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JNEWS: Viola, John [MC1978] CFO Ocean Pines Association



Ocean Pines picks new chief financial officer
Doug Ferrar, dferrar@delmarvanow.com 8:30 p.m. ET May 22, 2017

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The Ocean Pines Association announced in a press release that John Viola, the former chairman of the Ocean Pines Budget and Finance Advisory Committee, has been hired as the association’s new chief financial officer.

Viola, who began his employment with Ocean Pines on May 22, will be responsible for the association’s budgeting, forecasting and accounting practices, maintenance of its fiscal records and the preparation and interpretation of financial reports.

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Viola is a certified public accountant who received his master’s degree in taxation from Pace University and bachelor of science in professional accountancy from Manhattan College.

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Viola, John [MC????]


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Dear John,

            I believe that John is a member of the Class of 1978.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Viola, John [MC1978] 

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JNEWS: Judice, Louis [MC1978] Railroading in Hunterdon County



Railroad talk tonight in High Bridge
By Community Bulletin on April 24, 2017 at 11:03 AM

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Railroad buff Louis Judice of Bethlehem Township, NJ, will speak on Railroading in Hunterdon County on Monday, April 24, in High Bridge.

Louis has held a life-long interest in railroading and model railroads. Fascinated by the rise and fall of the many railroad lines, large and small, which have criss-crossed the Hunterdon County area – some only on paper, but many built – he has delved into this tangled history and will be sharing what he has discovered.  His historical view will go back to the early railroads in the Hunterdon County area including the High Bridge Branch.  He will discuss what brought railways here, how they fared and why some have survived while others have faded away.

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Judice, Louis [MC1978]

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JNEWS: Reilly, Marianne [MC1978] and Peters, Nadia [MC2007] cited St. Barnabas HS news


Dear John,

         I have attached two copies of an article from the Spring 2017 Edition of the St. Barnabas High School News Letter, CONNECTIONS about two JASPERS – Marianne Reilly, ’78 and Nadia Peters, ’07.

        (The first attachment is a typed copy of the Article w/outphoto, the second a scanned copy of the Article.)

         My connection with the High School is that my wife Cathie, and two of her sisters, are alumnae as are our threedaughters!

         Please feel free to post as much or as little as you think appropriate.



McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Reilly, Marianne [MC1978]

Peters,  Nadia [MC2007]

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Two Saint Barnabas High School Grads Alumnae, Friends, Colleagues
By: Linda Arnegger Corcoran ‘66

Life is often six degrees of separation. Many of us connect the dots in so many ways each and every day. Separated by three decades, two Saint Barnabas High School alumnae’s parallel paths led them to the same place.

Marianne Reilly ’78 was a star basketball athlete at Saint Barnabas High School. As a freshman, she took three buses to get to school, but knew that Saint Barnabas was the right fit for her academically and athletically.

Nadia Peters ’07 knew she wanted to go to a high school that prepared her for college, while satisfying her love of sports. While at Barnabas, Nadia participated in soccer, track and basketball, graduating with an Advanced Regents Diploma.

Two Paths – Same Goals!

Marianne Reilly was the first female recipient of a Manhattan College Athletic scholarship. As a student athlete, Marianne often wondered who might be the first woman to be inducted into Manhattan College’s Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1992, Marianne became that woman! Reilly holds the distinction of being recognized as one of the greatest players of the first 30 seasons in Manhattan College’s Women’s Basketball History. After graduation, Marianne went on to teaching and became a basketball coach. She holds a master’s degree in education administration from Lehman College, and, in 1999, earned a professional diploma from Fordham University’s Graduation School of Education in administration and supervision.

Reilly accepted a position at Fordham University’s Athletic Department and rose through the ranks. In 1996, Marianne became Senior Associate Athletic Director, where, in addition to overseeing compliance and eligibility, she served as a liaison to a number of intercollegiate teams, athletic training, strength and conditioning, intermural and club sport programs. Marianne also served on numerous university and conference working groups, including the Atlantic 10 Strategic Planning Committee.

Six months ago, Marianne returned to Manhattan College and was named Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Manhattan College – another first for a woman to hold that position in Manhattan College’s history! Marianne continues to give back to Saint Barnabas High School as Vice Chair of its Board of Trustees. “You can never forget where your formative years were developed. I am proud to be part of the Saint Barnabas High School Board,” Reilly said.

