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JBLOGGER: Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957) breaks his toe



Posted on July 11, 2016 by keywestlou

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I can’t win!

I continue abusing my body.

Broke a little toe again. Last night. This time on a foot of the bed.

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[JR: I’ve stubbed my toe many time. Time for us injineers to re-engineer that “killer feature” out of existence.]  

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JGOOGLE+: Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957) conversation Tuesday @ 9pm


Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957)


Please join me for another great conversation! Tuesday @ 9pm. 

Tuesday Talk with Key West LouAlways an interesting perspective on everyday issues

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ENDNOTE: CIC’s response to Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957) about heroin



Posted on May 5, 2016 by keywestlou

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Afghanistanhas poppy fields galore. Poppy seeds become opium. The opium treated becomes heroin.

Today, the United States is facing its deadliest illicit drug epidemic in history. A heroin epidemic. Previous drug epidemics shade in comparison.

Afghanistan is responsible for 85 percent of the world’s opium production. A significant portion of that production has found its way to America’s streets.

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Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957)

[JR: I wrote this comment in response to Key West Lou’s frustration with the “heroin epidemic”.]  

Lou, Lou, Lou, for a smart Jasper lawyer, you are soooo naïve.

It’s all about money.

The “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” is about keeping: police, lawyers, jailers, politicians and bureaucrats fully employed. It’s a tacit conspiracy between “organized crime” and the Gooferment. (I would argue it’s just two “organized crime families” fighting it out!)

Marijuana should have never been outlawed. It was racist. And designed to protect the Hearst newsprint monopoly from cheap hemp fiber.

(And us little L libertarians would argue completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL! If alcohol prohibition required an amendment, then why didn’t “drug” prohibition require one? Argh!)

“Drug addiction” has been a problem of humanity since time immemorial. Only the Gooferment’s interference has made it a disaster of epic proportions. 

We agree that it should be treated as a medical problem; not a legal problem.

Most notably, Portugal seems to point to the solution — decriminalization.

Let the free market solve it. FIRST, WalMart can destroy the profitability of Drug Kingpin. Many studies have suggest that “drugs” would be cheaper than aspirin. And, infinitely “cleaner” an safer.  SECOND, since it nothing should be “outlawed”, “drugs” would lose their “kool” image. And if we take as the premise that you own your own body, then you and you alone should take FULL responsibility for what you put in it. THIRD, all the funds “wasted” on the law enforcement infrastructure can be returned to the taxpayer and made available to making treatment available to those who want it. 

(And this goes for alcohol too! One of the reasons given for drugs in Gooferment Skrules is that alcohol is too hard to get. And, btw, in case you haven’t noticed the Gooferment can’t keep drugs out of its prisons either!)

Alcohol prohibition ended effectively when juries refused to convict bootleggers. So to the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” will end when the same thing happens. Us little L libertarians believe “no victim; no crime”.

Hope this sways your opinion some.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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Afghanistanhas poppy fields galore. Poppy seeds become opium. The opium treated becomes heroin.

Today, the United States is facing its deadliest illicit drug epidemic in history. A heroin epidemic. Previous drug epidemics shade in comparison.

Afghanistan is responsible for 85 percent of the world’s opium production. A significant portion of that production has found its way to America’s streets.

GOOGLE+: Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957) has a call in show



2016 Apr 10 KWL
Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957)
Apr 10, 6:58 AM
Join me Tuesday @ 9pm. Lots to talk about! #newstalk #TuesdayTalk
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Call in to speak with the host

(646) 478-5731

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JEMAIL: Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957) reminds us about Addis Hope


Hello John

It has been a while since I made personal contact but I hope this finds everything going well with you and fellow Jaspers.

When thinking of our Addis Hope children of street families and worrying about providing for them, I’m encouraged by a scriptural passage from the prophet Isaiah (49:15) “Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget I will never forget you.

With that in mind, I am attaching a photo of typical children in our Addis Hope program in the hope that you will not forget them. Our web site is www.addis-hopeethiopia.com Brother Timothy will pass on to me whatever check are written for our very deserving destitute children.

2016 04Apr 07 flynn

God bless and keep you,

Bro. Greg Flynn 

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JEMAIL: Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957) shares Addis Hope Christmas photos


Dear Donor Partners and Friends of Addis Hope,

My Lasallian partner, Ruth Girmay, staff and children of Addis Hope send you our heartfelt greetings.

Knowing the sad plight of so many refugee children today, our children from street families could have suffered a similar fate were it not for your generous assistance which has made all the difference in their lives.  

The attached photos of our January 7th Christmas party is one small indication of that difference.

