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ENDNOTE: Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) on “Veritas”


An email from Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965):

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My wife and I long ago decided to stop supporting the schools we went to long ago. She graduated with honors from hers, that place where Veritas may no longer be found, and I was honored at the time to have avoided jail while going to mine. We stopped when we encountered Thomas More College, a small place just down the road from us. It keeps alive what most everyone else is trying with all their strength to kill, or no longer knows once existed, Western Civilization, now thought of, when thought of at all, as the birthplace of “white privilege”, “hetero-normality”, monogamy and climate change denial. Now they are joined by Dr. Anthony Esolen, recently left from Providence College, the once and no longer Catholic college in Rhode Island, that small place with a female Catholic governor who thinks killing children in the womb is an inalienable right. I think you might enjoy the article ‘A Center for Cultural Renewal ‘ from The Catholic Thing. 

https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2017/05/10/a-center-for-cultural-renewal /

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While I still support my grammar school and college, I think that the institutions of the Catholic Church have lost their way.

So, I yield my time (aka ENDNOTE) to my fellow Jasper’s rant.

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JFACEBOOK: Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) off to the Holy Land


2017 Feb 01 gallaher

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Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) 

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JNEWS: Giuliani, Rudy [MC1965] remembers the Christian Brothers



‘White people RUINED America’ TV host launches vicious tirade against Trump voters
By Lizzie Stromme
PUBLISHED: 21:01, Thu, Nov 10, 2016 | UPDATED: 21:56, Thu, Nov 10, 2016

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Mr Giuliani, who is rumoured to be Mr Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, branded them “a bunch of spoiled crybabies” in a fiery Fox News interview. 

The former Mayor of New York City said: “I could see the Christian Brothers doing this for me in Manhattan College.

“If I didn’t like the way the election came out, they were gonna give me therapy food.

“The reality is they’re a bunch of spoiled crybabies.”

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[JR: I think his quote got garbled? The Christian Brothers, I knew, would have “knuckled” me and told me to get back to work. Shame he doesn’t / didn’t remember some of the many OTHER lessons.]  

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Giuliani, Rudy [MC1965]

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JEMAIL: Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) finds Alma Mater mention


Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) 

The article mentions the school I graduated from in 1965. The short sentence or two mentions one of the reasons I have, for several decades chosen to support other schools than the one I once affectionately referred to as my Alma Mater.

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In 2015, the NLRB issued a “Certification of Representation” allowing adjunct professors and lecturers at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, Calif., to join the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Earlier that same year, adjunct faculty at St. Michael’s College of Vermont voted in favor of joining the SEIU, and the NLRB ordered its regional officials to reconsider labor disputes involving employees at Manhattan College in Riverdale, N.Y., St. Xavier University Chicago, and Seattle University. School leaders had attempted to block unionization, claiming that such efforts posed a threat to their schools’ religious character.

Sadly, some had already sacrificed their religious character. It’s difficult for St. Mary’s to claim that its faculty supports Catholic teachings when the school has honored abortion proponents like Amy Richards, who visited the Catholic campus to positively proclaim her decision to “selectively reduce” two of her three unborn children.

Manhattan College is also an easy target for the NLRB. Religious studies professor Judith Plaskow published a book arguing that “heterosexism is the fundamentally religious endorsed form of oppression.” Two of Seattle University’s philosophy professors published A Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion, in which they argue that performing an abortion on a non-sentient fetus is like removing plant life.”

In each of these cases, the NLRB has judged that the institutions had distanced themselves so far from the authority and teaching of the Catholic Church that they no longer merited government recognition as religious institutions.

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JFACEBOOK: Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) cites “Fourth trimester” article


Peter Gallaher · 5 hrs · LifeNews · There is clueless. There is dumb. There is stupid. There is hopeless. There is brain dead. In one way or another all of them apply here. And, folks, they vote! One guss at to for whom they will vote.


Students Sign Petition to Legalize 4th Trimester Abortions 
STEVEN ERTELT   JUL 25, 2013   |   4:03PM    WASHINGTON, DC

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Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) 

[JR: This was just too funny not to share. Found and cited on FACEBOOK by a fellow Jasper. Have to be political in the “news”, but it is funny. And, you can sense how exasperated he is with the story. Reminded me of the Brothers I had when someone in the class said something stupid!]

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JEMAIL: Rooney, John Peter (MC1965) suggest appealing to the Pope


6 JULY 2016

Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Florida. 

I’m sorry Brian, but writing Bishop Robert Lynch is NOT worth your time.

In his book, “The Faithful Departed”, (Encounter Books, NY, 2008), the author, Philip F. Lawler, notes on page 238, that Bishop Robert Lynch “…made a $100,000 severance payment to William Urbanski who left his job as spokesman for the diocese protesting that the bishop has sexually harassed him.  The bishop denied the charges and insisted the severance was not ‘hush money’.  But reporters investigating the case found that Lynch had showered Urbanski with personal gifts for 5 years….”

The good Bishop is suspect.  Do you think he will even read your letters? Why does Bishop Lynch want us to apologize to homosexuals? You fill in the blanks.

In any event, Bishop Robert Lynch has reached the mandatory age of retirement, 75 years, so the best way to deal with this man is to write the Pope and ask His Holiness to accept Lynch’s retirement. 

It is easy to write the Pope:

His Holiness, Pope Francis 
Apostolic Palace 00120
Vatican City, Italy.

A single sheet of paper in one envelope will cost you $1.15 postage at the USPS Post Office in your city.  Ask for the international stamp, a nice circular postage stamp depicting the moon.

Do it now.

John Peter Rooney
BEE 1965

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JNEWS: Wanielista, Marty [MC1965] — a jasper connection to a weight guesser



The Weight Guesser and the deep history of Rocky Glen
Published: April 10, 2016

*** begin quote ***

A lot of local Baby Boomers have such fond memories of Rocky Glen, the legendary amusement park near Moosic, they feel as if they grew up there.

Marty Wanielista did.

Wanielista, 74, today a retired University of Central Florida engineering professor, was just 8 years old when he went to work at his father’s Rocky Glen concessions. His father, Martin, and his brothers and family ran games of chance, a dart game and a shooting gallery and young Marty worked them all.

*** and ***

Martin’s son, Marty, graduated from Avoca High School in 1959. His parents encouraged him to go to Scranton University where he joined ROTC. He served two years in Army Medical Service Corps, setting up waste disposal and drinking water systems for camps.

He got a master’s degree from Manhattan College and doctorate from Cornell in environmental systems.

A stormwater expert, he headed a research group at UCF that was the first to identify storm water as a pollutant. They developed a system that utilizes used tires to filter stormwater. Though retired as a full time professor, he still works as a researcher and has new patents for methods for the removal of nutrients and the reuse of stormwater.

Marty has been married 50 years to Betty Kusimerz from Dupont. They have two daughters, Marla and Victoria, an engineer and a teacher and two grandchildren.

*** end quote ***

Wanielista, Marty [MC????]

[JR: And great story of Americana!]  

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Dear John,

            I believe that Marty is a member of the Class of 1965.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Wanielista, Marty [MC1965]

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