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QUADRANGLE: Campus Chapel in Need of Repairs


Campus Chapel in Need of Repairs

Posted on October 8, 2019 by The Quadrangle in News, Top Stories


Since it was built in the late 19th century, Manhattan College has proudly shown the Chapel of De La Salle to prospective students and parents. Recently, however, students who frequent the chapel have noticed caution tape wrapped around a number of the pews inside. During this year’s Fall Convocation, which was held in the chapel, a few students even found drywall atop their seats in the pews.

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“I have so many good memories there. It’s disheartening to see that not everybody cares about the chapel as much as I do,” she said.

In the meantime, Matthew McManness, vice president of finance and chief financial officer of Manhattan College, is the process of getting estimates on the repair of the roof, facade and parapet. Hopefully, this will remove any of the water issues in the chapel.

Once estimates are received, we can count on some progress for De La Salle.

“Work will begin as safely and as soon as possible,” McManness confirmed.

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[JR: Well, that’s upsetting to hear.]

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QUADRANGLE: Quad seems to have moved?


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[JR: Interesting move?]

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QUADRANGLE: Jasper Jottings Connects Alumni


Jasper Jottings Connects Alumni
Posted on March 15, 2019 by The Quadrangle in Features
by TAYLOR BRETHAUER, Senior Writer

It’s no surprise that the alumni network of Jaspers around the world is a strong one. But where is the best place for any and all alums to find up-to-date knowledge on old friends? That would be

The blog was started by Ferdinand J. Reinke, a graduate of the class of 1968, “back before I can remember” in his words. He now runs it with help from Mike McEneney ‘53 and Philip J. Colon ‘62.

The purpose of the blog came out of inspiration from a co-worker of Reinke’s. He explains, “I was energized by a co-worker from Duke where there was an extremely active networking effort. I felt we should have one too. Unfortunately, that never seemed to take root.”

He wasn’t seeing a response for a stronger network, where every former student of Manhattan College could see what the others were up to all compiled in one place. Thus, he took it upon himself and the Jasper Jottings was born.

Anyone visiting the site for the first time will see many blog entries ranging from letters written in to Reinke and his team inquiring about fellow classmates or press releases and articles written about Jaspers and their accomplishments. Each person named is formatted as such: “Last Name, First Name [MC####].” The pound signs are the year they graduated.

Specific posts are also labeled as such: for e-mails from alums, JEMAIL. For obituaries or death notices, JOBIT. For news about a specific person, JFOUND. There are many other headers, but these are the most common.

But how does this information seemingly fall into Reinke’s lap? That’s the power of the Internet.

“Each day, I have about ten Internet searches I run and collect anything interesting. On Saturday I compile it into a e-mail blast. It takes about an hour per day average. My fellow alum [McEneney], looks up all the missing class years he can find for me. [Colon] runs a prayer group that picks up my feed and often supplies prayer requests that he gets,” said Reinke.

He’s become a kind of celebrity in the Jasper world. He tells a story of when he was introduced as the “Jasper Jottings” guy at a friend’s party.

“There were several young alums and he introduced me as ‘Jasper Jottings’ and their response was fantastic. Made it all worthwhile. Several said they read every issue and especially enjoyed reading about folks’ careers in the obits. It gave them ideas what to pursue. [I] felt like a rock star,” said Reinke.

Don’t think that Reinke is doing this for the fame or recognition, though. He genuinely wants to give back to the community.

Plus, he definitely attains this goal. He says that about once a year, he’s able to put old friends back in touch through his posts.

Most of all, he is highlighting the amazing work Jaspers have been doing since leaving their alma mater. On the site’s “about” page, it says, “Jasper Jottings is an unofficial irreverent free-wheeling chronology of what the Manhattan College community is seen doing on the web. It’s a hobby. But over the years, they have impressive accomplishments. So [to] some extent, this is their applause.”

His next goal with the site is to invite any and all undergraduates to subscribe to his site. To do so, visit, where you can enter your e-mail address on the right-hand column. Reinke sends out e-mail blasts every week.

If you’re looking for an efficient journal of all Jasper accomplishments, look no further than Jasper Jottings.

Or take it from Reinke, a prime example of a dedicated Jasper, who says, “I feel that I got more than I deserved from my education. And, I am just trying to pay it back in a small way.”

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QUADRANGLE: Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission


Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission
Posted on March 5, 2019 by The Quadrangle in Opinions & Editorials
by Rose Brennan, A&E Editor

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As many of us are likely aware, the Manhattan College chapter of the Knights of Columbus is being reactivated. It has been well-advertised, especially at weekly Sunday masses, which I attend, as I am a practicing Catholic. I was led to believe that the Knights of Columbus was simply a social group for Catholic men, and I was not opposed to it. In fact, this was originally supposed to be an article about the reactivation of the chapter.

So last Sunday, I picked up a few pamphlets for some preliminary information about the organization before I endeavored to write an article about it. I read some of them, and I was absolutely disgusted.

In one of the pamphlets distributed to students, possible activities for the Knights were listed. Most of the activities were harmless, and good-natured, but some of them were titled “Life Programs,” and this is where my support for another Catholic organization on campus completely dissipated.

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[JR: I don’t usually cover the Quadrangle since it not of obvious interest to alums. This I think is worth a read.]

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QUADRANGLE: Weikel, Scott [MC1994] remembers Brother President


Letter to the Editor: A Reflection On My Time with Brother Thomas Scanlan
Posted on February 26, 2018 by The Quadrangle in Letters, Opinions & Editorials, Top Stories
The following letter to the editor was sent by Manhattan College alum Scott Weikel, class of 1994. It has been lightly edited for publication.

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QUADRANGLE: Sophomore Publishes Book on Depression


Sophomore Julia Danielowski Publishes Book on Depression
Posted on February 18, 2018 by The Quadrangle in Features

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Manhattan College sophomore and philosophy major Julia Danielowski has a past that she isn’t letting define her. During a battle with depression, Danielowski decided it was time to do something with what she knows and what she has experienced, in a way that is beneficial to others who are either experiencing something similar, the same, or people who are unfamiliar to depression overall.

Danielowski’s book, “The Great Part About Depression,” documents the journey of her personal journey dealing with mental illness. Growing up, Danielowski always felt as if she was different from others. However, she decided to make her mission to conquer depression itself. The goal of her book– to get across the idea that mental illness doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

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[JR: What an achievement. Turning a “handicap” into a “success”.]

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QUADRANGLE: Athanasidy Patrice Liquori (MC1988) Fall of 1987 about Brother President


Quadrangle Flashback: Brother Thomas Scanlan
Posted on February 12, 2018 by The Quadrangle in College, News, Top Stories
The following profile on Brother Thomas Scanlan, F.S.C., was initially published in The Quadrangle’s 63rd volume of the print edition during the fall of 1987. Br. Thomas passed away Sunday, Feb. 4 at the age of 72. The piece was published under the editorship of Patrice Athanasidy, a current MC adjunct professor of journalism. It has been lightly edited.

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Athanasidy Patrice Liquori (MC1988)

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