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POSITRACTION: Here’s down and dirty in “police work”


Officer Becomes Hero to Neighborhood Kids After Sitting Down to Play With Girls Who ‘Were Afraid of Cops’
By McKinley Corbley – Feb 22, 2019

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Corporal C.B. Fleming may not run around the city wearing a cape and mask, but the neighborhood kids still call him Batman.

The 42-year-old police officer is something of a local celebrity in South Hill, Virginia. He was given the affectionate nickname after he spent an afternoon ensuring that a group of children felt safe following a gas leak.

Fleming was just one of the emergency crew members who arrived at Iesha Roper-Boswell’s home in response to the dispatch call last week. Once the house was deemed safe, he started chatting with Roper-Boswell.

As they talked, the 28-year-old mother mentioned to Fleming that her daughter, niece, and fellow neighborhood kids were afraid of cops.

She was then stunned when – shortly after their conversation – she saw Fleming lying in the grass so he could play with the children. Not only that, the kids were happy to have another playmate, regardless of his uniform.

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Now that’s getting down and dirty in “police work”.

For every “bad cop”, good Police Officers have to work a hundred times harder to make up for it.

Hope he’s recognized for this good deed.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POSITRACTION: Teacher Sees Boy — Helps to Save His A Life


When Teacher Sees Boy Cycling Down the Highway, She Turns Around and Helps to Save His Dad’s Life
By McKinley Corbley-Feb 13, 2019

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Meanwhile, elementary school teacher Keller Sutherland told WSPA that she had been having a lousy day. Upon questioning her career decisions, she had left school earlier than usual and started driving home when she saw a boy riding his bike through traffic.

Her instincts told her to turn her car around and check on the boy – and she was stunned to find that the youngster was actually a former student of hers: Cameron.

Cameron told Sutherland about his predicament and she did her best to keep him calm. Once paramedics were called to the scene, Cameron gave them directions to his house so they could help his father.

Thanks to emergency responders delivering the necessary injections to Cameron’s dad, his blood sugar levels quickly returned to normal – and Sutherland says the whole experience renewed her faith in her profession.

“There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” Sutherland told WSPA.

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It’s important that we are always on the alert to take advantage of any and all opportunities to be of service.

Always listen to your inner voice or gut reaction.

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POSITRACTION: Pulling a “Steve Bradbury” — Never heard this story before


What is the greatest upset in sports history?

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I won’t say it’s the greatest upset in sports history, but since Steve Bradbury is mentioned and this is basically pulling a Bradbury at the time… Cliff Young.

Every year, Australia hosts 543.7-mile (875-kilometer) endurance racing from Sydney to Melbourne. It is considered among the world’s most grueling ultra-marathons. The race takes five days to complete and is normally only attempted by world-class athletes who train specially for the event.

In 1983, a man named Cliff Young showed up at the start of this race. Cliff was 61 years old and wore overalls and work boots. To everyone’s shock, Cliff wasn’t a spectator. He picked up his race number and joined the other runners.

All of the professional athletes knew that it took about 5 days to finish the race. In order to compete, one had to run about 18 hours a day and sleep the remaining 6 hours.

Cliff kept running. Each night he came a little closer to the leading pack. By the final night, he had surpassed all of the young, world-class athletes. He was the first competitor to cross the finish line and he set a new course record.

When Cliff was awarded the winning prize of $10,000, he said he didn’t know there was a prize and insisted that he did not enter for the money. He ended up giving all of his winnings to several other runners, an act that endeared him to all of Australia.

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Wow!  Talking about a stunning paradigm shifting story.

I’ve never heard of it before.  Or all the collateral observations.

Stunning that there can be that much of an upset in anything.

What other things could we do, if we didn’t have pre-conceived notions of what is possible?

“Baby Elephants”!

