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ENDNOTE: How about a “war” we can all get behind?



The Deadliest Hunter of Humans on the Planet
In this introduction to his book “The Mosquito,” Timothy C. Winegard profiles the creature that has changed the course of war and empire, and survived every attempt to wipe it out.
Timothy C. Winegard
Updated 08.24.19 11:50AM ET / Published 08.24.19 5:25AM ET 

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The mosquito has killed more people than any other cause of death in human history. Statistical extrapolation situates mosquito-inflicted deaths approaching half of all humans that have ever lived. In plain numbers, the mosquito has dispatched an estimated 52 billion people from a total of 108 billion throughout our relatively brief 200,000-year existence.*

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Since “our” MIC (Military Industrial Complex) loves war with its killing and breaking stuff, let’s target it at a good “enemy” to wipe out.

Imagine the dollars being spend on it rather that killing our fellow human beings?


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