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JLINKEDIN: Fowler, Jennifer [MC2007] Pgm Mgr at Google



Fowler, Jennifer [MC2007] 
Program Manager at Google
San Francisco Bay Area

Self-motivated Technical Project Manager with functional expertise in large-scale development organizations. Proven track record and recognition for being a leader in effectively bridging the gaps between technology and business partners.

• Thrives in fast-paced environments; able to easily grasp complex architectures, environments and deployment models
• Develops and drives strategic solutions to optimize project and release planning
• Team-player with a “how-can-I-help?” attitude, experienced in people and vendor management in distributed global organizations
• Excellent communication skills; drives strategy for information sharing within teams to reduce redundancy and increase productivity
• Project Management expertise in infrastructure management, maintenance, and software/hardware upgrades across multi-tiered global environments

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JLINKEDIN: Ventura, Joe [MC2007] CTO @ AlphaPoint



Ventura, Joe [MC2007]
AlphaPoint CTO, Visionary, Architect, Advisor
New York, New York

AlphaPoint produces enterprise class fin-tech software based on blockchain technologies.

We can help financial institutions discover and develop their blockchain strategy and bring blockchain based solutions to market quickly and efficiently.

Our high level blockchain building blocks include exchange, asset management, clearing, analytics, order management, and a general-purpose blockchain database.

All systems are product agnostic supporting spot, futures, and options.
[crypto-currencies, equities, commodities, fx, and custom]

Deployments include:
Global and Regional Exchanges – FX, loyalty points, commodities
Commodities Exchanges – Cash settled futures contracts
Banks – Add Bitcoin accounting and exchange/conversion via an integration API
Broker Systems – A gateway for your traders with commission management
Bitcoin Liquidity – For trading desks, brokers and ATM providers

Joe is an idea man who seeks to simplify complex problems while building world class solutions. He is a true full system architect with specialties in highly secure and ultra high performance systems. His experience stems from building demanding messaging and database platforms. He obtains a track record of excellent back and front end systems for top tier financial institutions.

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JLINKEDIN: Delgado, Jimena Martinez [MC2007] HR Specialist



Delgado, Jimena Martinez [MC2007]
HR Specialist
New York, New York
A Human Resources specialist. I have demonstrated experience in different market fields across the globe. Among others, I’m vastly experienced in recruiting executives and professionals and in developing wide scale HR strategy. My skills include HR Consulting, OD, Business Process Improvement and Recruiting. I am a team player that values the human connection and can operate within a team or independently.


Delgado, Jimena Martinez [MC2007]

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JLINKEDIN: Bustard, Sean [MC2007] Asst Head Reader Services @ Binghamton U



Bustard, Sean [MC2007]
Acting Assistant Head of Reader Services for Circulation at Binghamton University
Binghamton, New York

I am a academic library professional who specializes in providing excellent customer service, acting as a competent and reliable leader and colleague, and performing detail-oriented work with joy and dedication. I am also a PhD student in philosophy, with a focus on social and political philosophy. I grateful for my ability to act on these two interests, librarianship and social justice, by helping to provide equitable access to information and education to all peoples.

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JNEWS: Gonzalez, Carlos [MC2007] Content Director, Informa, Machine Design



Advanced Ball Screws

Ball screw technology is one of the most common linear-motion drives due to its low cost and reliability. Even as a staple of the motion control world, there are still tricks of the trade that help engineers navigate ball screw use and design. The following E-Book will help design engineers and system integrators to properly maintain their ball screws, understand the acceptable noise levels that can be produced prior to repair, define the erratic pitch that occurs within ball screws, and investigate design advantages from internal ball returns.

Carlos Gonzalez
Content Director, Informa, Machine Design

Carlos M. Gonzalez joined Informa in 2015. He achieved a B.S. mechanical engineering at Manhattan College and a M.S. in mechanical engineering at Columbia University. Prior to working for Penton Media, Carlos worked at Sikorsky Aircraft in their Hydraulics and Mechanical Flight Controls department; working on their S76D commercial and the Navy’s CH-53K aircraft programs.

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Gonzalez, Carlos [MC????]

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Dear John,

I believe that Carlos is a member of the Class of 2007.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Gonzalez, Carlos [MC2007]

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Costello, Donald (MC1954) commented on JNEWS: Gonzalez, Carlos [MC????] Content Director, Informa, Machine Design

I work with Garman Industries and they work in an overlapping space

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JLINKEDIN: Gallagher, Raelene [MC2007] Asst Controller at Blue Man Group



Gallagher, Raelene [MC2007]
Assistant Controller at Blue Man Group
Greater New York City Area

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JEMAIL: McEneney, Mike (MC1953) shares a update on DeGennaro, Kate Nadel [MC2007] and baby


RE: Kate (Nadel) DeGennaro ’07 and Baby Makes 3 Update

Good Afternoon All,

Mike McEneney shared a FaceBook post. Kate and Baby Cameron were in our prayers. Kate had had a difficult delivery with complications, Baby  Cameron was Neo-Natal ICU as a precaution. Well, Kate & Baby Cameron are home and doing well. Kate thanks you all for your prayers. A Prayer of Thanks would not be remiss. Thank you. God Bless. Prayer Works.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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New Child

FaceBook Post  –  What a crazy adventure this week has been!! We welcomed our perfect little boy, Cameron Vincent DeGennaro, on 3/3/18 & he has truly stolen our hearts

A huge thank you to my amazing husband for your incredible support every single crazy step of the way. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had you by my side. I can already see that you are already an amazing Daddy and Cameron & I are so blessed to have you. How extra special that Cameron came into the world on 3/3, the same day we got engaged 3 years ago!

Happy 1 week birthday Cameron!

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DeGennaro, Kate Nadel [MC2007

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