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JEMAIL: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) predicted Philippines smoking action


About a month ago I saw an article about Philippine Prez. Duterte killing all the drug dealers, and at the risk of sounding a bit tinfoil hat, I entered the below as response.  Read what I wrote back then, and THEN read TODAY’S article linked at the bottom.
WHAT I WROTE a month ago:
Is Duterte taking his tobacco antismoking campaign into this realm as well?  Perhaps putting up “Wanted Dead Or Alive (Preferably Dead)” signs for “Tobacco Dealers”?  How many are currently in jail in the Philippines on tobacco-related charges?  How many have died? Anyone have a count, or are the Filipinos not making the mistake of excellent record keeping that some murderous regimes of the past regretted?
And how long before other countries, particularly ISIS and ASH and FCTC funded and controlled areas, begin taking the final steps in the antismoking endgame out there?
They may currently be busy knocking on other doors for other reasons…. but if you let them continue, they’ll come knocking on yours as well someday.
It’s sad how slow people are to learn from history.
The Rappler crowd didn’t care for my analysis: It was about the most heavily downvoted entry for the article.  Just too crazy, eh?
Now here’s today’s news story, a month later:

Looks like TobakkoNacht — The Story (written in 1997) is proceeding just about on schedule (toward the early 2020s…)

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McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)

[JR: You get an A in prediction. Now who’ll be the next Prez?]  

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JEMAIL: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) reposts Lovett, John [MC1973] return to Alma Mater


Good Morning All,

Some good news for Jasper Track as we welcome back Hall Of Fame Inductee, John Lovett ’73. I thought you might enjoy reading this release. Thank you Tom Delaney for sharing it. I missed it. Good one this. God Bless..
Phil Colon
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 

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Article :
John Lovett Returns to Manhattan As Assistant Coach
Courtesy: Manhattan Athletic Department
Release: 09/21/2016
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RIVERDALE, NY – Manhattan College Athletic Hall of Fame member John Lovett ’73 has been named an assistant coach with the men’s and women’s cross country/track & field programs.  The 1997 Hall of Fame inductee ran on the Jaspers’ world record-setting distance medley squad at the 1973 NCAA Indoor Championships, which clinched the team title for Manhattan.
“I’m glad to be back at Manhattan,” Lovett said.  “This is an exciting time for the school and the program, and I’m excited to be a part of it.  I’m very fortunate to work with Kerri (Gallagher).  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having set school records in high school & college and now running at the elite level.”
While at Manhattan, Lovett was a five-time All-American and two-time IC4A champion.  He also won four straight Metropolitan Indoor Championships in the 1000 yards.  At the 1973 NCAA Indoor Championships, Lovett ran the leadoff half-mile leg in the distance medley relay.  He posted a split of 1:53.2, as the Jaspers set a world record (9:43.8) in the event.  Manhattan went on to win the team championship, its first national title in any sport.
He returns to Riverdale after a successful 16-year career as the head coach at Bishop Kearney High School in Brooklyn.  Lovett guided the Bishop Kearney cross country team to five Brooklyn Conference championships and three Brooklyn/Queens titles.  He also mentored individual Brooklyn/Queens champions in both indoor and outdoor track & field, as well as cross country.  Kerri Gallagher, Manhattan’s Head Coach for Cross Country, Mid Distance and Distance, attended Bishop Kearney, where she was coached by Lovett.
“We’re beyond thrilled to have John join the staff,” Gallagher said.  “His experience with Manhattan cross country and track & field is unique and a great resource for our young athletes, giving them a link to our great tradition.  As an All-American and Hall of Famer, he knows how to excel training and competing in New York City.  On a personal level, I’m excited to work with the man who introduced me to running, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with our athletes.”
In addition to the distance medley relay, Lovett still holds the school record in the indoor two-mile relay.  He also set two individual school records (880 yards, 1000 yards) during his time at Manhattan and represented the United States in an international meet against the Soviet Union in 1972.

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JEMAIL: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) on the Quad’s “smoking” story


Just submitted to the Quadrangle…

It’s sitting “In Moderation” though.  Wanna bet on whether they’ll publish it?  Or even allow the students to SEE it online?

McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)

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This includes marijuana smoking I assume?  After all, if the campus has the ability to enforce a rule against tobacco smoking, particularly in places like dorm rooms, it clearly has the ability (and legal obligation under state and federal law I believe) to enforce the law against marijuana smoking.  The College will not be able to claim that student drug use was beyond its control once it has admitted that it can and does indeed exercise the ability for such control.  It’s quite possibly a dangerous can of legal  worms to open.

Michael J. McFadden
Peace Studies, 1973

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[JR: Laugh! Always “pulling the tiger’s tail” I see. No sucker money here.]

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JNEWS: Manning, Charles [MC1973] SVP and Infrastructure Leader at Parsons



Parsons Names New SVP and Infrastructure Leader of New York and New Jersey

Parsons is pleased to announce that Charles “Charlie” Manning has joined the corporation as senior vice president and infrastructure leader for New York and New Jersey. Manning will focus on business development and representing the corporation to the region’s key stakeholders.

