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JLINKEDIN: Maria Toscano, Maria [MC2014] Physical Therapist at Excel Orthopedic



Maria Toscano 
Physical Therapist at Excel Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Greater New York City Area

• Staff physical therapist in a high volume clinic, averaging 1.5 patients per hour, 55-65 patients per week; patient population ranging in age from pediatric to geriatric.

• Competent in the clinical examination and treatment of orthopedic injuries including both postoperative and non-operative management, complex/multiple body region dysfunctions; expanding professional development with a diversified clinical staff of five physical therapists.

• Proficient in creation of comprehensive treatment programs for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions as well as safe progressions for return to sport athletes in alignment with MD protocols.

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PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Tessa


Good Evening All,

Lou Calvelli has shared a prayer request for Fellow Jasper, Anna Cahill ’15. The request comes to us from a dear Friend of Anna’s, Tessa Vatalaro ’14. On Monday night, September 24, 2018, while crossing the street close to her home, Anna was struck by a car and sustained traumatic brain injuries. Anna is hospitalized and in an induced Coma. I have included in a following email Tessa’s request for our prayers for her dearest friend. It is a heartfelt and beautiful request for this fine young woman. Please raise the volume for Anna, Tessa and their Families as Anna remains in this uncertain state. We pray that the hand of God Guides Anna’s Doctors and Surgeons as they bring Anna through this crucial time. We pray for Anna’s complete recovery free of complications. We pray that Anna feels God’s love and that of her loving Family and friends who are so lovingly praying for her recovery as we the Manhattn College Prayer Group raise our voice with them in prayer.

Thank you Tessa. Thank you Lou. Thank you all. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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2018 Sep 29 Cahill

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JLINKEDIN: Skrec, Allison [MC2014] Master’s degree at Seton Hall



Skrec, Allison [MC2014]
Master’s degree at Seton Hall University
Roselle, New Jersey

Background features a comprehensive and holistic approach in both intercollegiate athletics and the education field. With four years of Division I playing experience at Manhattan College, and more recently three years of Division I coaching experience at Seton Hall University, I assisted with leadership and management functions (assisting with road trips and apparel, video coordinator, tour guide coordinator, monitoring academic progress, etc.) to help produce a quality intercollegiate women’s basketball team that represents a commitment to excellence academically and athletically. In the classroom, demonstrated the ability to work and communicate effectively with colleagues to orchestrate a comfortable learning environment for students with autism and autism-like behaviors. A highly astute, disciplined, and dedicated team player with proven ability to work with a multitude of cultures and personalities. Possesses excellent organizational skills and have adept ability to work in a team.

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JLINKEDIN: Gerbino, Vincenzo [MC2014] Field Engineer at Tutor Perini



Gerbino, Vincenzo [MC2014]
Field Engineer at Tutor Perini Corporation
Middle Village, New York

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JLINKEDIN: Simmons, Arielle [MC2014] Hackensack Riverkeeper



Simmons, Arielle [MC2014]
Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc.
Bronx, New York

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JLINKEDIN: DeFilippo, Matthew [MC2014] ME @ AltieriSeborWieber



DeFilippo, Matthew [MC2014]
Mechanical Design Engineer
AltieriSeborWieber LLC
Greater New York City Area

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JLINKEDIN: Carillo, Robert [MC2014] County Dire @ Ctr for Emp Opps



Carillo, Robert [MC2014]
County Director
Center for Employment Opportunities
Clifton Park, New York

  • Grew account base by 13 percent in one quarter (2017)
  • 12-time Sales MVP
  • 4-time Branch Corporate Account Manager
  • 3-time Corporate MVP
  • 3-time top ESQI
  • 20 percent Income per car growth (2015)
  • $225,000 increase in Total Income (2015)
  • 1-time President Awardo
  • 1-time Exceptional Achievement Award

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