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COMMENT: Insull, Bob (MC1963) doesn’t remember means tests on the Works of Mercy


RE: ENDNOTE: Green’s are dumb; “we” fat old white guy injineers need to innovate more

Comment on this week’s Endnote: I don’t recall there being a means test attached to either the Beatitudes or the Works of Mercy.

Insull, Bob (MC1963)

[JR: “We” may be called by whatever meme we follow (i.e., Christianity; Buddhism; Humanitarianism; Compassion; Empathy) to PERSONALLY help others.  BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), using the Gooferment to steal from our fellow human to perform “charity” is just wrong.  Americans are extremely charitable despite what the Gooferment loots from them.  Imagine how much more “charity” would be done and how much more effective it would be if we didn’t have our wealth stolen for ineffective and inefficient Gooferment “programs”?]

[JR: Sorry for the delay.]

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JNEWS: O’Malley, Thomas D. [MC1963] honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



HomeNewsFirst Female President of the International Federation of Catholic Universities to Speak at 143rd University Commencement
April 25, 2019 Jack Goldman News, On Campus, Top Story

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Boston College has announced that Isabel Capeloa Gil will speak at the University’s 143rd Commencement Exercises, which are taking place on May 20. Gil, the first female president of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), will receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree, alongside fellow degree recipients Dan Bunch, BC ’79; Rev. Robert D. Farrell, S.J., GMCAS ’58, STM ’65; Thomas D. O’Malley, a former BC trustee; and Marilynne Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

*** and ***

O’Malley, who hails from Staten Island and has long been a benefactor of BC—as well as other non-profit organizations—established the O’Malley Family Athletic Endowed Scholarship Fund for BC student-athletes in 2015 through his family foundation and will receive an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree. He served as the vice chair of Salomon Brothers, an investment banking firm, and he has also served as a senior executive in the independent energy business, according to the release.

O’Malley put himself through college by working as a taxi and school bus driver, a cafeteria worker, and a lifeguard. He and his wife, Mary Alice, are the most generous donors in Manhattan College’s history—its school of business was renamed in their honor and their name is also on the university’s library, according to the release. O’Malley graduated from the institution in 1963 and chaired its board of trustees for seven years while serving on the board for 15.

His family has also funded Trinity Catholic High School scholarships for children of Stamford, Conn., police officers, firefighters, and nurses, all while supporting the Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut as well, according to the release.

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O’Malley, Thomas D. [MC1963]

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COMMENT: Apoldo, Lou (MC1963) sees a silver lining in the endnote


The Endnote story describing how Promiscuity is spreading the untreatable STI disease that makes women infertile fails to note the positive aspect of this phenomenon, which is that it eventually could wipe out Promiscuity.

Lou Apoldo
BCE ’63

[JR: It could also be the end on humanity. Wiped out by humans’ inability to curb their lust.]

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COMMENT: Insull, Bob (MC1963) remembers Muller, Bruce P. [MC1957 RIP]


RE: Obit notice here for Bruce P. Muller (’57 S)

I had the good fortune to be an undergraduate student under Bruce’s tutelage at Manhattan College from 1960 to 1963. I took most of my major coursework in his classes, worked for him in various academic undertakings (Testing Center Aide, Teaching Assistant, Research projects, etc.) and became a friend of his entire and extended family (including – together with my then yet-to-be wife – babysitting his children!). After graduation and further training in psychology, I worked for and with Bruce in several clinical and academic settings while becoming his neighbor in Bethel, CT where we would have Sunday-morning coffee just about every week for 16 years.

Other than my wife, no single individual has had as much influence on the person I see myself today – a successful psychologist (now retired), a person with an inquiring mind, cosmopolitan tastes and one with a solid sense of humor and a healthy disrespect for convention and authority. A piece of my bedrock has passed. RIP good friend

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Insull, Bob (MC1963)

Muller, Bruce P. [MC1957 RIP]

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JNEWS: O’Malley, Thomas [MC1963] donates to Alma Mater’s Business School



Thomas O’Malley’s $25 Million Gift to Transform Manhattan College’s School of Business

By Jasmine Petters , in PR PR Health on March 5, 2018 .

Thomas O’Malley ’63

Mary Alice and I are pleased to continue our support for Manhattan College. It’s an institution that has remained faithful to its core values. It provides a top quality education in a dynamic and open environment while at the same time maintaining its Catholic identity.”

RIVERDALE, N.Y. March 05, 2018

Thomas D. O’Malley ’63, former chairman of Manhattan College’s board of trustees, has provided the largest gift in Manhattan College history: $25 million to increase student scholarships and grants, support innovative teaching and research, and enhance and diversify learning opportunities within Manhattan College’s School of Business.

The College’s School of Business will now be known as The O’Malley School of Business, with a formal dedication to take place in September 2018.

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O’Malley, Thomas [MC1963]

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JNEWS: O’Malley, Thomas D. [MC1963] creates Catholic HS scholarship



Public service pays off: Greenwich exec sets up Catholic scholarship fund for kids of police, nurses, firefighters
By Emilie Munson
Published 3:28 pm, Friday, January 26, 2018

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GREENWICH — Greenwich and Stamford nurses, police officers and firefighters who want a Catholic education for their children may find it a bit easier to pay the tuition bills — thanks to a local businessman and his wife.

Longtime Greenwich residents Mary Alice and Thomas O’Malley have committed $500,000 to the nonprofit Foundations in Education over the next five years to establish the scholarship fund for students to attend Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford.

*** and ***

Thomas O’Malley said he and his wife created this scholarship fund because they found Foundations in Education “innovative” and because Trinity Catholic offers “a superior educational product.” The O’Malleys have also made donations to Waterside School and Villa Maria School in Stamford. They gave $10 million to Manhattan College in the Bronx, N.Y., the largest donation in the school’s history, to finance a new student center. Thomas is a graduate of the Catholic liberal arts college and a former chairman of the school’s board of trustees.

*** end quote ***

O’Malley, Thomas D. [MC1963]

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JUPDATE: Ellrodt, Bernard F. Jr. [MC1963] id-ed by McEneney, Mike (MC1953)


JNEWS: Ellrodt, Bernard F. Jr. [MC1963] profiled
Bernard F. Ellrodt, Jr. – U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot – Vietnam Veteran – Saugus Resident
18 hours ago Bill Reynolds

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Dear John,

           I believe that Bernard is a member of the Class of 1963.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Ellrodt, Bernard F. Jr. [MC1963]

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