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QUADRANGLE: “The Day the Music Died”?


The Day the Music Died: Manhattan College DJs Axed by Residence Life
Posted on September 26, 2017 by Joe Liggio in Campus Life, News

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[JR: “The Day the Music Died”? Not even close. That label is reserved. “Donna” has to be one of the most gut wrenching songs ever written. Reminds me of @tswift13’s songs. Argh!]  

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This one perhaps a bit less politically incorrect so it may stay up there…

The title of your article (The Day the Music Died: Manhattan College DJs Axed by Residence Life) reminded me of one of my very early experiences at MC, back in 1969/70.  The little student union cafe at that time was called Plato’s Cave, and I was there with a girlfriend.   Some guy was playing the guitar for the crowd of about 20 or 30 of us and at one point he asked that if anyone was recording he’d like them not to record because he wanted to play a song that he hadn’t quite finished working on and hadn’t played in public yet.  
Don MacLean then launched into American Pie and we all gave him a great round of applause!
Michael J. McFadden
Peace Studies, 1973
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QUADRANGLE: Sullivan, Natalie [MC2014] disagrees with “fraudulent generation”


Posted on February 21, 2017 by The Quadrangle in Letters, Opinions & Editorials 

NATALIE SULLIVAN, Class of 2014 writes:

My name is Natalie Sullivan, and I am an alumnus of Manhattan College as well as the former editor-in-chief of the Quadrangle.

I am writing to express my disappointment in Manhattan College’s lack of response to the recent video of MC’s basketball coach, Steve Masiello, calling millennials a “fraudulent generation” who gets frustrated when things don’t go their way – much like Masiello did in this tantrum after losing to Siena.

When I saw this video posted to friends’ and fellow alumni’s Facebook walls, I was humiliated. As a student who was a senior when the Jaspers made it to the NCAA championship, when Masiello was found to have lied on his resume about his college education, I am truly astonished by Manhattan College’s lack of a suitable response to both, and as to why this PR nightmare is permitted to continue publicly embarrassing our school.

Masiello’s comments in this video are especially disturbing, having known and attended classes with some of the individuals that he coached who certainly were not given everything on a silver platter, and did not give up as soon as things did not go their way, as Masiello implied in his statement.

When I tell people that I got my degree from Manhattan College, I would like to hear about our world-class engineering program, or growing and thriving communications program, or our extensive community outreach. Instead, the first thing to come to many people’s mind are the incidents with our basketball coach.
I would like to remind Mr. Masiello that when he speaks in a public forum, he is the face of Manhattan College – both current students and alumni – whether he likes it or not. His opinions in this video do not reflect my own, and do not reflect the opinions of my beloved professors and fellow alumni of the school, and yet this is the reputation that has been forced upon us and has now been written about and broadcast on national and global news networks.

As one of the highest paid staff on Manhattan College’s payroll, Mr. Masiello should feel obligated to represent the quality education offered by our school, and vouch for the great character that I know to be true of the students and staff at Manhattan College, instead of publicly bashing us and accusing us of being fraudulent.

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Sullivan, Natalie [MC2014]

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QUADRANGLE: Remembering Brother James “Santiago” Miller — a Servant of God


Murder of a Lasallian Educator: Remembering Brother James “Santiago” Miller
Posted on February 13, 2017 by The Quadrangle in Features 
By Aaron Mayorga, Editor

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35 years ago this week, on the afternoon of February 13, 1982, Brother James A. Miller, F.S.C. – known affectionately by the locals as Hermano Santiago – was repairing a wall just outside

“La Casa Indígena De La Salle” or “The Indian Center.” Standing atop a step-ladder, Miller echoed his everyman roots as he worked to patch the damaged wall. Having been born to a family of farmers near Stevens Point, Wis., it was emblematic of Miller’s character to find the 6-foot-2-inch, 220-pound missionary working with his hands.

Amidst the violence and terror of the Guatemalan Civil War, the Indian Center was thought to be a sanctuary from all the bloodshed, which was tucked away in the picturesque highlands of western Guatemala. Located over 150 miles from Guatemala City, an 18-hour trip by bus, it seemed unfathomable that tragedy would strike Huehuetenango – the city in which the Indian Center was situated.

That is, until it did.

As Miller worked, an automobile carrying three hooded gunmen sped past. Unloading their entire magazines at the Christian Brother from point-blank range, Miller was struck and killed instantly. According to Sister Madeleva Manzanares Suazo, who worked in a nearby hospice and rushed to his side after hearing the gunshots, the 37-year old Wisconsin native was dead before he hit the ground.

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[JR: Requiescat In Pacem]  

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QUADRANGLE: Without the lens of misogyny


Lotus Magazine Finalizes 2017 Editorial Board
Posted on January 22, 2017 by The Quadrangle in Arts & Entertainment, News
by Rose Brennan Asst. Editor

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Production is underway for Manhattan College’s first women’s lifestyle magazine.  Masthead positions have been assigned for the Lotus Magazine 2017 editorial board.

The board is a series of leadership positions that oversee the production of the magazine, and consists of a managing editor, two executive editors, four section editors, a photography director, an art director and a technology director.

All positions will be presided over by Melissa Gallardo and Olivia Paladino, the magazine’s Editors-in-Chief.

“We manage our staff of editors, writers, photographers and models in production of a once-a-semester women’s empowerment magazine,” said Gallardo of her and Paladino’s position.  “We organize our weekly meetings with our staff and editorial board and oversee production and layout of the soon-to-be online magazine.”

*** and ***

The other section, Changing Outlooks, will focus mainly on women’s issues and health and will be supervised by junior Grace Ostolozaga.

“Our ultimate goal is to tell stories that focus on pressing issues, especially those that are typically told through the lens of misogyny or the male perspective, shame women in storytelling or are ignored altogether,” Ostolozaga said.

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I really didn’t think much about the story — other than it seemed like a good exercise in cooperation.

Until I got to the last comment.

Sounds like some “Secular Progressive” nonsense has infected Alma Mater.

I guess one of the better “story tellers” Carol King was ignored.


I’ll leave it at that.

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QUADRANGLE: Manhattan College Players put on two


A Manhattan College Players: A Preview of the Fall Semester
Posted on September 29, 2016 by MANHATTAN QUADRANGLE
By Haley Burnside, Staff Writer

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The Manhattan College Players are gearing up for another semester of production and drama. This fall, they will put on a mainstage play and a Murder Mystery Dinner.

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QUADRANGLE: Make MC Safe (Again?)???


Make MC Safe (Again?) – A Quad Staff Member Op-Ed
Posted on September 7, 2016 by MANHATTAN QUADRANGLE

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Editor’s Note: Several resident assistants were quoted anonymously in this op-ed, some of their names have been changed to protect their jobs and identities.

As part of Opening Weekend, incoming freshmen as well as transfer students are required to attend a “Fundamentals for First Year Students” presentation.

Some methods of this presentation caused a lot of frustration among various members of the student body.

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[JR: Seems to have some biased, strange, and possibly wrong advice. Quad does a good job on pointing them out.]  

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QUADRANGLE: The Alma Mater’s new website


College Launches New Website, with Mobile Users in Mind
Posted on August 30, 2016 by Stephen D. Zubrycky

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