What Baby Elephants Can Teach Us About Human Freedom


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POSITRACTION: Being reminded about what to do


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Uses Private Jet to Reunite Mom With Sons Who Were Abducted to Syria
By McKinley Corbley – Feb 3, 2019

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Kindness is now “just another brick in the wall” of Roger Waters’ amazing career since he helped facilitate an emotional family reunion for a mother and sons separated for four years.

Felicia Perkins-Ferreira has not had a good night’s sleep on the Caribbean island of Trinidad since her two sons were abducted from home by their father.

The boys, now 7 and 11 years old, were brought to Syria in 2014 where their father was fighting for the Islamic State. After he was presumed killed in conflict in 2017, the boys were taken to the border by their stepmother—but then abandoned on the side of the road, only to end up in a Syrian refugee camp.

A human rights lawyer named Clive Stafford Smith heard about the family’s plight, and reached out to his friend for help—Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters.

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“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” reads Luke 12:48 in the King James Version

If you have heard that line of wisdom, you know it means we are held responsible for what we have. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, and the like, it isexpected that we benefit others.

In this case, I am reminded that there is much more I can do.

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POSITRACTION: Coal Miners Retrained as Beekeepers


Appalachian Coal Miners Who Lost Their Jobs Are Being Retrained as Beekeepers – for Free
By Ryan Morris-Feb 3, 2019

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With the slow decline of the coal industry, West Virginia residents are enthusiastically taking to bee-keeping as an alternative new source of income

Over the course of the last 28 years, high-paying mining jobs have dwindled from 132,000 to 53,000, and former mineworkers have found themselves in need of a new occupation.

Now, a recently-formed nonprofit called the Appalachian Beekeeping Collective has offered a solution for the economic hardship in the region.

So far, the organization has trained 35 beekeepers, with plans to train another 50 during the upcoming weeks. Once the budding beekeepers complete the free training, they are also given all the equipment they will need for their new profession.

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Seems like humans are infinitely adaptable.  And, no Gooferment involvement?  A need being filled by smart people.  Very impressive.

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POSITRACTION: 9-Year-old gives his shoes to a Homeless Boy


Watch 9-Year-old Rush to Take Off His Shoes So He Can Give Them to a Homeless Boy on the Street
By Good News Network – Jan 24, 2019

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While adults are working to provide housing for the homeless, this youngster took it upon himself to give a little boy his shoes and socks.

9-year-old Cheikh Faizal was walking with his father through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last week when they passed a transit station that is often frequented by homeless people.

Cheikh then spotted a barefooted homeless boy sitting with his mother on the street. According to Chekih’s father Sofian, his son felt compelled to help the youngster because he looked about the same age as Cheikh.

Cheikh then ran to the boy’s side, sat down, and removed his sneakers and socks so he could personally put them on the feet of his new friend. Not only that, he gave the boy several kisses on the cheek before continuing down the street with his father.

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Unfortunately here in the USA, there are so many frauds, how can you know what’s real?$500-purse-iphone-x/5191992/

Guess the best one can do is help your neighbors you know to be in need or give to the Salvation Army or such.


It shouldn’t be that hard.

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POSITRACTION: Watch Golden Retriever Lead Ambulance


Watch Golden Retriever Lead Ambulance Through a Maze of Alleyways to Save His Owner
By Good News Network – Jan 23, 2019
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Paramedics may have had a very difficult time locating their patient if it had not been for a devoted Golden retriever who was waiting to show them the way to its owner.

The Chinese emergency crew had received a call about a garbage man who had collapsed in a residential alleyway in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province.

As their ambulance rushed through the narrow alleyways, a Golden Retriever suddenly appeared in front of the vehicle.

Instead of simply moving out of the ambulance’s path, however, it started to lead them in the direction of its collapsed owner.

Dashcam footage shows the dog anxiously looking over its shoulder several times in order to make sure the paramedics are following it before the pup picks up speed and runs through the maze of alleyways.

Thanks to the dog’s clever hand in the rescue, paramedics were able to find the man and bring him to the hospital for treatment.

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Still don’t believe in Guardian Angels or Divine Providence?

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