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JHQ: Career Fair 10/20/10


Save the Date for Career Fair ’10

The College’s annual Career Fair will be held on Wednesday, October 20 from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Draddy Gymnasium. The career fair serves as a chance to meet with potential employers, as well as a terrific networking opportunity to reconnect with other Manhattan College alumni, many of whom act as company representatives. Coordination of the event and our enthusiastic alumni volunteers is led by Ken Kelly ’54. To participate as an exhibitor, contact the center for career development at (718) 862-7399 or e-mail careerdevelopment@manhattan.edu.

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JHQ: Lacrosse Alumni Games Set for October 2


[JR: Just thought this might be of interest to everyone.

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MFOUND: A unidentified blogging Jasper has some thoughts on the ROI of education


What’s Better – College or Short Sales?
Tuesday, July 06, 2010 2:22 PM

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Before I begin, I need to give you full disclosure. I attended college and received a Bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College. It certainly had a positive impact on my life, but I also realize there are many among us that don’t necessary need to attend college. Now onto my thoughts…

Once upon a time, in an economy far- far away, a young person would study hard, go to college and earn a good living with excellent benefits and a big fat retirement account. Like most fairy tales, the reality doesn’t quite live up to the modern day expectation. Research conducted by PayScale.com has turned the conventional wisdom of saving up for a college degree on its head. Not only is college time consuming, expensive and somewhat exhausting…it’s also not the investment it used to be; in fact, the majority of colleges have a very low ROI or return on investment when compared to those that only obtained a high school diploma.

As dismal as this sounds, the research is actually supported by Bloomberg Businessweek who found that an ever decreasing number of colleges will produce graduates capable of earning back the cost of their college degree. There are several reasons for the decline of value associated with obtaining a college degree:

1. Declining earnings. Plain and simple, a college degree is no longer as valuable due to the devaluation of labor in general. In the past, obtaining a degree all but guaranteed a good job…those days are long gone. It’s not unusual to see college educated persons in part-time, temporary or otherwise unskilled positions.

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[JR: Not enough to go on to id the JAsper involved. If it is a Jasper? Interesting analysis. Something that I’ve blogged about on my own blogged. Any “good job” that can be off shored to ANY land of cheaper wages has been or will be. Sigh, all because we let the Gooferment get out of control. Argh!]

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JHQ: Alumni email available


[JR: You need the validation code on your printed issue of the Spring 2010 of the Manhattan glossy.]

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Backup, backup, and backup

A Jasper recently found his laptop “smoked”. And, has no backup.

Wisdom, some wag said, is the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes.

I’ve had two drives, in corporate laptops, die on me. The corporate backup solution didn’t work. The hardware vendor replaced the drive. But I was screwed. I lost stuff I never recovered from. It hurt me professionally. I learned that lesson the hard way.

In order I’d recommend, Carbonite (60$/year), Apple Time Capsule (300$ one time), Mozy, or other backup solutions.

So, learn from his and my bad experience. It WILL happen to you. All disk drives fail. The only question is when?

Fore warned is fore armed.

Remember, you don’t have to pay tuition at the School of Hard Knocks, aka experience bad things yourself. You are permitted to “cheat” and avoid this particular “pothole on the road of life”.


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MFOUND: Yet Another Off Site site — MC Fashion’s Night Out\! 4/21 @ 7PM Smith


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This year’s Arabian Nights Fashion Show blends traditional Middle Eastern fashion inspiration with modern NYC influences, promoting the collective talents of some of New York’s most gifted designers and musicians, all while raising money for our selected non-profit organization.

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Fashion Student Association is an extracurricular club at Manhattan College that was started in 2007 in order to bring the fashion industry to the students on campus.

Created by then-sophomore, Jasmine Humphrey, the FSA has already become one of the most popular and active social groups on campus, sponsoring an annual charity fashion show each Spring which draws hundreds of spectators each year.

Providing students with a real-world connection to the bustling NYC fashion industry, the FSA is an excellent forum for members to experience the fashion world like never before. With exciting sample sales, designer showroom tours, and lectures form industry insiders, the FSA provides students with more than just a chance to express their inner fashionista, but also allows them to develop skills and make connections that will be helpful to them moving forward in their education and careers.

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[JR: I KNOW that there’s a ton of “free” web space provided for students, faculty, staff, and organizations. (Everybody but alumni!?) It’s interesting that “organizations” go rogue and put up “MC” sites in strange places. Why? The answer I’m most concerned about is that they just don’t know how to do it “correctly”. The planners have put a lot of effort into good connectivity. Hate to see it “unused”.]

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MFOUND: An MC stadium on a postcard?





[JR: A stadium? Who knew.]

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