“Charlie’s wealth of knowledge and professional network will be invaluable as we work to strengthen and develop customer relationships and continue our legacy of delivering quality service in New York and New Jersey,” said Michael Johnson, Parsons Group president. “We are pleased to welcome him to the team.”
Manning has more than 35 years of civil engineering experience in a broad variety of infrastructure programs and projects, including transportation, water supply, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste, waste‑to‑energy, and power. He has directed and managed large, complex projects and has significant experience in every project aspect, including conception, planning, design, permitting/licensing, construction inspection, program and construction management, as well as project start‑up and operation.

He also has a strong background in alternative project delivery solutions such as design‑build and public‑private partnerships. Manning has served as Principal‑in‑Charge for major public transportation and infrastructure agencies, as well as Fortune 500 firms.

Both of Manning’s civil engineering degrees were earned at New York universities—he holds a bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College where he serves as an engineering department consultor and guest lecturer, and a master’s degree from Polytechnic Institute of New York (now New York University).

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Manning, Charles [MC1973] 

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ENDNOTE: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) about “tolerance”



Michael J McFadden

Most Muslims and Christians, like most nonsmokers, are not extremists seeking to impose their lifestyle and beliefs on everyone around them. It’s the extremists, the ones who demand that there be no smoking outdoors, in apartment buildings, or in isolated pubs; those who demand non-sectarian markets carry no pork products; or those who demand businesses close on “The Lord’s Day” or that pubs not serve meat on Fridays, who create the problems for our society.

While the Christians have generally moved toward being far more tolerant of sectarian practices regarding Sundays and Fridays and religious holidays, what will happen if creeping extremism brings radical Antismokers and extremist Muslims together in projects like banning the advertising and the sight of tobacco and pork products from public view and equate the merest scent or barely measurable technical detection of sub-microscopic exposures to chemical trace elements of tobacco or pork in outdoor or apartment building settings to “being forced to smoke (or eat, or ingest in any form)” the products of their fanatical anathema? Will we see the frying of bacon banned from anyone who can’t afford to live in an isolated mansion? Will flat dwellers be told “Pork products may only be cooked by being immersed in boiling water!” Will employees who handle tobacco products be pronounced “unclean” until they’ve gone through pseudo-religious-based cleansings and ablutions?

Both groups, extremist religious fanatics and extremist antismoking fanatics, seem to never be at peace with any existence whatsoever of their hated targets, and both groups have become more powerful as they’ve learned to use societal tools and media tricks to advance their positions and their goals. And both groups need to be opposed by those who believe in individual rights of choice in choosing how to live one’s own life and form one’s own societal standards without undue influence and duress from extreme minorities seeking to impose their own lifestyles and standards on everyone around them based upon the slimmest and flimsiest claims of being offended.

Mainstream Muslims and mainstream nonsmokers are seeing their hookah cafes and their pubs closed by the extremists who insist theirs is the only path to heaven and health. Mainstream smokers are already being thrown out of their housing if they refuse to conform in their homes, and mainstream lovers of fried bacon and grilled pork patties may not be far behind. People who believe in individual rights and freedoms, the mainstream, normal, tolerant members of both groups, need to make their voices heard and draw the lines at reasonable levels of respect for the rights of others not to be unduly forced to extreme exposures to things that might distress them, but not to cross over into unreasonable imposition of lifestyle rules that cross such reasonable boundaries. Extremist Antismokers and extremist religious fanatics should be told, in no short terms, to stuff it and learn tolerance for the beliefs and decisions of those who they live with.


McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)

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JNEWS: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) reports on Salerno, Frederic V. [MC1965]


Hi John …

Thought I recognized Frederick Salerno’s name as connected with Manhattan. Please scroll down.

Happy St. Padriagh’s Day

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Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

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Viacom Creates Lead Independent Director Role for Frederic Salerno
12:23 PM PDT 3/16/2016 by Paul Bond

*** begin quote ***

The exec is a board member of the conglomerate who is a retired CFO of Verizon.

Viacom has created a new position called “lead independent director” to be filled by Frederic Salerno, a board member of the conglomerate who is a retired CFO of Verizon.

In his new role, Salerno will coordinate the activities of the independent directors and be the liaison between them and CEO Philippe Dauman, who assumed the role of executive chairman when Sumner Redstone recently stepped down.

*** end quote ***

Salerno, Frederic V. [MC1965]

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[JR: Thanks, Rob. Much appreciated. Great find. I would have never found it.]

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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) cites two Jaspers in the news


Dear John,

            I was struck yesterday by seeing two JASPERS in the papers:In the NY Daily News carried a piece on the law suit resulting fromthe Bronx fire in 2005 where 6 firefighters were either injured orkilled. One of those who died was firefighter John Bellew, Class of 1989 (R.I.P.). A total of $183 Million was award by a Jury to 5 of the 6 men.

          On a happier note, the NY Times had a piece on an interview with Chief Justice Roberts by the Dean of the New England Law School, John F. O’Brien, Class of 1973, about the increase in courtopinions including quotes from popular songs of the 70′ & 80’s.An interesting diversion from the usual commentaries on theSupreme Court.



McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

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O’Brien, John F. [MC1973]

Bellew, John [MC1989 RIP]

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