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ENDNOTE: Empathy is a Catholic virtue



Filmed October 2010 at TEDxPSU
Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy

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By leading the Americans in his audience step by step through the thought process, sociologist Sam Richards sets an extraordinary challenge: can they understand — not approve of, but understand — the motivations of an Iraqi insurgent? And by extension, can anyone truly understand and empathize with another? (Filmed at TEDxPSU.)

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As a little L libertarian who is anti-war pro-life pro-choice, I can empathize with what he is saying.

I wish we had a foreign policy more like Switzerland. 

I wish we had a domestic policy of “universal consent” “zero aggression principle” MYOB and liberty for all.

And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


It’s a twenty minute video. 

Just watch it with an open mind. 

Reminded me of the movie “Red Dawn”.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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ENDNOTE: Dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party



Often My Friends Misunderstand My Personal Politics

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Chicago, IL—I was raised in the Windy City under a politically conservative Democratic Administration.  The Party boss and Mayor was the late Richard J. Daley not to be confused with his pathetic son, Richard M. Daley.  

A single mother collecting welfare who avoided parenting at every opportunity raised me.  I was really supervised by various friends of my mother or nobody.   Saying my mother raised me is a misstatement

As a nine year-old I was taught to prepare my own meals, clean up after myself and to never answer the door should someone knock.  I’d not see my mother but for three or four times a week and she’d be quickly gone again.  I always got myself to school and never once did she offer to help me with my school homework.

My mother was destroyed by the Socialist welfare system that simply sent her money with no strings attached.  A little more than once per year we’d get evicted.   Our property would be carried out to the street in the snow.  As a result I had attend 13 different grammar schools.   

My childhood was an ugly experience that ended when I was 14, lied about my age and took up residence in a nearby apartment while working at a hotdog stand after school.  Like most children I just assumed what was going on in my life was perfectly normal and the same for everyone, or at least those without a father in the house.  

My mother was made totally dependent and was owned by the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party.  All she cared about was the monthly checks and the crappy canned food she was given for me to eat by the state.  To my mother Republicans and Conservatives were evil.

I grew to hate Liberal idealism and embrace the idea of breaking free from any form of dependence upon government. 

I’m a Libertarian at the Conservative side of the political spectrum.  That does not make me uncaring or evil.

I want and demand limited government, taxes and intrusion in my life.  The best government is the one that’s not constantly making  news for new programs and new wars.

I want and demand prosperity and human rights for all.  I want maximum Liberty and Freedom.  I want equal opportunity for a superior education and jobs for every American. 

I absolutely despise seeing America’s children sent off to fight in foreign wars and returning home in body bags or otherwise disabled.  The Swiss have the right notion to stay neutral no matter what.

I simply believe all things happen better without government intervention.

I want to see the end of the deeply flawed death penalty and serious controls on government prosecutors that have lost sight of justice or fairness.

Are the things I want and demand really so radical?  Isn’t this what all politicians promise and then never deliver? 

I ask that my Leftist friends understand where I came from and tolerate my position.

The track record of Communists and Socialists everywhere has become a litany of government murder, tyranny and misery.   I can never understand how empty promises of the Far Left Wing politics can be so popular.  

I have to ask, are members of the Left Wing blind and deaf?  Can they not see the corruption and destruction to our culture and way of life? 

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Very eloquent. What could I add other than to say my life with a single Mom was nothing like this, but then she wasn’t dependent upon any one. She was a “Republican” despite never having done anything formal.
So how did I wind up a “little L libertarian”?
Pro-liberty, Pro-life, and Pro-choice on every issue every time.
“Who is John Galt?”
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ENDNOTE: 10 Questions for a Pro-Choice Candidate


10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media
Debate moderators and reporters love to ask pro-life candidates hard questions about abortion. Curiously, they don’t do the same for pro-choice candidates.

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Here are 10 questions you never hear a pro-choice candidate asked by the media:

1. You say you support a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices in regards to abortion and contraception. Are there any restrictions you would approve of?

