Dine With Dignity
March 4, 2016

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The Kansas City Community Kitchen is changing the way soup kitchens serve food. The process includes greeters and servers just like a typical sit-down restaurant, which makes the homeless feel like part of the community.

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The menu was created by executive chef Michael Curry, the owner of the Kansas City restaurant, Lil’ Bubba, who once lived in poverty and ate at soup kitchens himself.

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What a great idea!

From the video, it looks like I’d like to dine there.

At least, maybe we should patronize the fellow’s public restaurant.

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POSITRACTION: Caring for a porcupine — I guess carefully

2016-Jul-08 > Family > Pets
A mother like no other
She’s never had puppies of her own, but this sweet Labrador has been a mother to a variety of different animals.
LAURA MOSSO October 21, 2011, 1:31 p.m.

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Hall and his wife, Nadine, said they noticed early on that regardless of the whether Lisha encountered a kitten or a baby hippo, she treated them all the same — like a child that needed a mother. “She would just walk up and lick the creature she was caring for. Although in the case of the porcupine that was more amusing,” Rob Hall told The Daily Mail.

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Isn’t “motherhood” something that is “universal”?

Talk about instinct. Talk about compassion. Even talk about birth rate replacement rates.

Killing babies, while at times in the wild of nature is unavoidable, is “unthinkable” in a civilized society.

Or at least, it was.

Or, should be.

Think about all the contributions that could have been made by “defectives”.

My morality or insight was formed in both a stupid computer game “Colossal Cavern” and the “juvenile” SciFi works of Heinlein. 

I remembering him writing something like that the genetic advancement of human civilization was more important than the current government maintaining its position.

Today, I’m much more “simple”. Don’t kill what you can’t recreate. (Hence my position on the death penalty.)

So sad, that “we” have killed so many babies.

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POSITRACTION: True charity — he didn’t know it’d be picked up by MLB


Fan Scored a Baseball From the Ballgirl, but It’s What He Did With It After That Is Causing a Stir
Jun. 25, 2015 2:45am Oliver Darcy

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A Boston Red Sox fan’s gesture Wednesday night received praise after video of him giving a game ball away to a child seated in his area was posted online by Major League Baseball.

When the ballgirl handed the fan the baseball, cameras captured him walk over and hand the ball to a kid in his section.

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This had an impact on me.

Brought back a memory of my sainted wife — she had to be; she put up with me.

We were at a MLB game — I forget where or with who — and my wife caught a “hot grounder” into our seats — after I astutely got the hell out of the way of it — she was the athlete — caught it clean with one hand.

She looked at it, and proceed to give it to a kid a few rows away.

I guess I looked at her funny. And, she said: “I always wanted to catch one. Now I did. I’ll always have the memory; he’ll have the ball.”

Watching this video makes me remember.


But, she got her dream. Sadly. I don’t have mine.

But, on my point, what we do for others touches so many people that we can clearly see and many that we can’t.

Hope that young man doesn’t change!

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POSITRACTION: Catholic Schools Need … …


Bishop: Catholic Schools Need New Financial Models to Survive 
Justin Petrisek / June 14, 2016 / News

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Catholic Education About More Than Tuition

“I can see the spiritual and evangelization value of the Catholic school,” Bishop Barber told the Newman Society, noting his hope that the schools in his diocese would continue to play a critical role in faithfully educating its students, fostering vocations and participating in the Church’s mission of evangelization.

“The Catholic school is an extension of the Catholic Church. If the schools are not Catholic and teaching the Catholic faith, then the Catholic Church should not be operating them,” he said. Catholic schools should remain, above all else, focused on handing on the faith and introducing students to becoming disciples in the faith.

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Nice to see that the leadership is open to changing their thinking.

Might be too little to late?

I’ve often thought that “publik eddy cation” was the camel’s nose under the tent. 

Add to that the Prussian “education” system was intended to create cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite. Notice where the elite send their children to school!

The elite then looked the other way on the pedophilla scandal and the Church leadership didn’t fight “free public education”.

Still in all, the children are the key to the future. 

And, possibly the key to if Catholicism and Liberty survive?

One can only hope and donate!

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POSITRACTION: A simple cheap blood test could show risks


Blood test shows chance of suffering heart attack within five years  
Some people appear to have strong immune systems which protect them from heart attacks  
CREDIT: ALAMY Sarah Knapton, science editor 20 JUNE 2016 • 12:01AM

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A simple blood test could warn people whether they are likely to suffer a heart attack within five years, scientists believe.

Researchers have discovered that high levels of antibodies – molecules produced by the immune system – are linked to a low risk of heart problems, regardless of other risk factors.

Currently doctors use information such as age, sex, medical history, cholesterol levels and blood pressure to calculate the risk of future heart problems.

But the new test looks for levels of protective IgG antibodies which seem to shield the body from a heart attack even when cholesterol and blood pressure is high.

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While we pretend to “know” so much, here’s a factoid that has been hidden from out “eyes”.

How many folks could have been saved if this was available sooner?

Even more important, how much time, energy, and resources could have been refocused from the “treatment” who don’t need it to those that do.

Like the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”, “those people” waste time, energy, and resources on a counter productive “solution”.

Hopefully, the human race will get “smarter”, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

There’s too much “pride” to get in the way.

And, we have so much to be humble about.

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POSITRACTION: Ice Cream Shop Worker Stands Up for Muslim Girls


Ice Cream Shop Worker Stands Up for Muslim Girls When Man Bullies Them (WATCH)
by Terry Turner – Jun 2, 2016

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The man had been spouting racist and religious insults when Noah stepped in, giving him his money back and kicking him out of Andrew’s Ice Cream and Dessert in Orange County.

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“First they came …” is a famous statement and provocative poem attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power and the subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.…

Worst thing that can happen is when “we” turn on each other. Failing to stand up others is the same as “turning on them”.

I hope that Jaspers would always have the courage and opportunity to stand up.

I firmly believe that Catholics are on the list of minorities that the Politically Correct “Secular Progressive” Social Justice Warriors would like to see “go away”!

And, they might just have their way if “we” don’t speak up.

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POSITRACTION: Treat Cataracts Without Surgery


Researchers Develop ‘Holy Grail’ Eye Drop to Prevent, Treat Cataracts Without Surgery
by Good News Network – May 24, 2016

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For the millions of people whose vision is clouded by cataracts, surgery had been the only option, but in a few years we may be able to treat, and even prevent the debilitating condition with simple eyedrops.

Researchers at Louisiana State University have formulated drops made of nanoparticles that are able to efficiently deliver into the eye lens the natural substance called lutein–which is plentiful in youthful eyes, but diminishes in old age.

Professor Cristina Sabliov and assistant professor Carlos Astete in the LSU AgCenter Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering found a way to use nanoparticles to make the plant-based anti-oxidant more absorbent for humans.

*** end quote ***

We are given the tools to solve a lot of our problems.

How much more can be discovered?

Why don’t we focus on the real problems humanity has rather than the trivial stuff?

Because as a species, maybe we are just stupid.

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