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JNEWS: Hernandez, Judy [MC1984] Campaigns For Parsippany Council



Herbig, Kaminski and Hernandez Announce Parsippany Council Campaign
By Frank L. Cahill-Mar 24, 2019

2019 03Mar 24 Hernandez

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Judy Hernandez is a 19-year resident of Parsippany. As an engineer, she brings extensive experience in environmental consulting to the table. Judy volunteers her time with the Parsippany Planning Board, Environmental Committee and Glacier Hills Association. She holds a BECE from Manhattan College, and participated in the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program. She resides in Glacier Hills with her husband and two children.

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Hernandez, Judy [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Judy is a member of the Class of 1984.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Hernandez, Judy [MC1984]

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JNEWS: Conway, Richard [MC1984] Port Chester Police Chief



Port Chester Police Chief, A Former Rye HS Star Athlete, Now Wrestles With Parkinson’s Disease
Jon Craig

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Courage, commitment and quiet leadership are common themes in this lifelong Westchester resident’s life.

In 1974, as a sophomore at Rye High School, Richard Conway qualified for the state championships in a sport that relies on stamina, teamwork and tons of training.

What he learned in wrestling carried over to Manhattan College, where Conway played football and eventually became an assistant wrestling coach.

Conway initially thought he’d like to be a teacher, but while taking a walk during his lunch break from a Bronx Catholic school, he crossed paths with a state park policeman. The officer asked Conway if he wanted a part-time job, where he quickly learned he’d be happier as a cop.

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Conway, Richard [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Richard is a member of the class of 1984.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Conway, Richard [MC1984]

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MNEWS: Three Jaspers open Golf on 6 Indoor Golf Center



Golf on 6, Mahopac
March 13, 2019 By David Propper

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Everyone is welcomed at Golf on 6 Indoor Golf Center.

There are people that come in just to have some fun with friends and more serious players that want to sharpen their techniques. With three golf stimulators and a friendly atmosphere, the Route 6 location has quickly made a name for itself among golfing circles.

“You see all different types of players,” co-owner Dino Odoardi said.

The store opened Feb. 1, though for the first ten days people from the community were welcomed to come in and try the virtual courses free of charge. On Feb. 11, the first official day for business, customers kept flocking in to get some swings in while the weather is still too frigid and snowy to play outside. Odoardi, Jerry Delbene and Joe Vittoria, three buddies that play golf together, own the business.

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The three men, all graduates of Manhattan College, have known each other for decades, with Vittoria and Delbene first cousins and Odoardi and Vittoria brother-in-laws. The three have bonded over golf, playing on local courses for 20 years.

*** and ***

Golf on 6 is located at 250 Route 6 in Mahopac and its phone number is 845-533-5335.

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Delbene, Jerry [MC????]

Odoardi, Dino [MC????]

Vittoria, Joe [MC????]

[JR: Fascinating.  I’m going to stop by if I’m ever up that way.]

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Dear John,

I believe that Dino is a member of the Class of 1980, and Joe is a member of the Class of 1984. I do not find anything in my ‘stuff’ for Jerry.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Delbene, Jerry [MC????]

Odoardi, Dino [MC1980]


Vittoria, Joe [MC1984]

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JFACEBOOK: Lodato, Ray (MC1984) has solution for Covington Catholic HS


Lodato, Ray (MC1984) posted

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I hope no one takes this the wrong way, and I apologize in advance if this is too Catholic for some people, but

I don’t think the students from Covington Catholic High School should be expelled.

Hear me out. Yes, if they are expelled, the school will be rid of them and say that their behavior is unacceptable by the standards of the school.

But that’s it. They’ll go to another school, and be racists there.

When I was coming up (in Catholic schools (K through college), this kind of behavior, which violates decades of Catholic social teaching and embarrasses the institution they attend, would have been dealt with harshly. The students would have had a punishment that forced them to confront their behavior and all that was wrong with it. Make them do a service project, under adult supervision, with people who don’t look like them. Have a speaker, from a Native nation, an immigrant community, or the local African-American community, come to tell them how racism has impacted their lives and those of their ancestors. Make it so that they have to think about what they did, why it was wrong, and how they can atone for it and provide an example to kids coming up behind them to never engage in this kind of behavior.

My point is, there are ways to confront this that are superior to the school washing its hands of these kids, that makes them practice a little humility rather than the smug hostility they showed to Mr, Phillips. It’s not “give them a chance” so much as “make them confront why what they did is wrong, and cause them to change their behavior permanently.” And include their parents, too.

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[JR:  What no beatings?  Whenever I screwed up, or any of my peers, there was ALWAYS physical abuse.]

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JLINKEDIN: McCaffrey, Bernard [MC1984] COO @ Five Sons Safety Consult



McCaffrey, Bernard [MC1984] 
Chief Operating Officer at Five Sons Safety Consulting llc
Bronx, New York

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JNEWS: Motherway, William [MC1984] Risk Manager at Sarasota County


Congratulate William Motherway for starting a new position as Risk Manager at Sarasota County Government

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Motherway, William [MC1984]
Professional Risk Manager
Greater New York City Area

Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Management, Construction Law, CaptiveInsurance, Corporate Litigation, Ethics & Compliance

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JLINKEDIN: Swift, Brian [MC1984] VP F&C at Burke Rehabilitation Hosp



Swift, Brian [MC1984]
Vice President of Facilities & Construction at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
Greater New York City Area

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