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GOOGLE+: Camp, William James [MC1966] retired from Intel



William James Camp
Worked at Camp Consultants
Attended Manhattan College, Cornell University
Lives in NM

Bill Camp is retired director of Computing, Computation, Information and Mathematics at Sandia National Laboratories. After founding DOE’s Massively Parallel Computing Research Lab at Sandia, Bill joined Cray Research for two years where he directed Applications Technologies, the the T3D PATP program and was a core design team member of the T3E. He returned to Sandia to lead the computing, math and informatics research organizations, as well as being the founding director at Sandia for DOE’s ASCI program. He remains as Director Emeritus at Sandia. While at Sandia, Bill and his team stood up ASCI TFlops, the first terascale sueprcomputer; they then developed CPlant, the world’s first Linux-based cluster supercomputer, which was also the first terascale cluster. He and Jim Tomkins developed the Architecture for Red Storm, the basis for Cray Inc.’s XT-n series of massively parallel supercomputers. After his career at Sandia, Bill joined Intel Corporation as Chief Architect and CTO for High Performance Computing. At Intel, Bill led development of Intel’s Exascale Roadmap and developed architectures for ultra-low-power many-core, terascale processors. Bill retired from Intel in January 2011.


Manhattan College, Cornell University
Bachelors: Electrical and nuclear engineering, 1962 – 1966
Cornell University College of Engineering
PhD: Theoretical and Computaitonal Physics, 1966 – 1970

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Camp, William James [MC1966]

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JFACEBOOK: Tyniec, Jack [MC1966] hole in one!



2015 09Sep 19 Tyniec 1

2015 09Sep 19 Tyniec 2

Jack Tyniec added 2 new photos.

Hole in One Today – Out on the course today with my nephew Wes Fey this morning, I hit a 7 iron on a 118 yard par 3. I thought i overshot the hole and couldn’t find the ball in the rough, so I dropped a ball, chipped up and putted out. When I went to lift the ball out, I saw another ball already in the cup. I thought it was someone else’s ball, but when I lifted it out, I realized it was the first ball I had hit off the tee. Celebrating today because this is my first hole in one ever!

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Tyniec, Jack [MC1966] 

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COMMENT: Rooney, John Peter (MC1966) legend Brother Luke


Well said. Brother Luke was a legend who contributed to success of so many Brothers boys.
Tom Rooney
Lasalle ’62
Manhattan ’66

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Rooney, John Peter (MC1966)

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GOOGLE+: Cotter, Bob [MC1966] has Twin brilliant and beautiful Granddaughters



bob cotter
Lives in Bluffton, SC

Retired from career in telecommunications. Live in Bluffton, SC
Stepinac HS, White Plains, NY
BS – Manhattan College, NYC
MBA – Pace University
Post Graduate Studies (International Finance)
– University of Pittsburgh
– Duke University
– Pace University
Verizon Communications – V. P.
OSP Consultants, Inc. V.P.
RJE Telecom, Inc. SVP
New Heritage Group (Founder & CEO)
Advanced Global Solutions, Inc. Founder, Chairman & CEO
Room Connections, LLC – Chairman & CEO

Bragging rights
Twin Granddaughters are now 21/2 yrs old, brilliant and beautiful !!

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Cotter, Bob [MC????]

[JR: Obviously take after their grandmother?]  

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Dear John,

I believe that Bob is a member of the Class of 1966.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Cotter, Bob [MC1966]

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JUPDATE: Mangan, Thomas [MC1966] id-ed by McEneney, Mike (MC1953)



JNEWS: Mangan, Thomas [MC????] admonishes Giuliani, Rudy [MC1965]2015-Feb-21

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Dear John,

I believe that Thomas is a member of the Class of 1966,


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Mangan, Thomas [MC1966]

Giuliani, Rudy [MC1965]

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JBLOGGER: Aprile, Joseph [MC1966] poet “Fall Awakening”



Fall Awakening

Posted 2 hours ago by Joseph Aprile

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Aprile, Joseph [MC1966]
Works at Seattle Institute of Peace Studies
Attended Bronx HS of Science (1962)
Lives in Seattle, Washington

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COMMENT: Rooney, Tom (MC1967) was lost and now is found


I look forward to reviewing the info weekly and thank you for all the effort that goes into it. Add me to your email list. I got dropped when I changed emails. Now I have to look you up every week (not a problem. Have a great Christmas and a healthy 2015. Tom Rooney ’66

[JR: Reinvited.]

Rooney, John Peter (MC1965)

Rooney, Tom (MC1966)

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[JR: Well I screwed that up!]

I’m Tom Rooney not John. Actual graduation date was Jan ’67

Rooney, Tom (MC1967)

[JR: As a fat old white guy injineer, I’m not comfortable with names. We should just use our Alma Mater Student Ids — 801472E. How sad is that I still remember it. I know it’s written on the inside of my slide rule case. Still have it. Show the young folks at work what a real computer is. Sorry for the confusion.]

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