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ENDNOTE: Tax-funded anything, but especially abortions, are abhorrent



The Rawles Rationale

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Tax-funded abortions are a national disgrace. This is the moral equivalent of the Nazis forcing German Jews to pay their own train fare for deportation to fenced ghettos and eventual extermination.

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I’m going through a mild depression at everything. Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. And I don’t see how it can get any better.

Perhaps the solution is to dissolve the Union and let people freely decide what’s best for them.


For me to be forced to pay taxes for things, that I nether need, want, or can use, is very upsetting. For things that I morally oppose, it’s abhorrent to the principles the Republic was founded on: “Life, Liberty, and Property”.

Argh! Argh!

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POSITRACTION: Are we beginning to understand “life”?

Found this interesting link on the Drudge Report:

Arizona Bill Bans Abortion After 20 Weeks But Defines Pregnancy as Starting Before Conception
Posted on April 20, 2012 at 12:35pm by Liz Klimas


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Last week, the Arizona legislature passed a bill, which was signed by the governor, banning abortion at 20 weeks or more of gestation. Here’s the kicker though: the bill’s language places pregnancy as beginning before the child is even conceived.
How does this make sense? The bill defines gestation as ”the age of the unborn child as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman.” New Scientist explains this would mean the “fetal clock” would start ticking about two weeks before conception would even take place.

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So are we getting closer to a real definition of “when life begins”?

Sounds like it’s the “first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman”!

I can live with that. WWJD! Or say: “Silly, man, why do you need such a definition?”. Then, we’d get the “birds of the air” speech. Like the idiots we are.

Sounds like my new definition of when does life begin. And, of course, from that, when is it OK to end that life for an obvious reason like the life of the mother. When is OK for the non-obvious kinda optional reasons like rape and incest?

I continue to believe that this is an area for a minimal State interest. The mother —informed by her doctors, properly motivated family members, and her clergy — is the ultimate judge. With some modest oversight of the State, that this is not an abuse of a future citizen.

The State may decide when it has a duty to protect that potential citizen’s God given “right to life”. That’s a different conversation that what is being had now.

Pretty heavy thinking for a fat old white guy injineer. I’m sure my fellow alums have the handled with much greater ease than I have.

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” [Taught to me by my maternal Protestant Grandmother, with great vigor and sternness. To me, a young heathen “Catholic” boy who wasn’t being taught the Bible in that Devil’s parochial school. As she would say: “Condemning the young lads to Eternal Damnation!” Wonder why she ignored the girls at school? Requiescat In Pacem, Grandma.]

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POSITRACTION: Potential life, and the great moral quandary


Fla. woman fights ruling that kept her in hospital
Jan 26, 7:04 AM (ET)

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Samantha Burton wanted to leave the hospital. Her doctor strongly disagreed, enough to go to court to keep her there.

She smoked cigarettes during the first six months of her pregnancy and was admitted on a false alarm of premature labor. Her doctor argued she was risking a miscarriage if she didn’t quit smoking immediately and stay on bed rest in the hospital, and a judge agreed.

Three days after the judge ordered her not to leave the hospital, Burton delivered a stillborn fetus by cesarian-section.

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The judge ruled the best interests of the fetus overrode Burton’s privacy rights, but Abrams disputes that. He notes the Florida Constitution, unlike its federal counterpart, has an explicit and strong privacy right, which the state Supreme Court has said guarantees a competent person the right to “choose or refuse medical treatment.”

“If you apply the best interest of the child standard, the woman becomes nothing more than a fetal incubator owned by the state of Florida,” Abrams said.

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[JR: There we have it: the woman, the embryo – fetus – potential life – child, and the great moral quandary. When does it begin; when does it end. When and how does “society” protect it? And, what is the role of society’s stupid clumsy “servant”, government, in it? My fellow alums, smarter than I, will have to figure this out. It’s not going away soon. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day. Wonder what he’d think?]

