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COMMENT: Gearity, John (MC1961) moved over


Just signed up…thanks John…appreciate your effort   John Gearity

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Gearity, John (MC1961)

[JR: Thanks to all the “movers”. It makes life easier.]  

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JFOUND: Thornton, Charles H. [MC1961]



Into the Deep End of the Pool: The Making of an Engineer
By Charles H. Thornton

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One of LZA’s approaches to management involved pushing young employees into the deep end of the pool, encouraging them to take initiative and work within controlled risks. Most of the key staff when I joined were in their early to mid-20s and were from Manhattan College. Vincent DeSimone was essentially running the office by 1964, and the best structural engineer was James Chaplin. Chaplin was older and had an uncanny ability to cut back a structure in the pre-computer days. We ended up designing the World’s Fair pavilions, at least five of which had structural systems that had never been done before.

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Thornton, Charles H. [MC1961]

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JAUDIO: Mullen, Bill [MC1961] interviewed on Social Security Benefits



Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Bill Mullen discuss the following:

How are Social Security Benefits calculated?
When can one file for benefits?
How can a married couple maximize their benefits?
What happens if a spouse dies?
Are their rules that affect divorced spouses?

Duration: 13:52

Bill Mullen is a Fee only, Certified Financial Planner Practitioner and the Managing Member of Mullennium Finance LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Park City Utah. He is an Investor Coach who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Manhattan College and an MBA from Virginia Tech. Bill takes an academic approach to investing developing portfolios that match a client’s risk tolerance and retirement horizon. He works to educate his clients to help them understand how markets work and that stock picking and market timing are not in the best interest of the client. He works as fiduciary, meaning that the interest of the client comes first and foremost. Bill has been active in Park City Utah for over 20 years. He is presently a Member of the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau.

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Mullen, Bill [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that William (Bill) is a member of the Class of 1961.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Mullen, Bill [MC1961]

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COMMENT: Macfarland, Joseph A. “Jay” (MC1961) comments on Dans, Peter E. (MC1957)


joseph macfarland commented:

When Brother James, Biology Chair at Manhattan College, learned I had been accepted to P&S (Columbia Med School) in 1961, he told me of an extraordinary Manhattan alumnus who was there – he had great respect for Peter Dans. Also, have to say he was a great teacher in his own right.

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Macfarland, Joseph A. “Jay” (MC1961)

Dans, Peter E. (MC1957)

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JFACEBOOK: O’Neill, Rick [MC1961] in Jupiter, Florida




O’Neill, Rick [MC????]

Works at U.S. Navy & Postal Service Retired
Studied at Manhattan College
Past: Sacred Heart
Lives in Jupiter, Florida
From Bronx, New York

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Dear John,

I believe that Rick is a member of the Class of 1961.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

O’Neill, Rick [MC1961] 

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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays Horgan, John [MC1961]


God Evening All,

I have just heard from Jim Smith who received a call from Fr. Erwin Schweigardt. Fr. Erwin tells us his classmate and friend John Horgan ’61 is undergoing treatment for Leukemia and can use our prayers. I ask you to raise the volume for John and his family. We pray that John’s treatments are completely successful and return John to good health with no complications. Thank you for your prayers for so many. God Bless.

Phil Colon

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 

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JFOUND: Caputo, Richard (MC1961) Energy Consultant/ Mediator



Energy Consultant/ Mediator
BME, Manhattan College, New York City, NY
MSME, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
P.O.Box 1660
Julian, CA 92036

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Caputo, Richard (MC1961)

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