Br. Gregory / Jack   

Flynn, Bro. Gregory (MC1957) 

2016 01Jan 31 flynn

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[JR: All seven photos are available via this link with no sign on required.]  


[JR: Obviously Brother is not a “marketer”. Here’s the contribution info.]  


Brothers of the Christian Schools (with a memo stating Addis Hope)
Routing Transit Number – 031207607 (#for PNC Bank)
Account Number – 805 999 7606

You should request your bank to transfer by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) not by wire in order to save money or at no cost at all.

BY CHECK: Brothers of the Christian Schools – mail to:

Brother Timothy Froehlich
444 A Route 35 South
Eatontown, NJ 07724 

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JEMAIL: Dans, Peter E. (MC1957) has a new book.


Hi John:

I hope you had a Blessed Christmas and that 2016 will be a Happy and Healthy year for you

I am attaching a description and a cover picture for my second children’s book that just came out. I don’t remember if I sent you this information. If I did, please forgive me. If I didn’t, feel free to cut most of the verbiage. As with my other books, it’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Stay well and happy. Keep up your great work.

A&S Manhattan 1957

P.S. I don’t remember if I sent you notice of the book a yearbook size history of my high school which closed after 118 years, “La Salle Military Academy, Pro Deo Pro Patria: The Life and Death of A Catholic Military School”. If I didn’t, I will send info later It’s available through the LSMA Alumni website . My Parkinson’s has slowed me down but seems to be under control with medication, physical therapy, exercise, and prayer.

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2015 12Dec 30 dans1

Charming new children’s book revisits colorful Baltimore policeman’s historic beat

Modern-day visitors to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor would hardly recognize the waterfront of Peter E. Dans’s latest children’s book. A bustling port that housed the busiest intersection in the US, the Baltimore harbor of 1937-1955 was teeming with-longshoremen, horse-drawn wagons, cars, and pedestrians – all of them directed “almost like a ballet” by Sergeant Bill McKeldin and his trusty horse Bob. Sergeant Bill and His Horse Bob is a playful profile of this real-life Baltimore figure, the brother of Theodore McKeldin, a Baltimore Mayor and later Governor of Maryland. His canny direction and unforgettable personality ensured many a commuter a safe and enjoyable trip.

Sergeant Bill and His Horse Bob is another gem celebrating Baltimore from the author who penned Perry’s Baltimore Adventure: A Bird’s-Eye View of Charm City, a perennial favorite. of readers from two to ninety-two. Featuring lively illustrations by Mary Grace Corpus, the book gives young readers a glimpse of an earlier time – and the local character who helped define it. Dans takes us to a time before stoplights and signals, when Sergeant Bill perched in a traffic booth at the intersection of Light and Pratt Streets, his horse Bob standing nearby with his nose in the direction of traffic flow. We learn how Sergeant Bill got his nickname, “the Whistler of Pratt and Light Street,” from whistling through his teeth at motorists and pedestrians. When Sergeant Bill gets a visit from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the everyday chaos of Baltimore traffic grows greater as the President’s dog Fala spies a cat and leaps out of his car! Bill and Bob must team up to rescue Fala from the busy Baltimore waterfront before the little dog sets sail as an unexpected passenger on the South-America-bound ship, the Santa Rosa.

Sergeant Bill and His Horse Bob is a fun reimagining of a beloved public figure’s service to his city. Dans succeeds once again in honoring a local legend of days past, making collective memory accessible to younger generations.

Peter E. Dans M.D. is an emeritus Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins. His first children’s book, Perry’s Baltimore Adventure, celebrated the return of the peregrine falcons to Baltimore in 1978. The book is used in the Baltimore and Baltimore County Public Schools to teach urban geography. Among his other books are Doctors in the Movies: Boil the Water and Just Say Aah! and Christians in the Movies: A Century of Saints and Sinners. Dans’s memoir, Life on the Lower East Side, 1937 to 1950, was coauthored with photographer Rebecca Lepkoff and Suzanne Wasserman.

 Mary Grace Corpus is a freelance illustrator from Indiana, currently living in Baltimore after graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art. She is the illustrator for a recent novel by Eden Bowditch, The Ravens of Solemano. Sergeant Bill and His Horse Bob is her first children’s book.

Sergeant Bill and His Horse Bob
by Peter E. Dans; illustrated by Mary Grace Corpus
Published by Camino Books
ISBN: 978-1-933822-97-6
Price: $17.95

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I mentioned:

“La Salle Military Academy, Pro Deo Pro Patria: The Life and Death of A Catholic Military School”


[JR: But couldn’t find it on Amazon.]  


[JR: All Doc Dans’ books are here on Amazon.]