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JLINKEDIN: Friedrich, Joan [MC1974] Specialty Account Manager @ Nordic Naturals


https://www.linkedin.com/in/ joan-friedrich-b5043b162

Friedrich, Joan [MC1974]
Specialty Account Manager | Field Consultant | Specialty Representative
Nordic Naturals
Greater New York City Area

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Dear John,

               I believe that Joan is a member of the Class of 1974.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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JTWITTER: Glaser, Herbert [MC1974] gingerbread house pro


Manhattan College ‏Verified account @ManhattanEdu Dec 22

2017 12Dec 25 twit2

Think you’re a gingerbread house pro? Go behind the scenes with alumnus Herbert Glaser ’74 as he assembles a massive gingerbread village in his family’s storied Yorkville bakery: http://bit.ly/2B8OtWC 

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JLINKEDIN: Daverio, Rich [MC1974] Sr Proj Engineer at AREVA



Daverio, Rich [MC1974] 
Senior Project Engineer at AREVA NPAREVA NP  
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

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JNEWS: Pepe, Thomas A. [MC1974] Vice-chair County College of Morris BoT



Parsippany resident appointed to County College of Morris Trustees OfficersBoard Welcomes Two New Members
By Frank Cahill –  Nov 29, 2017

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MORRIS COUNTY — The County College of Morris (CCM) Board of Trustees held its annual reorganization meeting on November 15 and elected its new officers.

New to the board are George E. Dredden III, of Parsippany, who was appointed by the Governor, and Keith Raymond, of Randolph, who was appointed by the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

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Elected as officers of the Board of Trustees were Paul R. Licitra, of Flanders as chair, Thomas A. Pepe, of Morristown as vice chair, Jeffrey M. Advokat, Esq., of Denville as treasurer, and Dr. Barbara Lorfink Hadzima, of Morris Township as secretary.

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Pepe recently retired as chief financial officer for Communications Strategies, Inc., a family-owned public relations and marketing agency. He was reappointed to the board by the Freeholders in 2015. During his previous service on the CCM Board of Trustees, he served as treasurer. He also is a member of the CCM Foundation Board of Directors. Included among his other community involvement, he is a former president of the Patriot’s Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, and serves as chair and trustee of NORWESCAP, the community action program of Northwest New Jersey. He earned his BS in Math from Manhattan College and MBA in Finance from Adelphi University.

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Pepe, Thomas A. [MC????]

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Dear John,

         I believe that Thomas is a member of the Class of 1974.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Pepe, Thomas A. [MC1974]

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JNEWS: Hulbert, Timothy [MC1974] transitions out of Charlottesville CoC



Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce Announces Transition to New Leadership
»Submitted Press Release | Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce | Friday, October 20, 2017 at 12:38 p.m.


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The Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce today announced that Chamber President Timothy Hulbert and the Chamber Board of Directors have agreed upon the timing of a transition to new leadership by next October 1”.

“Tim Hulbert has served as our Chamber’s ‘chief steward’ for nearly 17 years and he and our Chamber Board have agreed it’s time for the Chamber to begin what will be an extensive nation-wide effort to secure a new  chief executive to take hold of the mantel and move forward into the future,” stated Joseph Raichel, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President I Regional Executive, who serves as 2017 Chairman of the Charlottesville  Regional Chamber of Commerce  Board of Directors.

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In business he worked as a professional  communications & marketing consultant and prior as a financial services consultant. Mr. Hulbert is a New  York native who  grew up in Coxsackie  in Greene County  New  York.  He is a graduate of Christian  Brothers Academy  in Albany and Manhattan College  in the Bronx.

Mr.  Hulbert said that he “plans to pursue new and exciting professional opportunities in communications, strategy, advocacy and community & governmental relations, here in Charlottesville, across Virginia and other places, to be determined. Stay tuned.”

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Hulbert, Timothy [MC????]

