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  3. Bob Insull '63

    You ask in your ENDNOTE from issue # 17 (4/27/14) if it’s too little, too late to “define the Church’s brand” by strictly enforcing Canon Law. My answer: It depends on whether that brand is the open inclusive love of Jesus or the rigid legalistic thinking that He scorned in the Pharisees of His time.


  4. Jeanne Marie guijarro

    HI! I was mentioned in April 2014 for my music business. I attended Manhattan College in 98 to 99. I was in Singers and Players and had a lead in the play “Company” as April, before I left due to depression. This doesn’t need to be stated, I just thought I would let you know. My father is from the Class of 63.


  5. reply to Don Costelo – MC parkway ws formerly Spyten Dyvil Parkway


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