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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Ann


Good Morning All,

From George Skau, a request for our prayers for the Wife of a classmate and friend of George, John M. Cronin ’59 BA. John’s Wife Ann is recovering from serious surgery and needs our prayers. We pray for her complete recovery free of complication so that she may soon return home to her Husband and Family. Thank you. God Bless.
Phil Colon
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
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COMMENT: Antenucci, John (MC1959) saw the Pipe and Drum Band


Deacon John Antenucci ’59 S
It was very gratifying to see The Manhattan College Pipe and Drum Band on the Today Show.  

[JR: Maybe it’ll show up on a YouTube clip for all of us not in the area.]

Antenucci, John (MC1959)

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JOBIT: Tuccille, Jerome [MC1959] on 2017-Feb-16



Jerome Tuccille, 79, Trump biographer and libertarian author
By William Grimes New York Times February 26, 2017

Jerome Tuccille, who wrote one of the first manifestoes of the American libertarian movement and the first biography of President Trump, died Feb. 16 at his home in Severna Park, Md. He was 79.

As Mr. Tuccille told the tale in “It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand: A Libertarian Odyssey” (1971), he was a disaffected Roman Catholic looking for a new faith when he discovered the writings of Ayn Rand and her radically individualist philosophy, which she called objectivism. “For the moment I considered myself unique, a lone and courageous individual who had found the Holy Grail after years of floundering,” he wrote.

He never subscribed to the full objectivist program — Rand’s views on art and sex were too narrow for his taste — and he found most of the objectivist true believers humorless. But he embraced the political philosophy of minimal government and maximum personal freedom.

Mr. Tuccille became heavily involved with the radical libertarians who, breaking with the William F. Buckley Jr. conservatives over the military draft and foreign intervention, staged a walkout at the Young Americans for Freedom convention in 1969.

In “Radical Libertarianism: A Right Wing Alternative” (1970), he laid out a political program that envisioned an end to conscription, taxes, and government control over education, health services, transportation, and other areas. It also called for the legalization of drugs, prostitution, and pornography.

In an Op-Ed for The New York Times in 1971, Mr. Tuccille called on conservatives “who still care about such things as peace and justice and racial harmony” to vote for candidates “who really mean peace when they say peace; who understand and intend to promote the politics of decentralization, of pollution control, of economic and judicial reform, and so on all the way down the line.”

In 1974, two years after the founding of the Free Libertarian Party, Mr. Tuccille ran for governor of New York. He hoped to win the 50,000 votes that would give the party a permanent place on the ballot, a first step toward becoming the third major political party in the United States.

He fell short by about 20,000 votes, but not for lack of trying.

On the campaign trail he distributed “Tuccille bills” — fake dollar bills that, he assured voters, would soon be worth more than the real thing, given the country’s ruinous economic policies. He arranged for a woman in a beige body stocking to ride through Central Park like Lady Godiva, on a horse named Taxpayer.

Three years later, in an article for the conservative magazine National Review, he wrote the epitaph for libertarianism as a political movement. Although still committed to its ideals, he called it “hopelessly utopian” and “an intellectual exercise, not a serious political alternative.”

Jerome Joseph Tuccille, known as Jerry, was born May 30, 1937, in the Bronx and grew up in the Throgs Neck neighborhood. His father, Salvatore, was a cabdriver. His mother, the former Virginia Marano, was a homemaker.

After graduating from Fordham Preparatory School, a Roman Catholic institution, he enrolled in Manhattan College, in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, which was run by the Christian Brothers. He earned a psychology degree in 1959 and then entered the Marine Corps.

Mr. Tuccille also described his encounters with libertarianism and his intellectual development in a sequel, “It Still Begins With Ayn Rand: Part Two of a Libertarian Odyssey” (1999), as well as the memoir “Heretic: Confessions of an Ex-Catholic Rebel” (2006).

Flat broke after running for governor, Mr. Tuccille put on the only suit he owned and walked into the offices of Merrill Lynch, presenting himself as a wealthy prospective client. When the manager agreed to see him, he begged for a job. Thus began his long career as a stockbroker. In the 1990s he became a financial writer for T. Rowe Price.

