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ENDNOTE: True “capitalism”, not the “crony”, not “public private partnerships”; just success and failure!


Khürt Williams
Jan 31, 2013
What was the greatest invention of the industrial revolution? Hans Rosling makes the case for the washing machine. With newly designed graphics from Gapminder, Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading.

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Yeah, the “War on Women” continues!

This is about allow human the freedom to “be all they can be”. 

True “capitalism”, not the “crony” <synonym for excrement> we have today, is about making everyone “free” to pursue their dreams. 

What we fail to realize is that “the rich” being as greedy as they can be ENABLE the human race to benefit.

SOOoo instead of figuring out how to make the world a better place, they are turned into folks trying to figure out how to keep what they got.


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ENDNOTE: Politicians’ “smart investments.”


EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Nancy Pelosi: Livin’ La Vida 1%
by Mike Flynn

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I believe Leader Pelosi on this. I think she really has dedicated her life to the 99% and 1%. Its just that her focus has been on using advocacy for the 99% to get into the 1%. And it seems to be working. In 2010, her last year as Speaker, her net worth exploded by 62%:

Pelosi’s drastic growth, from an initial $21.7 million in 2009, is attributed to recent stock gains and smart investments. Her husband reported raking in $1 million to $5 million last year from a sale of Apple stocks.

Funny how so many of these politicians make so many “smart investments.”

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Now, as a little L libertarian, I am all for EVERYONE working hard, doing good, and making millions. I’m for the freedom and liberty that “millions” can be denominated in whatever the individual deems important: Federal Reserve Note’s certificates of appreciation; units of recognition — Q rating like Donal Trump, the adulation of fame like Taylor Swift’s adoring teens tweens and fat old white guy injineers, or the teacher receiving the hugs of grateful students. Whatever floats your boat.

The politicians and bureaucrats, as well as all those who extract wealth corruptly from the process of Gooferment, seem to take advantage of their position.  Add that in to the Regulatory Capture of Wall Street. And, the Crony Capitalism and Corporate Welfare and you have the reason that those “smart investments” always seem to pay off.

Then, for the Speaker to “vacation” at a 10k$/day hotel while “supporting” “Occupy Wall Street” just puts a knot in my tummy. It’s OK for you to defraud us. Just don’t rub our noses in it.

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