2. In 2010, The Economist featured a cover story on “the war on girls” and the growth of “gendercide” in the world – abortion based solely on the sex of the baby. Does this phenomenon pose a problem for you or do you believe in the absolute right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy because the unborn fetus is female?

3. In many states, a teenager can have an abortion without her parents’ consent or knowledge but cannot get an aspirin from the school nurse without parental authorization. Do you support any restrictions or parental notification regarding abortion access for minors?

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First three question are great.

Seems like we could split the “pro-choice” front?

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POSITRACTION: Before the U.S. Supreme Court by pro-life advocates


Supremes asked to restore speech rights to pro-lifers
Published: 1 day ago

Abortion 340x175

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A Colorado court’s decision that revealing the truth about abortion – through images of the results of the violent procedures – can be banned is being challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court by pro-life advocates who charge that such content-based restrictions are unconstitutional.

The case is being presented to the high court by officials with the Thomas More Society, who have engaged Professor Eugene Volokh of UCLA’s law school, a widely acclaimed, prolific First Amendment legal scholar and author, to take the lead.

Volokh, who blogs at the Volokh Conspiracy, drafted the petition for certiorari which was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

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It’s a shame we only hear of these valiant warriors in the alternative media.

I’ve sent them a couple of bucks from time to time. 

But, does that do enough?

As a little L libertarian, I don’t want the Gooferment with its heavy handed one size fits all diktats forcing people to do or not do anything. That includes restricting “free speech” because the truth is unpleasant. 

Abortion should make people sick. 

It should be the rarest of procedures. For the life of the mother. Really, not some fakey diagnosis. Rape and incest. Hard choices for any women without my help or the thugs pretending to “The Government”. Certainly not as an alternative to birth control. 

I would hope that by the beauty and logic of our arguments we can sway people to “choose life”.

One way is to make it not clean and impersonal, but messy and gory and as repulsive an act as ever a man could do to a woman. (Most docs are men!)

Today’s Mario Day. March 10. MAR10 get it. And I know a young Mario. I can’t imagine the world without him. I don’t know how he will turn out, but he’s got a right to life. He had an older sister who he never knew. She “failed to thrive”. But she had every chance. I don’t know how she would have turned out. But I saw the pain of her loss in all my loved ones.

I keep coming back to the same point. We know so much but understand too little. Supposed one of these aborted babies was “scheduled” to cure cancer, bring world peace, or compose beautiful music. And, that has been lost forever. Like when you played the original Adventure computer game, if you killed the bird, then you could never get by the snake. (It’s a computer geek axiom, “don’t kill the bird”, meaning you don’t know what you may need later.)

So I’ll say prayer that this case goes “Life’s way”. And, I’ll be more alert to help the cause in the future.

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ENDNOTE: Result, a healthy baby boy


Health Teen Succumbs to Cancer After Stopping Treatment to Deliver Healthy Baby Boy
Posted on December 27, 2011 at 7:36pm by Liz Klimas

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POCATELLO, Idaho (TheBlaze/AP) — This is not the storyline you may expect in the case of teen pregnancy. Jenni Lake gave birth to a baby boy the month before her 18th birthday, though she was not destined to become just another teenage mother.

While being admitted to the hospital, she pulled her nurse down to her at bed level and whispered into her ear. The nurse would later repeat the girl’s words to comfort her family, as their worst fears were realized a day after Jenni’s baby was born.

“She told the nurse, ‘I’m done, I did what I was supposed to. My baby is going to get here safe,’” said Diana Phillips, Jenni’s mother.

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[JR: You have to just marvel at humans. Facing her own mortality, she chose to give her child the chance for life. Now, I don’t know what’s right and wrong. I’m sure my fellow alums would know better than I. Pre-marital sex, bad. Killer cancer, bad. Motherless child, bad. imho Life, good. I’m not a great ethicist, just a fat old white guy injineer who will say a prayer tonight for Mother and Child. And, all who have taken that final journey. I think, in the end, the girl / woman did her best in a tough situation. Hope I never find myself in such. I need little challenges; commensurate with my limited abilities. I’ll leave the heroic choices, challenges, and labors to the real heros. My fellow alums.]

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