When not trading stocks, Mr. Tuccille wrote how-to books on investing and a series of biographies, beginning in 1985 with “Trump: The Saga of America’s Most Powerful Real Estate Baron.”

Denied access to his subject, members of Trump’s family, and most of his associates, Mr. Tuccille relied heavily on newspaper and magazine accounts to produce what Michael Sterne, writing in The New York Times Book Review, called “a gee-whizzer of a biography” that “points to a key to Trump’s career — his ability to turn political friendships, tax abatements, and government loans into opportunities for profit.”

After his Trump biography, he wrote “Rupert Murdoch” (1989), “Barry Diller: The Life and Times of a Media Mogul” (1998) and “Alan Shrugged: Alan Greenspan, the World’s Most Powerful Banker” (2002).

Politically, Mr. Tuccille remained what his son called “a borderline anarchist.” In “The Gospel According to Ayn Rand” (2007), a revised and updated version of “It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand,” Tuccille wrote: “The battle to sustain the Bill of Rights is more challenging now than ever; the fight for freedom is far from over. In many ways things have gotten worse over the decades. Government is grotesquely big, taxes are too high, civil liberties are getting crimped a bit tighter every day.”

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Tuccille, Jerome [MC1959]

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MOBIT: Fortunato, Joseph J. [MCretreatant] on 2016-Oct-12 by McEneney Edward J. (MC1959)


Good Evening All,

Ed McEneney has shared the following information and sad news regarding a good friend to many of us and a regular retreatant at our Manhattan College Reality Retreat. Joe a United States Army WW11 Decorated Veteran was called home on October 12, 2016. We pray for the repose of his soul. We pray for his Wife Eleanor who predeceased Joe 7 months ago. We pray for their Family as they mourn the loss of their loved one in the sure and certain knowledge that this good and faithful servant is at peace in God’s Eternal Embrace. Joe, you will be missed by so many.

Thank you Ed Thank you all. God Bless.

I could not transfer a picture attached by Ed But those of you who knew Joe have seen the picture

Phil Colon

——– Forwarded Message ——-

Joseph J. Fortunato 93 and a member of St. Patrick’s Parish for 52 years died on October 12, 2016.

Joe had made 24 retreats with the St. Patrick and Manhattan College retreat groups.  You ask how did he get into the EMM picture….well he was walking near us he stopped and we asked him to join us for the picture. This quiet spiritual man had a past which he would talk about from time to time in the small group discussion after each presentation.  On “D” day he landed on Omaha Beach he shared how his life was spared by Jesus a number of times, he earned a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and received a battle field commission.  He attended OCS for two days. His faith was rock solid.  He stood the test of time.  
His wife Eleanor died 7 months ago.
He is being waked at Clark’s in Yorktown:
Friday  October 14, 2016
From 2:00PM to 4:00PM & 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Mass is Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 10:00AM
New St. Patrick’s Church, 137 Moseman Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 
Ed McEneney
John 15:16: Jesus said: “You did not chose me but I choose you”  John 15:16
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[JR: Guess that makes him an honorary Jasper.]  

Fortunato, Joseph J. [MCretreatant]

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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Ed Murphy ’59


Good Morning All,

From Tim Mante, a good friend and member of our Retreat Team. Tim asks for our prayers for his Father-in-Law, Fellow Jasper, Ed Murphy ’59. Ed has been battling Leukemia for over a year and his fight is nearing an end as he is now in Hospice Care in Clifton Park, N.Y. We pray for Ed, that his call home is peaceful and free of suffering surrounded by those who love him. We pray as well for Ed’s Wife, Barbara who has recently been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. We pray that her treatments are able to arrest and cure her Cancer. We pray for the Murphy Family as they face their loss and ask for God’s Peace to embrace them and Tim Mante’s Family as they share the hurt and caring for these good people. Please raise the volume. Thank you. God Bless.
Phil Colon
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) reports on McEneney, Edward J. (MC1959)


Dear John,

                 My brother Ed, Class of 1959. has been one of the leaders in the EARN program at St Patrick’s Parish in Yorktown Heights for over 25 years. Attached is a bio that I have found that sums up Ed’s guiding principals over the past many years.

