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MNEWS: MC draw prospective buyers?


Living In | Fieldston, the BronxIn the City, but Not of It
Published: January 6, 2012

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Fieldston is considered a section of Riverdale, along with North Riverdale, Central Riverdale, South Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil. But there is an important distinction: it is privately owned.

In practice, that means an entity called the Fieldston Property Owners’ Association, rather than the city, maintains streets and sewers. Also, in addition to the city’s 50th Precinct, the area is policed by a private security patrol; it issues passes for parking on the street. These services cost homeowners an annual fee of a few thousand dollars over and above city property taxes (the specific amount is pegged to lot size).

On the edges of the area are three elite private schools: Horace Mann, Ethical Culture Fieldston and Riverdale Country. Manhattan College is also on the border. It is the schools more than anything, Mr. Trebach and other real estate agents say, that draw prospective buyers.

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[JR: Not my impression that MC is that loved by the Fieldston-ites! ]

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