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POSITRACTION: Lance Armstrong as a distraction


‘What’s the Global Brouhaha Over Lance Armstrong?’ « LewRockwell.com Blog »

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Bushco & boys can lie us into a war and slaughter millions and no action is taken – but let a bike racer drink a Red Bull or some such, and the world goes nuts. Go figure. (Hell, he still won desp…

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I agree. “who cares!” about any of these sports millionaires?

We have War, Abortion, Debt, Deficit, and Crony Capitalism galore.

I care far more about the young women and men killed, maimed, and scared with PTSD for life. Suicides off the charts.

Who cares about a little cheating or immorality?

Actually, I care because this is symptom of the larger problems.

And, when do we address ANY problems?

Everything gets “kicked down the road”.

Where does it end?

Here and now!

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