                I am very proud of him!


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: As well you should be. Doing anything voluntarily for 25 years to help others is with reporting, Hope he does it for another 25.  Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Ed McEneney

Edward J. McEneney’s mission is to help people figure out how to connect themselves to work.  He is a fountain of optimism for those in need of support and guidance.  He teaches by example, stressing the importance of maintaining confidence, being fair and keeping an open mind.  Ed is an ethical man whose beliefs are reflected in his words and actions.  “Your integrity,” he is fond of saying, “will be remembered longer than your product.”  

And while he gives you constant encouragement, you never feel patronized.  Ed will always give you an honest appraisal: he’ll let you know what you do well, but he will also be clear about the things you need to work on.  He follows through with tools that enable you to become the best qualified candidate in your field, while providing you with the will and courage to move forward.  

Ed currently is an independent career consultant, (including pro-bono work), previously Senior Consultant with LHH for 13 years and Sales Representative/Consultant with The IBM Company for 25 years.  He is a member of the Employment Assistance Resource Network (EARN) at St. Patrick’s Parish, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.  

Ed graduated from Manhattan College, (BBA), The Bronx, N.Y.

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McEneney, Edward J. (MC1959)

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JNEWS: McDonnell, John J. ‘Jack’ Jr. [MC1959] BoD CirrusWorks



Jack McDonnell to Join Board of Directors of CirrusWorks, Inc.
Bandwidth Optimization Company gets backing from Data Communications Pioneer
Falls Church, VA – November 3, 2015 – (Newswire.com)

CirrusWorks, Inc. (www.cirrusworks.net) is pleased to announce the addition of John J. (“Jack”) McDonnell, Jr. to its Board of Directors. A serial entrepreneur, Jack McDonnell brings decades of experience building, managing and funding global data communications companies.

Mr. McDonnell has a long and successful history with the CirrusWorks team. He was an original investor in Core Communications, founded in 1999 by CirrusWorks executives. Core Communications became the market leader in hospitality conference Internet solutions, and was sold to Swisscom AG (www.swisscom.ch) in 2006 to become the largest provider of hotel guest Internet services in the world. Prior to Core and Swisscom, the CirrusWorks engineering team worked for Mr. McDonnell at TNS, Inc., the financial transaction network services company he founded in 1990 and took public in 1994. Much of the technical development of CirrusWorks owes its legacy to Jack McDonnell and his foresight.

“I am delighted to be joining the Board of CirrusWorks. The company has built a unique, disruptive technology that provides a simple, effective solution to over-subscribed networks,” said Mr. McDonnell. “Anyone who has experienced slow WiFi can attest to the need for better, smarter and faster bandwidth management.”

Mr. McDonnell is a pioneer in the electronic payments industry. Between tours at TNS, Inc., Mr. McDonnell was Chief Executive Officer of PaylinX Corporation, sold to Cybersource in September 2000, after which he served on the Cybersource Board of Directors until sold to Visa, Inc. Mr. McDonnell also served on the Board of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc. as well as several privately held companies. He recently served as Chairman and CEO of terminal solutions provider Exadigm. Currently, he is Chairman of Phoenix Managed Networks (“PMN”), an international network services company focused exclusively on electronic payments.

Mr. McDonnell is one of the founding members of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (www.efta.org). He holds a BSEE from Manhattan College and an MSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Mr. McDonnell joins Gareth Moore on the Board of Directors of CirrusWorks, representing the Series-A investment in the company, along with founders David Giannini and Richard Sternitzke.

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McDonnell, John J. ‘Jack’ Jr. [MC????]

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Dear John,

             I believe that John is a member of the Class of 1959


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

McDonnell, John J. ‘Jack’ Jr. [MC1959]

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