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Dear John,

              I believe that Timothy is a member of the Class of 1974


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Hulbert, Timothy [MC1974]

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JNEWS: Groneman, William III [MC1974] a writer presents 9/10 Brady, TX



Heart of Texas Historians & Storytellers

The Heart of Texas Historians and Storytellers will be hosting their 5th annual event on Sunday, September 10, 2017 at the Heart of Texas Event Center. This year the group has invited William Groneman III who was a captain and company commander of Engine Company 308 which worked at Ground Zero just hours after the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

William Groneman III was born and raised in New York City, and currently lives in Kerrville, Texas. He is a graduate of Manhattan College with a degree in History. He is also a former member of NYC Fire Department, having served in the ranks of Firefighter, Fire Marshal, Lieutenant, and Captain. He retired in February 2002 after twenty-five years to pursue his writing career.

Groneman was off duty as Captain of Engine Company 308 on the morning of September 11, 2001. He returned to duty, going to the scene of the World Trade Center attack with a team of his firefighters. They remained there for the next twelve hours contributing to the rescue efforts. He and the men from Engine 308 returned to the scene a number of times in the following weeks. His book, September 11: A Memoir, (2011) tells the story of his experiences.

Although Groneman’s presentation will focus on the events of September 11, 2001, he is also a long-time student of the battle of the Alamo. He has written a number of books and articles exploring the history of the Alamo and the questions surrounding the death of David Crockett. Other books he has written are: Alamo Defenders – A Genealogy: The People and Their Words, 1990; Defense of a Legend: Crockett and the De la Pena Diary, 1994; Battlefields of Texas, 1998; Death of a Legend: The Myth and Mystery Surrounding the Death of Davy Crockett, 1999; David Crockett – Hero of the Common Man, 2005; Eyewitness to the Alamo, 2017. In addition, Groneman has contributed numerous articles to the Forge Books anthologies; an original song to the Western Writers of American’s music anthology; and has published articles in Roundup Magazine, the Steinbeck Review, True West, and Wild West Magazines. He is a member of the Western Writers of America, The Western Music Association, the John Steinbeck Society, and the Texas Folklore Society.

In addition to Groneman’s presentation, special guests Brandon and Kelly Bohannon will be sharing their insights and experiences of September 11 while residing in NYC. The Bohannons recently accepted a position with a new church near Ft. Worth after having served the congregation of Vision Heights Church in Brady for seven years. Kelly taught Math at Brady High School, and aside from church commitments, they and their two sons were heavily involved in community activities during their time here.

During the event, Brady’s EMS and Fire Department of Brady, and volunteer fire departments of Lohn, Melvin, Placid, Rochelle, and Voca will be recognized for their daily heroism and willingness to come to the aid of all citizens and who proudly serve our community by providing 24-hour fire protection and advanced medical life support service.  Newly appointed Brady Fire Chief, Brian Meroney will also be sharing his insights of 9/11. Meroney was last employed at the Saginaw Fire Department and has more than 23 years of firefighting experience. He is has obtained numerous certifications including both fire and EMS instructor certification. The HOT Historians and Storytellers group is proud to recognize the life-saving contributions and achievements as well as the dedication and commitment of those who serve in the various fire departments and EMS.

This very special presentation by William Groneman III will be Sunday, September 10, beginning at 2:00 PM at the Heart of Texas Event Center, 805 San Angelo Hwy. 87. There is no admission charge, although donations will be gratefully accepted at the door. The Heart of Texas Historians and Storytellers is a collaborative group made up of representatives from the Heart of Texas Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the Sons of the Republic of Texas, Heart of Texas Historical Museum, and the Heart of Texas Writers Group.

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Groneman, William III [MC????]

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Dear John,

               I believe that William is a member of the Class of 1974.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Groneman, William III [MC1974]

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JNEWS: Costantini, Dan [MC1974] VP, Pgm Ops Horizon Global Partners


As of March 2017, Costantini, Dan [MC1974] is the VP, Program Operations for Horizon Global Partners (HgP).  This is an international integration consortium specializing in C4I and national security systems and operations, based out of Washington DC

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