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ENDNOTE: Will the “values” vote?


This came in from a Jasper.

I think.

I’m a lousy clerk. It came in from an email account I think has a Jasper on the other side of the glass.

“A great ad by the Roman Catholic Church.”

I asked for a confirmation.

But, regardless of authorship, it makes an excellent point.

Will “catholics” rally to defend the First Amendment?

I’m no saint. I’m sure of that!

I’m no patriot. I hope that, like brave men and women in history — Franz Jägerstätter comes to mine — I can stand tall when needed?

I’m not even a good “activist”. If I was, I’d be with the libertarian patriots in Keene NH working to create a “tipping point” in one small state.

Regardless of how “pure” a “catholic” you are or you think you are, this is going to be big “tipping point” imho!

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