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POSITRACTION: Cats were their children


The Boston Globe

Her last gift: A little house in Newton, just for the cats

By Jenifer B. McKim

Globe Staff / January 17, 2010

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NEWTON – Muriel Bayne’s love for her cats was well known on Staniford Street in Auburndale. Neighborhood children called her the “Cat Lady’’ and Bayne’s pets were often seen contentedly peering from a picture window at the small ranch house where she lived for decades.

But Bayne, 77, had a weak heart. And after her husband’s death in 2001, she started worrying about what would happen to her cats when she died. So she penned a will, leaving them the home and a $300,000 trust. Weeks later, Bayne’s heart gave out.

That’s how Shadow, Dolly, Lady, and Spot became trust fund cats.

*** and ***

Khidhir, who eventually bought the house for $480,000 and moved in late last year, enjoyed hearing about its offbeat history from his real estate agent.

He still keeps a wooden plank hanging in the kitchen that lists the cats’ names – in Bayne’s handwriting – below the title, “Cat ventory.’’ She used it to track their whereabouts inside and out.

“Part of me felt sad that this old couple who lived in Newton had no children to pass on their assets,’’ Khidhir said. “At the same time, I think their cats were their children.’’

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[JR: Sad, pathetic, tragic, epic. If we were a “smarter” people, and not letting government run our lives, we would have had a way to match these people with the numerous children needing care. Even in later life. OK, maybe God, she screwed up. But “we” should have been organized to “fix” it with a composite family. At least, her estate went to charity. So sad! Can us Jaspers do better?]

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JEMAIL: Toner, Mike (MC1972) chastizes the CIC

Dear John,

Your headline and the beginning of this story that you quote make it sound like the bill would offer free-for-all abortions, which is not the case. The jack-booted bishops and their allies came in and undid a carefully crafted compromise that did not violate the principles of the Hyde amendment but allowed people to pay for abortion coverage in an otherwise federally-funded plan. We live in a plural society. Many people do not believe that human life begins at conception. If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one – but let those who believe differently use their money as they wish.

I would have thought that this would be the libertarian position.

mike toner
BEE ‘72
Buffalo, NY

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[JR: The Libertarian position would be that there should be NO forced taxation. Not like that is going to happen anytime soon. We can go into other Libertarian thoughts from there. But, let’s start from there. As a taxpayer, it is abhorrent to be forced to pay for killing human beings. (I don’t support the war or capital punishment either.) There is no way they can get away from the fact that this uses federal funds to pay for abortions. Otherwise why does it have ANY connection to the federally funded plan. They can squirm all they want but it does. And, I don’t want to pay for it. Make the taxes voluntary, and see how much they collect! Us libertarians would like nothing better if EVERYONE could spend their money anyway they want. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you. It’s not about beliefs; it’s about force.]

Toner, Mike (MC1972)

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ENDNOTE: Obama Will Remove Abortion Funding Ban


Obama Will Remove Abortion Funding Ban From Health Care Bill, Advisor Says
by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor
November 15, 2009

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Top Obama advisor David Axelrod on Sunday confirmed what pro-life advocates already suspected would happen. He said President Barack Obama will work with congressional Democrats to remove the abortion funding ban the House approved in its version of the government-run health care bill.

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[JR: Is anyone surprised that there would be a double-cross?]

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POSITRACTION: Evidence of humanity


The Lord Hears The Cry Of The Poor
November 7, 2009

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Just in case you were wondering, the title of this little piece is a line from a hymn I often sing at funerals. It came to me as I was thinking about a little sentence embedded in a story I just read.

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Aside from the fact that they are readily identifiable as recordings of crying babies, they are quite different. Scientists, at least the ones studying this, point to these differences as typical for the sound patterns of German and French speech. They conclude from this that infants are mimicking and practicing their native language, communicating as they can, from the very earliest.

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[JR: A Jasper blogger has given us a lot of food for thought. And, evidence that there’s a person in there somewhere.]

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