Nadia Peters also had her eye on Manhattan College while she was attending Saint Barnabas, and was awarded a full athletic scholarship there. Another high achiever, both academically and athletically, Nadia holds the record for most blocks in Manhattan’s women’s basketball and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in business and religion and a masters in counseling with a concentration in school counseling, graduating Magnum Cum Laude. Currently, Nadia is Assistant Director of Employer Relations in Manhattan College’s Center for Career Development Department. Peters feels that the sky is the limit in achieving her career goals, and credits Saint Barnabas High School for her path to success.

Several years ago, Marianne and Nadia shared their stories as alumnae of both schools and their love of sports. Each is proud that they are now part of the Manhattan College Team of professionals. They are true examples of the many focused and strong women who continue to receive their educational foundation from Saint Barnabas High School, and the sisterhood that endures.

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JLINKEDIN: Pinto, Richard (MC1978) Meat Plant Manager at FreshDirect



Pinto, Richard (MC?????)
Meat Plant Manager at FreshDirect
Empire Purveyors/ Beekman Marketplace  
Wilton, Connecticut 


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Dear John,

            I believe that Richard is a member of the Class of 1978.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Pinto, Richard (MC1978)

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JNEWS: Schnurr, Jeremy [MC1978] seeks NT attorney seat



 Alexander, Schnurr vie for NT attorney seat
    By Mia Summerson mia.summerson@niagara-gazette.com  Nov 6, 2016 

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The 1981 Cornell University graduate is originally from the Rochester area, but moved to North Tonawanda in 1993, following a five-year stint in Buffalo. He completed his undergraduate degree cum laude at Manhattan College in the Bronx. Schnurr is a single father of two teenaged children, a 15-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter, both of whom attend North Tonawanda High School. 

Schnurr has held a number of positions practicing “pretty much every area of law,” including contracts, appeals, real estate, criminal, traffic, family law and personal injury. Today he manages a private practice, focusing on workers compensation cases, out of Buffalo’s Ellicott Square Building. He said he’s been active in Niagara County Democratic politics for the last six to seven years. 

“I think (North Tonawanda city attorney) is a position that requires experience and judgement and I think I have both of those,” Schnurr said. “I think that residents of the city, citizens, homeowners, rents, etc., would all benefit from that experience. It’s a good thing for the city.” 

Schnurr is a long-time member of the Lions Club, and was even involved in revitalizing the club in the Tonawandas under the moniker of “The Reborn Lions Club,” after the members of the original club aged out. When his son was young, Schnurr was also active in the local cub scouts. 

If elected, Schnurr said he would also focus on a push to bring the city code up to date, cleaning up outdated statutes before the cause problems rather than waiting for someone to complain. He mentioned a political advertising code that caused a stir at a common council meeting in June. He is running with Democratic endorsement. 

He also said that another area of code enforcement that needs some attention are laws that have to do with rental properties. He said the city needs to do something to make some of its less attractive properties “more livable.” 

“While it is a paid position, the hours I’d be putting in would be much more than the pay,” he said. “And I don’t mind that.” 

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Schnurr, Jeremy [MC????]

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Dear John,

             I believe that Jeremy is a member of the Class of 1978.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Schnurr, Jeremy [MC1978]

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JNEWS: Schnurr, Jeremy M. [MC1978] runs for North Tonawanda city attorney


Hi John,

I hope you’re doing well.

News from MC ’78 Jeremy Schnurr… See attached news article:


Best regards,
Mary Feerick Pople ’78

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Competition lacking as petitions emerge for elections in Niagara
    By Staff
    Updated 7:40 PM    July 17, 2016

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In North Tonawanda, appointed Republican incumbent Katherine D. Alexander will be challenged by Democrat Jeremy M. Schnurr for city attorney.

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Schnurr, Jeremy M. [MC1978]

Pople, Mary Feerick (MC1978)

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JNEWS: Hanson, Stewart (MC1978) interviewed



HARRISON, N.Y. – Daily Voice spoke with Harrison High School Director of Athletics Stewart Hanson recently, as part of our continuing spotlight series on area AD’ (sic).

Stewart Hanson, who has been in his current position at Harrison for three years, went to high school at All Hallows High in the Bronx, where he played baseball and ran track, before going on to Manhattan College.

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Dear John,

I believe that Stewart is member of the Class of 1978.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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Hanson, Stewart (MC1978)

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